Is This The Day? Father's Day Turnaround

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It's Father's Day. What's the symbolic meaning? Could something life-changing happen today in your life and mine?

Chapter One of a book I've just been commissioned to co-author explores our father issues and suggests that, rather than trying to work them out, we forge a relationship with "Father God."  As I point out, though, creation depends on father and mother so there might be some value to considering what a spiritual "father" means in relationship to "mother".

God is often considered solely masculine, typically referred to as "He," and history documents the savage disenfranchisement of women from positions of leadership, especially relative to all things spiritual. Women have been seen and treated as inferior to men. In the extreme, women have been possessions of men, owned and controlled and abused.

We can't correct this horrible imbalance with laws and politically correct language; the solution resides in a personal evolutionary leap. Men - and I'm one of them - must think and act differently. Fortunately, we don't have to wait for the stars to line up, we can choose more loving behaviors today. It's Father's Day; could this be the day we wake up to the urgency of this long overdue shift and make it so, personally?

Redeeming Love

My wife and I just watched a stunning film called Redeeming Love. It's a western that focuses on a young woman who is abused almost from birth and her struggle to feel and share love, supported by a saintly man who loves her no matter what.

I believe that every man and woman who care about a more loving world should watch this film, (see trailer here). But be forewarned, this is not a pretty rom-com. It depicts with brutal honesty how women were treated back then. The cruelty is painful to watch. But the adoration of one man and his total kindness for this wounded woman... Let's just say that witnessing how he loved her has changed how I treat my wife. And, all women. And myself.

No Time to Die

By contrast, I just watched the last James Bond movie, No Time to Die, which features a (male) villain intent on murdering billions of people with a DNA targeting weapon, claiming that most people crave oblivion - regardless of their claims about freedom - and that he's helping them get what they really want.

Is he right? Is that what we really want, trading meaning for comfort, being content as well behaved slaves in an increasingly inhuman world, controlled by men who believe technology is God?

A prominent futurist recently replied to the question, "Is there a God?" by saying, "Not yet." That's worth pausing to muse on because his admission reveals a whole lot about the modern version of feminine abuse. Now the target is Mother Earth herself and all things natural. We need look no further for proof that this cruel father energy masquerading as God (all masculine, no feminine) continues to wreak unholy havoc in our world.

Choosing To Be Kind

What would it mean, especially as a man, to celebrate Father's Day today by taking an internal stand against cruelty like this and choosing to be kind? I'm not advocating any kind of external protest but a much more personal initiative.

Let's examine and adjust our behaviors... let's be more kind!

I invite you to join me in actually doing this. Thank you, even if your changed behavior only blesses one precious woman in your life. She symbolizes all the women who've been abused by men throughout the centuries.

Guys, let's turn this around! Are you in?

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