Moving Into Planetary Brotherhood: We Have To Work At It
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Those of you who are not meditating, will you find five minutes a day, just five minutes a day, to focus on peace and visualize it on this planet? Those of you who are good at it, do it more. And those of you who are beginning, please try harder.

Visualize this planet absolutely radiant, bathed totally in Light, Power, Love, and Harmony. When you do this, you are moving away from limited beliefs into expanded possibilities.

Some of you are ready to move out of a limited idea of global consciousness into something bigger. Obviously, you move away from a limited belief structure by creating and moving into something vaster. This is magnificently exciting, and yet it can be very difficult because you have one foot rooted in the past, "my country right or wrong", and the other is poised to step into a future world with the hope of one planet, one people.

You are creating a whole new world view, and you have to work at it. You don't build a successful company by thinking about your vacations! You build your company by thinking about what you can do to make it successful. So it is with this. You have to work at it.

Wouldn't It Be Magnificent...

You know that energy follows thought. It's going to begin through people who want to make the thought-form a reality, not just a "nice idea." You start on the mental plane with the idea, "Wouldn't it be magnificent to have a planet filled with excitement, peace, and harmony?"

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Then with the wisdom and power of the third eye, you hold the idea as a vision. That becomes a feeling tone within you, and as you visualize that for the planet, you move the energy of thought through the mental, down to the physical level.

As you begin to build the power of it by holding to your vision day after day, you will start to feel the energy in your body. This grounds it in the physical, and in the process, you will be uplifted.

God Always Pays His Bills

I say this again and again: Work for God. He always pays His bills! What do I mean? When you work toward global peace, global love, and global harmony, which is the absolute destiny of this planet, you are doing God's will. Your payoff will be the harmony and expansion you will feel as you move your body, mind, and emotions into alignment. That which you are hoping and praying for, for the world, is what you will begin to receive for yourself.

The gifts of God are right here in the kind of action we are asking from you. As you give to others, so you receive. It is the law. As you hold this planet in your heart with love and harmony and the wonderful excitement of humankind aligned, you will become that which you are giving.

God never asks you to do anything that does not increase the love in your heart, the harmony in your awareness, and the compassion of your being. What we are asking for today is something very specific.

What you give in these next few weeks and months you will also receive -- deeply. We need you. We need your help, as you need ours. We are all in this together -- one mind, one heart.

The Purpose of This Planet Is To Love

The purpose of this planet is to Love. If you wish to understand how this works, take your ideas about war, and look at it from the point of view of planetary Love. I know this is difficult, but you must understand: God's delight is the extension of Love into ever-greater areas of consciousness.

There has been a slow but steady expansion in the hearts and minds of mankind as you moved out to cover the globe, and learned to love greater numbers of people. You found love came when agreement between you was present. Your sense of loving and being loved was lost when too much disagreement arose. So what is needed is a way to increase your areas of agreement, and decrease those of disagreement.

The more people you can agree with, and feel at ease and relaxed around, the more the tension between you dissipates. Those boundaries of separation soften and become more gentle. If you are missing love in your life, you may be looking at the differences rather than the similarities between you and other people.

As you relax and soften around the seeming separations, you will be participating in the expansion of planetary love. The greater the love in the world, the greater the potential for future love. It moves out in ever-expanding waves.

We Carry The Potential For Mutual Understanding and Love

When the people of different cultures in the Middle East begin to interact within their countries, they carry the potential for mutual understanding. Each time they talk to one another, the possibility is there. When there is an attempt at understanding, then agreement is possible and love can arise!

For a long time, the Middle East has represented to you, and you to them, two closed systems, two foreign bodies that seemed inscrutable and mysterious. Since they are not alike, there is always a tendency for each to feel that their system is superior.

Feelings of superiority make love almost impossible. There is very little understanding or communication between these systems; therefore, they contain no wisdom of the heart.

Hearts can be moved under extremities such as war because both sides share the same basic fears and confusion. Therein lies the opportunity for love. There is a chance to drop the mental beliefs and respond to one another through the understanding of the heart, knowing another individual is facing the same fears you are. Such a recognition of similarities brings hope of an ending to hatred and conflict.

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Planetary Brother by Bartholomew & Mary-Margaret MooreThis book is about working towards global peace, global love and global harmony, which is the absolute destiny of this planet - you are doing God's will. Your consciousness moving through your physical body ultimately will change this planet. 

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