Written and Narrated by Marie T. Russell.

"You really are the architect and builder of your life. Your thoughts are creating your  life moment by moment. They are either building what you want or tearing it down."  -- Handbook for Perfect Beings

You Are The Architect of Your Life

Have you ever had this experience: Something happens, and your immediate comment is "I knew that would happen!" Not only did you know it would happen, you predicted it! Maybe you didn't predict it in the usual sense of the word, but you expected it, you assumed it would happen,

In other words, you basically ended up "seeing it because you believed it".  Because of our creative power, our thoughts pull towards us the things we focus upon. Unfortunately, we usually use this creative power - and it is a power - negatively. Generally, we seem to more easily believe that bad things will happen than that good things will happen.

Because we are creating our experience with our thoughts and our words, we get what we expect and believe. The good news in that whole concept is that we simply need to change our expectations, our thoughts, our beliefs, and of course our actions, and we will be able to change what we see in our immediate reality. We are, after all, the architect and builder of our life.

I know this is a hard concept to accept and or believe, but think about it... As you change your attitude and behavior towards the people around you, they will...

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Article inspired from:

Handbook for Perfect Beings

Handbook for Perfect Beings: The Way Life Really Works
by B. J. Wall

book cover of Handbook for Perfect Beings: The Way Life Really Works by B. J. WallSuppose all life operated according to a few basic laws. Understand these laws, understand life. Live according to the laws, live a productive and successful life.

The Handbook for Perfect Beings is a step-by-step guide to working with the principles that govern creation. 

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