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To evolve into the next stage of your unfolding journey, you must attune to your current physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual capacities as a living, breathing energy. Through this personal inquiry into your own energy, you discover what needs tending. Your body-mind temple provides the sustenance, vigor, calm, and connection that allow you to stay present in your mercurial energy body.

The evolutionary path of the human psyche is to elevate the mind-body-spirit connection. As humans, we feel joy when we relate to others with love. We receive life-force energy when we spend time in nature’s beauty.

When we live in harmony with the five elements as our teachers, we find connection to something bigger than us. We tap into an alchemy that allows us to take deep, full breaths, we allow our perspective to shift, and we feel held and inspired through all of life’s complexities. We trust that we are being supported by spirit.

Words Are Like Golden Threads

Our connections with other humans become deeply moving and meaningful when we are aligned ourselves. This path allows us to evolve. Each of us has come into this world with a unique energy to heal, learn, express, and evolve.

By following your passions and doing the work that truly lights you up, you do it not only for you, but for others. Your conscious work ripples out in wild, immeasurable ways.

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When in doubt, remember that your words are like golden threads. What you speak inside your mind and out into the world can shift not only your life, but also inspire others to live out their dreams.

Grow Your Body of Spirit Love

Rise up when you catch a glimmer or a whisper of your truth speaking to you. Be brave, bold, and steady, and let spirit come into you like a flash of energy, taking your breath away.

Spirit love has no conditions or rules, yet it is infused in respect for all living things on this earth. Spirit love is being at one with nature. Grow your body of spirit love, and good energy will encircle you and your loved ones. Spirit love for Mother Earth, for clean waterways, for clean air, and for the passion of your fire.

When spirit love is deeply integrated and embodied, it pushes you to take action for what you believe in; it shows you how to express it out into the world. Spirit love expands and ripples and rips through the places and spaces that need it the most.

Once you embody this essence, it never dies. When others feel it, they naturally gravitate to its luminous light energy. Make spirit love your life’s work. Steep it inside your body temple; feed it joy, creativity, and kindness. Practice joy over judgment, creativity over slumbering in the mundane, kindness over criticism.

Observe the surges of spirit-love energy—be a love maker, bridge builder, spirit seeker. Plant your seeds of goodness and beauty every chance you get. Be one with the dark nights and dance with your shadows until they alchemize into compassion and understanding.

Awaken Your Inner Trail Guide

Awaken your inner trail guide, the luminous healer within, the death doula, the midwife of life, the peacemaker, and the activist for social change. You are all of these things and more. You are a living, breathing, body of sacred timeless energy. The ancient ones, the elders, the future generations—they see you, they feel you, they walk with you.

Allow your brave eyes to see with this infinite, timeless love and channel your sacred tears to flow with ease and grace, for they are the salt of the earth. Praise your own spirit for its dedication to keeping going, and breathe life force into your own potent soul essence. This becomes the daily work of the modern mystic.

Allow your intuition to be your guide. You no longer need validation to do this work. For if not you, then who? For if not now, then when?

Be the impassioned warrior for the betterment of humanity. This energy brings the vibrations of goodness, passion, and peace. You will feel good, nourished, and free in this mystical spirit-love presence. Everything and everyone around you will receive this numinous energy; its expansive and clear channels will feel good and right.

Embrace The Mystic Way

To embody the alchemical attitude of the mystic’s way is the call of modern times. At this turning point in human evolution and consciousness, we are ready and equipped for this planetary shift. The current changes and uprisings in the world are calling us to wake up. You have the tools and the resources to practice mind–body connectivity; in truth, you were built for this reckoning.

To express yourself freely and fully is the path of the living mystic. Share your reverent humility and fiery grace with the world. No longer slumber your days away; remember who you are and where you have come from. Recall your ancestors’ journey and awaken to the healing that must come through you to liberate the coming generations. Walk backwards in order to remember. You have gone forwards long enough. The ancients are calling you home. Welcome yourself home.

In our modern world, everything, including change itself, is happen­ing at a more rapid pace than ever. Combine this hyper convenient fast-food reality with a mix of climate crisis, existential threat, and the upris­ings of humans all over the world (whose land, culture and people have been stolen from them). The longstanding paradigms of colonialism and power-over politics, religion, and war are currently being named for what they are and dismantled. Racism, sexism, patriarchy, colonialism, misog­yny, and violence—this is a time of necessary uprising. In the current stage of planetary alchemy, the limiting ways of the past are dying, liter­ally and symbolically.

Wear your heart on your sleeve for the good of humanity. Honor that the path of spirit has a thousand names, endless forms, lineages, and structures. For your own faith to be truly embodied, recognize it as the practice of being awake, aware, open, and embodied.

A New Era Has Arrived

We are on the precipice of something never lived before. Our children’s eyes are watching, and their ears are listen­ing. Our elders have insight into this epic transformation. How will we walk into this new cycle of life, remembering the call of the mystics for soul liberation and collective awakening?

At this precipice, we con­tinue to find the good medicine for our times. This will light the fires of change and planetary evolution. We must carry the healing waters forward while shedding the toxic build-up of our past. As we clear the polluted waters inside our own vessels, we create space for change. We see with fresh eyes and we no longer pass on the pollution to the coming generations.

Instead, we teach them how to grow food and survive in the wild. They need to know the land as well as they navigate technology. We must plant seeds of presence every step we take. We must pray for our loved ones to flourish, and we must pray for the earth to be replenished with goodness.

What Are You Willing To Do?

For this energetic and planetary shift in consciousness, what are you willing to do? How are you willing to change in order to live sustainably and have less impact on the earth? What responsibi lity will you take?

Gather by your sacred fire, witness the wood turn to ember and to ash. Feel the ashes in your hands, sense the ancients support your journey, and allow your own evolution to unfold.

Then pay it forward—become a humble channel for the simplest ges­tures for the song in the medicine flowers. Birth your inner mystic. Let the old ways die and slide off like a snake shedding its skin. This is how the mystic co-creates with the universe.

Every day is a series of births and deaths. Living through all the realms—the highs and the lows—the mystic is armed with humor and heart, with levity and gravitas. The journey is timeless and infinite.

Life is a living ritual. Follow this path with a grounded body, an open mind, and a curious heart. Be ready and willing to merge into the time­less recall of the shooting stars, the pause in the owl’s call, the shimmery sunlight sparkles on the lake in the late afternoon sun—this is how to fill the well of your own evolution.

It’s in the quiet, unexpected moments that the flashes and surges of spirit energy come through. A little goes a long way. Make room and space for this quiet in your daily living and loving.

The Mystic Code

Write sacred love notes and poetry to the divine. Cast your heartfelt, crystal-clear intentions out into the universe. Have a conversation with your highest self.

Pray out loud, and often. Co-create your reality with the support of universal life-force energy that lives all around you.

Train your mind to be touched by the striking beauty of the natural world. Let it speak louder than the hardships of life.

Build an authentic relationship with the elements, the sun, and the moon. Synchronize your inner body with their cosmic rhythms. Let their essence become your muse and your teacher.

Go beyond the mind chatter, and open your channels to receive messages from your guides. Commit to developing your intuition, and trust your gut. Keep your mind–body energy clean. Listen to the divine whispers that come through you like a flash—they have come for a reason.

Observe energy as a practice. Immerse yourself in nature as a healing balm for your senses.

Widen your lens in order to see from another perspective. Ask yourself the questions “What if?” and “Why?” often.

Take things less personally, and belly laugh more often.

Dwell your consciousness in the mystical, mysterious, and wondrous places.

Practice the art of non-attachment and letting go on a daily basis.

Pay attention to how you wake up and go to bed—make it spiritual.

Stay true to who you are and live out your core values. Observe when you are exaggerating the truth and reroute the pattern. Catch yourself when you are gossiping or speaking unkindly about others. Practice soulful kindness, humility, and compassion—unconditionally.

Become a channel of oneness; call forward your prayers of love, truth, joy and peace for the collective.

Every day, trust that your ripple effect makes mountains move and fields of the most exquisite wildflowers grow.

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Ritual as Remedy: Embodied Practices for Soul Care
by Mara Branscombe

book cover of Ritual as Remedy: Embodied Practices for Soul Care by Mara BranscombeA step-by-step guide to potent self-care and soul-care rituals that awaken freedom, joy, intuition, self-love, and your inner mystic. 

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photo of Mara Branscombe, author of Ritual as RemedyMara Branscombe is a yoga and meditation teacher, writer, mother, artist, ceremonialist, and spirit coach, who finds great joy in leading others along the path of self-transformation. She is passionate about weaving the art of mindfulness, self-care, mind-body practices, and earth-based rituals into her offerings. 

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