Written and narrated by Marie T. Russell.

Our InnerSelf welcomes your inner self.

When we drive a vehicle and we encounter challenging terrain, we sometimes have to change gears in order to be able to get through the situation we find ourselves in. The same applies to life. Sometimes we have to change gears. We may be coasting along smoothly, unaware that there is a storm brewing or that there is turbulence under the surface... until, oops, we are in a spot and need to do something!

This week we share with you some perspectives and suggestions to help you change gears, as needed. We start with Fabiana Fondevila who gives us what may seem like contradictory advice in "Close Your Eyes So You Can See: Traveling Between Worlds and Seeking to Reconnect". We are used to looking around us and interpreting what we see based on our upbringing or beliefs. However, when we close our eyes, we change gears and we start perceiving "reality" from an inner perspective, rather than an outwardly-focused one.

We continue our journey this week with Pierre Pradervand who recommends "Transitioning from Authoritarian 'Outer' Authority to Spiritual 'Inner' Authority". This is a big gear to manage. From the time we were children, we were...

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Written and read by Marie T. Russell, InnerSelf.com

Music By Caffeine Creek Band, Pixabay