The Voice of Telepathy vs. the Blah, Blah, Blah of the Tormentor

The Voice of Telepathy vs. The Tormentor

[Editor's Note: The following is an excerpt from Journey to the Heart, the tale of how one woman overcomes her bitterness and anger regarding life and love.]

On the plane, she sat next to a strange, thin elderly man who was jotting words down on a faded yellow sheet of paper, and often massaging his neck with vigor. The weirdest thing he kept doing was humming an annoying song which sounded very much like the song “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”.

Lucina stared out the little oval window. The sun was about to rise and she was hoping to catch the first rays of light. Suddenly, the man turned and looked intensely at her, his brown eyes wide with excitement.

“I’m inventing something right as we speak, miss, so I would ask you not to interfere with my invention!”

Lucina was stunned.

“I won’t bother you. I’m not doing anything,” she replied, somewhat aggravated.

Curiosity got the better of her.

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“May I ask what you are inventing?”

“Yes, you may. I’m inventing a new language. It’s called Telepathy, and you might have heard of it,” he answered, studying Lucina closely.

Lucina gaped at him. She responded that as far as she knew, telepathy had already been invented.

The man scoffed at her and shook his head, explaining that the notion had been invented but not the real technique.

Lucina didn’t know what to reply, so she decided to ask him what she was thinking about, just for fun.

The thin man squeezed his eyes shut and then, several seconds later, he opened them again. He had a strange look on his face.

Telepathy in Action: Step One

“You are moving to another country!” he said dramatically.

Lucina was stunned. Surely her mother had put him up to this. She decided to test him further: Her mother didn’t know about Teleo or about his strange mother.

“Am I meeting someone over there?” Lucina asked him.

“Yes you are. Two people who love you very much,” responded the man.

Lucina turned to look at him and frowned. This is impossible, she thought. My mother has paid this man to put fears into me. I can’t believe she would do this to me.

“How did you do that?” Lucina demanded. “Has my mother put you up to this?”

“Your mother? I don’t know your mother. But to answer your question on how I did that, I will explain to you. It’s a procedure, a simple procedure which takes time and effort. I’ve been working on this ever since I was very young. I won’t tell you all the formula, but the first step is to turn off your inner dialogue, you know, the little voices in your head.”

Lucina nodded her head, staring at him, incredulous that she was even having such a conversation.

The strange man continued massaging his neck with great energy.

How to Access Telepathy: Step One

“You turn off the voices, and then, you focus all your attention on the other person in front of you. Eventually, you focus your attention so much on that person that you begin to feel that person as though you were them.”

“You mean, you sort of become the other person?” Lucina questioned, curious. Maybe this is for real, she realized.

“Something like that. You become more than yourself. But this formula only works if you forget about your voices, remember that. Now, wait, let me see, what your name is, Lily? Loni? Wait, wait. Laila. Luci! Hello, my name is Walter, Walter Kepps. Nice to meet you on this lovely aircraft!”

They shook hands. Lucina was certain that her mother had arranged this meeting, but she continued to play along.

Telepathy vs. The Tormentor: Step Two

Curious, she asked Walter more about himself and he explained that he had lived his whole life in the north of Quebec, near the little town of Charlevoix. He had started to take interest in telepathy when he had begun to notice that his cats always sensed strangers arriving at his home before they actually arrived. Walter had deducted that animals had a more developed sixth sense due to their weaker mental activity, and concluded that the only thing preventing humans from accessing their telepathic powers was their big brain or the Tormentor as he called it.

“The Tormentor is just what it is: It torments the living hell out of us. When we are supposed to be enjoying ourselves, there It is, always making us think about stupid little things. Animals don’t have that. Have you ever seen an animal stop, think, before launching into pursuit of a squirrel or bunny or beetle? No! Animals just act. With this gift, they can feel things around them much more than us. For instance, we all know that animals act up before a storm. They feel electricity in the air, and react to it. We are also supposed to act up before a storm but the Tormentor is always there.”

The Voice of Telepathy vs. The TormentorLucina asked him how it felt to know what others were thinking all the time. She really wanted to catch him off guard, in order to expose him as an impostor.

Walter explained that he could turn off his gift when he wanted and just stare at people, but the minute he focused on others, then he could read their thoughts.

“In the future, people will be born with this gift. It is inevitable that the human race will evolve into telepathic beings,” Walter explained to Lucina. “Even you have it. The feeling that you have when you think of someone out of the blue, for example, that is a form of telepathy. You’re watching television, and bang, there is a vision of your best friend. And the next minute, she calls you. Coincidence? Never. We just have to pay more attention to these flashes and eventually, when the Tormentor is silenced, you will really read other people’s thoughts.”

At that moment, the flight attendant walked by and gave them a weird look.

“You see her? She just thought that we’re a bunch of freaks because we’re talking about telepathy. People think it’s all Star Trek shit. But it’s not! It’s a few years away, ready to hatch.”

Lucina smiled at him. Well, she reflected, he might just be a loony after all. Maybe my mother had nothing to do with this.

Walter returned to scribbling something on his yellow paper. After a few minutes he looked up, grinning.

How to Develop Telepathy: Step Three

“Here’s a thought for you. The next time you feel something, automatically say it out loud, as crazy as it sounds to you. The Tormentor won’t be able to act as quickly to interfere. Here, I’ll demonstrate,” he said.

He shut his eyes tightly, took several deep breaths and then leaned all the way back in his seat.

All of a sudden, his eyes opened wide and he yelled, “Snake come and wake me! Fire is the source of life! Fright go away, and fire come again!”

Lucina turned pale. People turned around, staring and frowning. Her mouth dropped open. Oh my God, she thought. I have entered the Twilight Zone again and this time, it’s not on foreign ground. I must have a few screws loose for real.

“See, how it works,” Walter said excitedly. “I tried to read your mind, and then these strange words came to me. Does it make any sense to you?”

Lucina shook her head and turned away, pretending that he had said nonsense. However, deep inside, she was shaken. Fire, why did it always have to do with fire?

There are things on this planet that I will never get, she concluded, sighing.

The Voyage Continues

Their plane arrived in Mexico City at 1:32 p.m. Lucina shook hands with Walter Kepps, promising to keep a look out for his upcoming book on telepathy, and he wished her good luck with adapting to a new country.

“Remember, a good yelp once in while will shut that Tormentor for good!” he reminded Lucina, as they walked off the plane.

Lucina nodded and walked away. Nod and smile, she told herself. Nod and smile.

Once in the crowded luggage retrieval area, she picked out her three heavy suitcases, and asked a young Mexican boy to assist her in taking them to the taxi area. From there, Lucina flagged a taxi and gave directions to the bus terminal, where she had to wait two hours before the next bus to Oaxaca.

Hungry and tired, she sat down in the waiting area and looked at Mexican television for some time, trying to distract herself. By 4 p.m., she was seated on a bus with many other Spanish families, heading towards Oaxaca. She fell asleep quickly and had a vivid dream.

She was on a large sailing boat, surrounded by dozens of women who were all of different ages. Each one was busy doing something different; one was calculating numbers, one was writing on a board, one was singing, and another dancing. Then, Lucina saw a young girl in the corner of the boat, crying. No one was paying attention to her. Her brown hair was disheveled, and she looked dirty.

“Why are you crying?” Lucina asked her, bending down to look at her.

“I’m crying because I don’t know what I’m doing here,” the child answered, tears streaming down her face.

Lucina reached inside her bag, handed her a brown leather notebook, and watched as the girl happily snatched it and ran off on the deck. Impulsively, Lucina walked over to the side of the boat and looked down into the dark waters. In front of her appeared a little elf swimming in the dark waters who seemed to be waving at her. Lucina waved back. He kept waving.

“Be fearless!” he yelled.

Lucina looked around her. The women had disappeared, as well as the little girl. She was alone on the big ship, looking into the tumultuous waters.

“Be fearless!”

Lucina took a long look again at the water, and although she was afraid, she closed her eyes and let herself fall into the ocean. There was a loud sound as she hit the water.

©2013 by Nora Caron.
Published by Homebound Publications.

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Journey to the Heart: New Dimensions Trilogy, Book 1 by Nora Caron.Article Source:

Journey to the Heart: New Dimensions Trilogy, Book 1
by Nora Caron.

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Nora CaronNora Caron has a Masters degree in English Renaissance literature and speaks four languages. After struggling through the academic system, she realized that her true calling was to help people live from their hearts and explore the world through the eyes of their spirit. Nora has studied with various spiritual teachers and healers since 2003 and she practices Energy Medicine as well as Tai Chi and Qi Gong. In September 2014, her book "Journey to the Heart", received the Living Now Book Award Silver Medal for Best Inspirational Fiction. Visit her website at:

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