The year of the Sheep begins
February 1st, 2003.

The Chinese Years of the Sheep are
1907, 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955,
1967, 1979, 1991, and 2003.

With all that happened in 2002, are you feeling a bit sheepish about the New Year? If so, you are right on track because 2003 is the Chinese Year of the Sheep (4701 lunar year).

2003 is the Chinese Year of the Sheep, specifically, the Black Sheep (also known as the Ram) and the Chinese celebrate the New Year as starting on February 1, 2003. (February 1st 2003 - January 21st, 2004). The element associated with this year is water. Aspect (i.e. plus or minus) is minus.

What's Up for the USA this year?

Generally, the spirit of the nation will be somewhat confused. Although the nature of the Sheep is to be easy going, more a follower than a leader, and to obey laws and rules, one also sees that when the sheep (or ram) is being forced to go in a direction he or she does not agree with, they will be one of the most stubborn opponents possible. Thus, although the general tendency will be for the population to look toward their leaders for direction, there will also be pockets of very strong resistance by those who do not agree with the direction of things.

In general, Sheep tend to be lucky and do well financially, but they can also head into a morose mood, and can lose lots of money. As more and more people lose their jobs and as the economy takes a greater downturn, the country may take a turn for a more pessimistic attitude. There will naturally be more of a focus on the importance of home and relationships, not only in keeping with the social nature of the sheep, but also, as people do more networking to try to find new jobs.

Advice For This Year

The nature of the year is one that promotes overall caution in ones public life, and the need for strengthening of the bonds between friends and family. Health is a concern, this year, for those born in the Year of the Sheep. Those born in this year would do well to have a medical check-up, eat a more healthy diet, exercise more, and if possible, lose a few more pounds from their abdomen.

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Given the potential depressive elements of the year, everyone, not just those born in the Year of the Sheep, needs to try to focus on the positive aspects of their lives. Light natured jokes can act as an antidote to some of the negativity. Those involved in the arts should be more appreciated this year and get more work. Paying more attention to those blessings one has, both in health, family, and other benefits, will be especially important this year. Also very important, is for people during this year to try to do more constructive things, and to do what they can to help others this year.

It is possible for this year to become a turning point either toward a much better future, or a more dangerous one. For this reason, even though the Sheep is not a leader, during the Year of the Sheep there is a need to contact our leaders and express our concerns and wishes, and do what we can through our leaders, to make the country safer, more economically sound, and healthier.

If people act too complacently, then the year may become a wolf in sheep's clothing -- inactivity can lead to victories by the dark forces.

If You Are a Sheep

The Sheep is a very social person, and usually has a great aptitude for the arts, and usually, are very good artists. They love gatherings with friends, parties, long conversations, and in general, just being with those they care about. They need to have a beautiful and peaceful setting for their home, something that will nurture their spirit, and encourage their creative side. The Sheep has a great deal of "yin" quality to their nature, and as such, are said to be the most feminine of signs.

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Chinese Power Animals, by Pamela Leigh Powers.

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Dr. John Raymond Baker, D.C. is a licensed Chiropractic doctor in Austin, Texas. He describes himself as a follower of Taoism and Huna, and has, for the past 27 years, been involved in the Chinese internal martial arts. His primary web site is : and e-mail is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The sheep or ram in Chinese astrology, respects order and governmental rules, and the rules of society in general. These are not the kind of people who oppose authority or break the rules. They are generally lucky people, but are also mild, unassuming, and relatively easy going. The sheep is usually good at acquiring money, but are poor at being business people. They have a humorous side, and are usually very artistic.

But, this being said, the Sheep or Ram can also seem a bit Jeckyl and Hyde, in that they can be misanthropic at times, and depressed. Also, even though Sheep can be very docile and easy going, if they or a family member are threatened, they can turn extremely aggressive and combative at a moment's notice.

Sheep people, much like their animal counterpart, are usually not people to insert themselves into leadership positions, but, if they are being led into a path which they object to or do not agree with, they can be more stubborn than almost any other sign.

Although people born in the Year of the Sheep can be religious, they are not fanatically so, and in general, if religious activity interferes too much with their home or business routine, they will abandon it as a rule. The Sheep will have a lot of tumult in their lives as a youth, some problems with their romantic lives in young adult age, but a comfortable old age. Romantically, the Sheep is best mated with a Boar, Horse, or Rabbit -- but not with a dragon or snake which is not seen to be a good idea (although I cannot agree 100% with that, since my wife is a Sheep and I am a Dragon). Their most lucky month is August, luckiest time of the day is around 1 pm to 3 pm , and their lucky color is pink.


The traditional Chinese blessing of the New Year is Gong Hay Fot Choy or "Wishing you a Properous New Year" or Greetings of Riches.

What we need to remember is that riches do not necessarily mean just money. A rich person can be a happy person who has good health, many friends and family, and a good spirit. This year, we need to see the riches we have in the love of our friends and family, in the blessings of health, and in finding the peace we can, inside of us, even when there may be darkness and war outside.

To each and every one, I wish you a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year.

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