Understanding The Winds Of Evolutionary Change: Stand Strong and Hold True to LOVE

Understanding The Winds Of Evolutionary Change: Stand Strong and Hold True to LOVE

The thoughts that have accompanied me throughout these recent weeks regarding the US presidential elections, and the ultimate result, are both ‘God Bless America’, in the literal sense, and “God Help America” (and the World). Viewing events consciously through half closed eyes, one can see that US politics has now fully ‘come out’ as the government electoral scene has degenerated and hit an all time low.

Yet, I am much more inclined to look to the bigger picture to understand the winds of evolutionary change which serve only the highest good of all. Observing the current situation through such a lens reveals the energies of both division and unity are at play; the former are in the foreground and visible while the latter remain hidden in the background.

If we were to follow US politics (in fact world politics) on a graph, we would notice that there have been increasing ‘peaks’ of incomprehension, bewilderment, astonishment, bafflement, incredulity, disbelief, unconsciousness, dysfunction, outrage, fear, and total dumbfoundment which have reached an all time high during this US election. Accompanying each ‘peak’ is an opposite low and these have also reached an unparalleled extreme during the Trump/Clinton campaign. 

The Deepest Wound of Humanity

The US presidential campaign has revealed the deepest wound of humanity, which is – separation, duality and division. Just as a fever will peak before it breaks, the fever of unconscious ‘leadership’ that has raged for millennia has now reached breaking point.

The world looked on as the race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump continued to degenerate and the political poison at the heart of politics came to the surface for all to see. The entire flawed strategy of political leadership has been taken to the nth degree as people have voted against rather than for in their choice as to who will be installed in the White House. 

From an evolutionary perspective, it may be decades before we fully understand the positive implications of this historical moment, yet, without question, it has struck a damaging and irreparable blow to the old paradigm and its political template and really does mark an evolutionary turning point. 

Accelerated And Unprecedented Evolutionary Change

My sense is that we need to position our metaphoric feet in two camps:

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1) We navigate our way through the here and now as a result of the outcome of this scenario and become an instrumental force for good within it.

2) We recognise the evolutionary nature of life and events on the timeline of humanity and understand that we are living in times of accelerated and unprecedented evolutionary change. 

All that now appears to be, and is, spiralling out of control is doing so with an underlying purpose because we are at the end times. The transition into a new paradigm for humanity is a labour of love, just as the process of both birthing and dying is an existential experience that takes us to an extreme before we finally cross the threshold into a profound and new reality.

The political, transport, financial, health, education, media and social systems are becoming increasingly unsuitable and unsustainable in the wake of a dawning and consciously awakening world. The healing art of homeopathy creates the exacerbation of a symptom before it heals and rebalances. The ‘homeopathic remedies’ that are now needed for a diseased old paradigm are evolved consciousness and unconditional love.

We Each Have An Instrumental Role To Fulfill

Practically, let us not witness the extreme events of these end times in fear or believe we are powerless. Let us not accept that we are unable to be effective as transformers of external situations. If we take this position we become part of the problem and fail to stand in the truth of who we truly are and why we are really here. It is not delusional to believe that we each have an instrumental role to fulfil in the evolution of humanity and the co-creation of a new conscious epoch. 

Now, more than ever before, we need to remember and, in that realise, that we must stand together in and as LOVE. We are the new stewards, the ‘leading lights’ and we are here to blaze a trail for a new and positive future for humanity.

We are here to initiate a conscious new paradigm. All ancient prophecy has foretold of “a New Human” and the rising of “a Rainbow Tribe” who will usher in “a new Golden Age” and a “Thousand Years of Peace” starting from the year 2012. We Are becoming the New Humans – We Are the Rainbow Tribe.

We know it will not be easy, yet as Rainbow Warriors we are more than prepared for what we must do, ready for what we must BE, and equipped for what we are here to catalyse and fulfil. 

Birthing the New through the Collapse of the Old

We are birthing a new age which will ultimately experience the collapse of the new world order. It will see the resurrection of Tesla technologies, and a transformed ‘media’ that operates from transparency and truth. This will be a world without boundaries that divide and separate. A centralised global computer system will see an end to the corruption of power-hungry governments and individuals.

A global society will be cared for by a world built upon equality, altruism and humanitarianism, a visionary and inspirational system of learning, and humanity will be unified in Unity Consciousness. This is just a glimpse into the future of our world and the political spectacle now playing out heralds a major turning point in the trajectory of conscious evolution. 

Be Love and Superimpose LOVE Onto Any ‘Negative’ Energy

The electoral campaign is our cue to recognise and implement our next steps as a consciously awakened community. We Are to BE LOVE and to superimpose LOVE onto any and every ‘negative’ devolutionary energy, being and/or system.

Every physically embodied expression has an etheric counterpart in the higher-octaves and by superimposing LOVE, Conscious Evolution and Unity onto the physically embodied energies of fear, devolution and duality, we over-light imprinted shadow energies and embed them with the energy of enlightened consciousness. In this way, we become immediately effective as diffusers of the dysfunctional old paradigm and co-creators of a new conscious epoch. 

LOVE, CONSCIOUSNESS and FUTURISTIC TECHNOLOGY (that is already here now) will transform the world. It will take time, but it must begin somewhere, and it begins now. 

So, we are called to align with who we really are. By doing so, we see only through the eyes of an exalted being, listen only with the ears of an exalted being, respond only with the wisdom of an exalted being, and love only with the heart of an exalted being

We Are to Stand Strong and Hold True to LOVE. 

And …

Remember Who We Truly Are and Why We Are Really Here.

©2016 by Nicolya Christi.
Reprinted from the author's blog.

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Nicolya Christi, author Nicolya Christi is a conscious evolutionist, writer, spiritual teacher and mentor, global activist, and workshop facilitator. She is the founder of the New Consciousness Academy, co-founder of WorldShift International, and a co-initiator of WorldShift 2012. Nicolya practices the principles of Sufism – the core message of which is Unconditional Love and Living From the Heart. She lives near Rennes-le-Chateau in southern France. Visit her website at www.nicolyachristi.com.


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