Every Day Is A New Day, A New Beginning

Every Day Is A New Day, A New Beginning
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Every day is a new day. That is an indisputable fact. Every day when we awake, it is a different day than the one before. Another brand-new 24-hour day to explore and experience! By accepting each new day with a fresh, enthusiastic attitude, you can empower your life and make it more joyful. What could be blocking our realization of a new day? It stems from our ideas about ourself, others and the world around us.

Let's Start with You

Do you see life as one unending saga, each day like the one before? You know, "Same day, same ol' stuff?"

Do you have beliefs about yourself such as, "Oh, I can't sing. I'm tone deaf, or "I can't draw. I'm no artist, " or "I'm so clumsy. I have two left feet. I'm so stupid!"

These words reflect inward beliefs that soon become self-fulfilling prophecies. They lock us into a frame of mind, a particular behavior pattern. All of these statements demonstrate a belief we have chosen and accepted about ourself. They are also beliefs that serve to close doors to any new experiences or new days.

Let's Look at Relationships

Relationships. When I use the term relationships I refer not only to intimate ones, but to everyone in our life... co-workers, family, people we see in the store, the other drivers in traffic... everybody! Many of us classify people as 'nice', `friendly'. 'stuck-up', 'intelligent', 'stupid', 'clumsy', etc. We form opinions about them, "Oh! him! He's so lazy, " or 'Jack is such a good artist - too bad his daughter just can't draw."

Take a look at how most children are raised. At some point in the child's existence, someone decides (or rather makes a judgment) that little Sarah can't sing, is clumsy, laughs too loud, or is intelligent, or whatever. No matter what the judgment is, these statements get repeated in front of friends, family, strangers and, unfortunately, little Sarah. She then accepts this as her reality... after all, it is coming from the mouth of a 'godly' parent or adult.

All of these statements and opinions support someone's view of reality. When you make it your own, it locks you into a mode where you have certain fixed expectations. These expectations do not allow room for change; and since life is all about change, these beliefs leave no room for miracles.

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Live Each Day as if it is a New Beginning

How does one live each day as if it is a new beginning? First, one must release all pre-conceptions and beliefs about everyone and everything. Begin by looking at yourself and the people in your immediate surroundings.

When dealing with yourself, there are two things you can do -- change your beliefs and change your behavior. If you believe that you are always late (and want to change that), then stop saying that you are always late. When you tell yourself "I'm always late," the body and mind takes that as an instruction. In the same fashion, if you start affirming "I'm always on time," that is taken as a directive and your subconscious and conscious mind will work at creating your new reality.

So start each day as a new day. Wipe the slate clean of grudges and any opinions you carry about yourself and others. Give people (including yourself) a chance to change. Give peace a chance! Realize that everyone is growing and evolving every day. We can assist in that process by seeing possibilities in people rather than limitations.

Giving the Benefit of the Doubt

Give yourself a chance! Give everyone the room to grow by expecting the best from them. Rather than assuming people will behave 'negatively', give them the benefit of the doubt. Trust in the highest nature of everyone.

Since what we believe and expect acts as a magnet, wouldn't you rather expect the best so that it can be attracted back to you? Rose-colored glasses, you say? Yes! I would prefer to see the world and everyone in it positively thus empowering everyone to be their best. Why give power to that which we dislike?

If we want to be a better person, if we want loving relationships, we start by changing our beliefs, our expectations. Then we change our actions. Behave more lovingly. Flavor our encounters with people to reflect more acceptance and love.

Expect the best! See people as the Divine Beings that they are. Visualize ourself and the world as a loving, peaceful, harmonious place. Give power to the best that we desire...

It's all possible! After all, it is a new day. Treat yourself to a new perspective every day. Start to expect miracles and they will happen!

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