Pisces Sun Sign

Pisces Sun Sign - Pisces CharacteristicsPisces Sun Sign - Pisces Characteristics

Pisces Sun-sign: February 19-March 20

Pisces is the poet of the Zodiac. With signs of the Water element, emotion is plentifully expressed at a moment's notice: the dilating pupils of the Piscean eyes will at once tell us when the individual is moved. 

Pisces is, of course, the sign of the fishes. But look at the symbol two fishes swimming in opposite directions, with a cord in their mouths connecting them. This sums up Pisces beautifully, for along with Gemini and Sagittarius, this is the third of the "dual" signs of the Zodiac, giving the usual versatility, but also in this case a tendency to oppose the self. Though Pisceans know what they want to do, for reasons best known or possibly unknown to themselves, they often tend to take a totally different line of action, and in doing so can cause chaos and confusion for themselves. This kind of action seems a psychological necessity for many Pisceans, and it may have its roots in their highly developed sensitivity to other people's feelings, for they put their own feelings very low on their list of priorities. This can certainly make life extremely complicated. 

Pisces Sun Sign - Pisces CharacteristicsBut there are other reasons, too, for in their Piscean confusion they often deceive themselves (tending to drift up on to cloud nine) and will also tell the odd white lie to get themselves out of any mildly tricky situation. However, it does not end there for they then have to go in for ever-increasing cover-ups, and all too soon the situation has got out of hand and Pisces is in dead trouble either at work, or with their parents or lovers. It is hard for them to learn that this is not the way to a truly rewarding and fulfilling life; but once they realize this crucial fact they develop in a very positive and rewarding way.

Pisces Will Make Many Sacrifices for Other People

Here we have the kindest and most charitable of all the signs. Pisceans will make many sacrifices for other people, a trait they share with their polar or opposite sign, Virgo. Sometimes this tendency will get out of hand, and the marvelous potential present in most Pisceans is frittered away, or comes to nothing, because Pisces is otherwise occupied. 

But it might just be that Pisces will divert time and energy in some "sacrificial" way because of an inherent lack of self-confidence. If they are busy caring for others, or fulfilling a supportive role, then they do not have to fight to keep up with opponents in their field or cope with the rat race. Opting out, they find that a cloistered life gives them a sense of security, and this in a subtle way is a modern expression of the religious aspects of this sign, the "monk-like" or "nun-like" aspirations of the past, in essence very Piscean. They do particularly well in the caring or medical professions.

But what of the Pisces poet? Of course, not all Pisceans go dreamily around with notebook in hand composing verses, though when they do, they do it very well. There is, however, creative ability in most Pisceans. It needs tremendous support and encouragement from partners, as do all practical aspects of their lives. When this is available, their talent emerges strongly. They make excellent dancers and ice-skaters and enjoy swimming, and all these activities are physically good for them. But above all it is involvement in the fine arts that is particularly satisfying on all levels.

Pisces and Emotions

Pisceans make excellent, warm lovers, and their abundant emotion is expressed well and positively in this sphere of their lives. They should be careful not to allow their feelings to get out of perspective, or their ample imaginations to run away with them. 

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Pisces and the Family

Pisces need a sound, sensible, but sensitive partner. They tend, as parents, to be too kind, and may perhaps let their children get away with "murder". This is something their partners should look out for, and if necessary intervene if children seem to be getting out of hand.

Pisces Physical Challenges

The Pisces body-area is the feet. Pisceans either have marvelously neat ones, and no trouble, or are in constant difficulty. Shoes will either be a perennial problem, or a continual source of delight. There is a tendency to worry, which may cause stomach upsets. When troubled in this way, Pisceans should fall back on their ample intuition and natural instincts.

Pisces Sun Sign - Pisces Characteristics

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