Gratitude: Have You Appreciated Your World Lately?

Gratitude: Have You Appreciated Your World Lately?
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There are so many things to be grateful for! Birds singing, butterflies fluttering by, sunshine pouring its energy on the earth, trees and the shade they provide, clouds for their beauty and their rain, the bounty of Mother Nature that feeds our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies, children playing, the love of our friends, the comforts of modern living, the coolness of the breeze, etc. etc. One could go on forever listing things for which to be grateful. 

Yet, surrounded by this beauty and love, we often rush through our busy-busy day neglecting to be grateful for it all. How often do we go past a beautiful bush of lilacs, or roses, and give thanks for their colorful beauty and aroma? How often do we lift our head to the sky, and give thanks and praise for the life and energy provided by our sun? Do we take these things so much for granted that we don't even see them anymore? 

Have You Appreciated Your Refrigerator Lately?

Do we take for granted our modern paraphernalia such as telephones, flush toilets, computers, televisions, refrigerators, freezers, furnaces, air conditioning, etc. How often do we stop and feel gratefulness for having an "ice-box" that does not require our lugging blocks of ice to it in order to keep vegetables fresh? Do we stop and think of the wonderful avenues that telephones, computers, and the internet open up to us? All these things have become an integral part of our lives. Do we appreciate them? Or do we take them for granted? 

And what about our cars? Do we feel and express appreciation for the transportation and ease they provide? Do we remember to thank our human vehicle, our body? Do we appreciate the physical body that carries us through this lifetime -- do we treat it with respect and love? Do we give it the best attention and care? Do we feed it the best foods so that it may continue to serve us well? Or do we push it to the extreme of its limits, feed it improperly, fail to give it rest, and then wonder why it starts stalling and "bucking"? 

Take This Job and... Be Grateful For It

Are we grateful for the job we have, the clients that come to us, the money that we receive? Do we truly feel and express appreciation, or do we take it all in stride and feel it is our due... True, all these blessings are our "due" as children of a Divine Creator, yet it is also our duty to express thanks. It is our duty to express our gratitude not only through words, but also through works. Do we give back to the Universe for the many blessings it bestows on us? Do we share? Do we love?

The action of giving thanks, the attitude of gratefulness, is one of the keys to creating the life you want. When Jesus put into practice his teaching -- "Ask and ye shall receive that your joy may be full" -- he immediately gave thanks. He did not wait for the event to manifest, but rather gave thanks before the result was visible. This denoted complete trust and faith.  (John 16:24)

Giving Thanks Ahead of Time

Gratitude, article written by Marie T. RussellWe have many instances in our life where we exhibit lack of trust and faith in the Universe, and in the people around us. Take for example, a situation where you ask your spouse or children to do something. If you keep repeating your request throughout the day, obviously you are not trusting that they will remember and provide what it is you have asked for. You are doubting.

When we ask for something in our lives, we need to give thanks and feel gratefulness even before we have the "proof". If we are seeking new employment, we need to have complete confidence in its manifestation and give thanks for the new livelihood and new opportunities opening to us. If we are praying for healing, we must give thanks and have faith in the manifestation of that healing. We have to believe and be grateful before the healing takes place. Anything other than that attitude, simply denotes a lack of faith in the Universe. 

Yes, Whatever You Say!  (signed, the Universe)

The Universe has been described as a big "YES". It agrees with all our beliefs. So if your real belief is that you will not get what you are asking for, then the Universe says YES, and you indeed do not get what you are asking for. You get more of what you believe is true for you.

Maybe we need to remember that Jesus not only said "Ask and ye shall receive" but also "If ye have faith, and doubt shall be done" (Matthew. 21:21) Since we create and attract that which we believe, if we speak of not having enough, that is what we will find in our day to day reality -- not only today but in the days to come. 

Like Attracts Like: Gratitude Attracts More to be Grateful For

The Universe will agree with you, all the time, and give you more of the same. This is why it is important to be grateful for what we have, even when we feel it is "not enough", because gratitude opens the door to more coming in.

Whether we are grateful for material things, or for love in our life, the gratitude acts like a magnet. 'Like attracts like' applies to gratitude as well. Not only will we attract more of what we are grateful for, but we will attract gratitude from others also. The more you express love, the more love you receive. (I'm speaking of love, not martyrdom.) 

Be truly grateful for the opportunities open to you, and give thanks for everything that is manifesting in your life, always trusting in the perfect manifestation for the Highest Good of all concerned. Thanksgiving is not a one day a year event. It is today and every day!

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