Written and Narrated by Will T. Wilkinson.

Barbara Marx Hubbard was an inspiration and a friend. We met thirty years ago at a conference, then she hired me for a year and my wife and I lived in her communal home in Santa Barbara. For those who don’t know, Barbara was a futurist and her theme was “conscious evolution.” She once ran for Vice President and toured/spoke/wrote tirelessly on this theme.

I’ve always wanted to explore this theme – conscious evolution – and experience the deeper meaning of it. Since Barbara recently passed and I can’t consult with her, this is my take. I’ll start here, with my belief that all evolving humans want three things: happiness, fulfilment, and meaning.

Happiness is doing what we love and getting fairly rewarded for it. Fulfillment is being who we truly are by actualizing our full potential. Meaning is doing what we love, being who we truly are, and manifesting our destiny.

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book cover of The Noon Club by Will T. WilkinsonThe Noon Club is a free member alliance that focuses intentional power every day at noon to create an impact in human consciousness. Members set their smart phones for noon and pause in silence or to offer a brief declaration, transmitting love into the quantum world of mass consciousness. Meditators lowered the crime rate in Washington DC in the 89's. What can we do in The Noon Club? Participation is simple. Just set your smart phone and pause at noon every day at noon to transmit. For updates on the program and more information, and to connect with other members, visit www.noonclub.org .

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photo of Will T. WilkinsonWill T. Wilkinson is an author/presenter/mentor living in Maui with his wife of 28 years. He’s currently developing a global Love Casting network to provide a daily transmission of loving energy to heal and uplift all those open to receive and amplify the gift.

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