The Healing, Cleansing, and Uplifting Powers of Cats

The Healing, Cleansing, and Uplifting Powers of Cats

What greater gift than the love of a cat
                                             – Charles Dickens

In my family, cats were always adored and respected. My parents bought two cats when my brother and I were little, Cleopatra and Ramses, and they were part of our family for over sixteen years. Each one of our cats had a unique character: Cleopatra was proud, arrogant and meowed constantly for attention while Ramses was quiet, lazy and timid. These cats amazed me and I tried to study them as much as possible to understand their inner world and feelings.

When I moved out at eighteen years old, I was very sad to leave Cleopatra and Ramses behind and promised them to visit as much as possible. I kept my promise and we continued to share beautiful moments together until they passed away. Cleopatra died first, followed by Ramses.

My family and I poured tears over their graves and held hands together to honor their passing. They were and always will be part of our family.

Effective Home Purifiers

At 21 years old, I began my studies in Shamanism and Native American paths so I started to learn about spirit guides and animal guides. I began to see animals as much more than family members and understood that they were in our lives to help us evolve and heal aspects of ourselves. One of my Native teachers gave us her view on cats;

“Cats purify any place they are in. They communicate easily with the world of spirits so they can protect us from malevolent spirits. If a cat starts hissing at something invisible, you can be sure that they are telling a spirit to leave you alone! Cats are more effective than sage and their presence assures us a harmonious home.”

I was fascinated by this new view on cats and soon after, adopted a beige female kitten whom I named Luna. I spoke to her and encouraged her to do her purifying act in my home.

Bringers of Positive Vibrations

A cat purring on your lap is more healing
than any drug in the world,
as the vibrations you are receiving
are of pure love and contentment.
                           – Saint Francis of Assisi

What I realized over time was that Luna brought a lot of peace and love into my new house. Her presence was soothing and comforting and she didn’t need my constant attention. She was independent and respectful of my space and energy. The more time I spent with her, the calmer and quieter my mind became.

If I was having a hard day, Luna would immediately come sit on my lap and put her head on my stomach, purring away my sadness or frustration or anger. A few minutes with Luna on my lap and magically, my negative energy would dissipate! This soon became a ritual. I would come home from a stressful day at the university and Luna would crawl on my lap and purr away all my negative energy.

Natural Healers

Some years later, I adopted a black cat from an animal shelter in Montreal and named her Stella. This new cat went one step further than Luna: she would put her paws on my stomach and press hard on different places, massaging my pains away. It was incredible! I had my very own free therapists right in my lap. Luna would purr away any negative energy and Stella would massage my pains away.

My friends lined up at my door to receive massage sessions from Stella and they laughed the whole way through. Everyone agreed this was magical. One evening, I suffered from a bad food intoxication and Stella immediately began to massage my stomach for ten minutes. By the end, I went to the toilet one last time and the intoxication passed. Was it Stella who cured me? I will never know!

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The Freedom of Cats

As every cat owner knows, nobody owns a cat
                                      – Ellen Perry Berkeley

In order to give back to our loving and healing cats, it is crucial to understand that we do not own a cat. They are gifts from the heavens, here to help us evolve and heal, and in return we must grant them their freedom.

I have always allowed my cats the freedom to wander outside and connect with Mother Earth. Like humans, they too need to ground their energy and purify their energy through the earth.

If you have cats at home, the best gift you can offer them is the freedom to go outside, either alone with a collar or on a leash by your side. This way, everyone returns home happy and replenished, ready for a new day.

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Nora CaronNora Caron has a Masters degree in English Renaissance literature and speaks four languages. After struggling through the academic system, she realized that her true calling was to help people live from their hearts and explore the world through the eyes of their spirit. Nora has studied with various spiritual teachers and healers since 2003 and she practices Energy Medicine as well as Tai Chi and Qi Gong. In September 2014, her book "Journey to the Heart", received the Living Now Book Award Silver Medal for Best Inspirational Fiction. Visit her website at:

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