Broadcasting Unconditional Love Is Our Most Powerful Strategy

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Thanks to those of you who set your phone alert and pause every day at noon for a moment of Love Casting. my name for what I believe is the most potent and effective act of rebellion. The instructions are simple: express love no matter what. Whenever someone, anyone comes to mind, when an issue arises, when a challenge appears, when a news report or an anxious friend exposes some social crime, whatever shows up, it's time for Lovecasting.

But this is not positive thinking. Lovecasting requires accessing a greater intelligence and perception than our own, to determine what exactly to express. The best way to open that door of perception is by being grateful. 

Being Grateful

We are grateful for the gift of life, a blessing so immense that we will exhaust our days trying to repay that debt by expressing our gratitude ... and we will never balance the books. Fortunately, no one is keeping track!

It is not my job to condemn or punish evil doers. Instead, I can use every moment to intensify my expression of love, joining the millions of others - hopefully including you and yours - who are doing the same in your own very different ways. This is how our shared consciousness changes, moment by moment, to gradually become a habitat that evicts the profane and nourishes only the sacred.

Meanwhile, we are enjoying real freedom, the freedom to love unconditionally.

Broadcasting Unconditional Love

I increasingly feel that broadcasting unconditional love is our most powerful strategy for influencing consciousness in a positive way.

I'd like to introduce an innovation and invite you to amp things up.

I've been doing this first thing in the morning, while still in bed, and last thing at night, and invite you to experiment. I like these times because my mind is a bit fuzzy and Love Casting is not a rational practice.

Part of me would like to tell you that this becomes a repeatable formula but, honestly, every time is different. And that's educating me about how love flows... never in straight lines or in the exact same way twice. So, beyond the primary intention of Love Casting, I suggest this practice could also be valuable to develop another way of using our brains, something less overtly "masculine." 

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The Broadcasting Practice

I start with words like this (choose your own or borrow mine). The words change from day to day but that's the general idea. 

"This Love Casting broadcast is now open.

I am here to let unconditional love flow through my body, mind, and heart.

I feel grateful for the gift of life. (pause to feel)

I feel for the suffering of all beings (pause to feel).

I am connecting with you for healing, encouragement, and forgiveness."

Now I let my mind connect with friends and family and situations, noticing how one drifts to the next. An intuitive kind of order develops without any conscious organizing.

I touch each person's presence with simple awareness, no intention of any kind, just feeling them with me in the flow of love we are transmitting together for a brief moment out of time.

It's obvious when it's over and I say:

"This Love Casting broadcast is now complete."

Sometimes the session takes a few minutes, sometimes it goes on for longer. This doesn't take any time out of my day and keeps me conscious of my deeper purpose, both morning and night.

"Use It or Lose It"

"Use it or lose it" is an expression we've all heard. Love Casting expands our capacity to feel and share love. It also reminds us why we are really here in every moment of every day.

Here's what I've got this morning:

This is the moment.
It's now or never on this third planet from the sun.
This thought, this arising feeling, this action - typing - 
This is the reason I am here.
So it is for you and for us all.
One blessing moment, that's all we have, never to be repeated,
This is our lives. This is our activism.
This is our moment.

I hope you join the experiment. 

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book cover of The Noon Club by Will WilkinsonThe Noon Club is a free member alliance that focuses intentional power every day at noon to create an impact in human consciousness. Members set their smart phones for noon and pause in silence or to offer a brief declaration, transmitting love into the quantum world of mass consciousness. Meditators lowered the crime rate in Washington DC in the 89's. What can we do in The Noon Club? Participation is simple. Just set your smart phone and pause at noon every day at noon to transmit. For updates on the program and more information, and to connect with other members, visit .

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About the Author

photo of Will WilkinsonWill Wilkinson is an author/presenter/mentor living in Maui with his wife of 28 years. He’s currently developing a global Love Casting network to provide a daily transmission of loving energy to heal and uplift all those open to receive and amplify the gift.

For more information and support along the way, visit and contact Will Wilkinson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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