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You already know the Yabbits; they are the voices inside your head, the doubts and the put-downs in your mind. Yabbits are the voices that argue against you. Our Yabbits were programmed early in life and were originally designed to keep us safe by keeping us in line. Yah that looks like fun, but you better not do that or else you’ll break your arm. Yah-but if anyone finds out, you’ll get in a heap of trouble. Yah-but you don’t know how to drive yet. So sometimes the yah-buts really do keep us safe, but as time passes, things change.

Yabbits Are Sub-Personalities

In traditional therapies, Yabbits might be called sub-personalities. Each sub-personality or Yabbit develops distinctive voices, along with overtones of different voices that have evolved since our birth.

Even though the voices are powerful and persuasive, there is only one core you, and that “you” is a worthy, deserving person with the wherewithal to be and do anything you can conceive.

Contrary thoughts, opinions, and ideas will split us off from the purity of the frequency we came here with, creating a static environment that does not move. Each sub-personality is a vibrational pattern of energy that interrupts the frequency of our True Being — our Source Self.

When you follow the directions of the sub-personalities, it leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Focus on this feeling and it will show you what you do not want. Once you realize that your thoughts are keeping you in a place you do not like, make a deliberate choice to shift into alignment with what you really want by giving what you want the focus of your attention.

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How Are Sub-Personalities Formed?

Sub-personalities are literally formed when our needs are not met — to be loved, to belong, to feel safe and secure, and to be fed, are the major needs. There is an automatic fail-safe mechanism within the human psyche that launches a champion that comes to the rescue. When we perceive this energy as real and then come to rely on it over and over again, a sub-personality is formed.

Let’s look at Joanne’s sub-personality of the pleaser. Throughout life, especially as she is growing up, Joanne is rewarded for agreeable behavior patterns, and punished for being rebellious. Whenever she gets attention through the reinforcement of “good girl” comments, she might want to continue on that path rather than risk feeling her own feelings, and thinking her own thoughts. Joanne is being served by feeling loved, and getting the positive attention of those she sees as authority figures in her life. However, the price paid is to continue to hide the joy identity that she knew as a child — keeping her True Self safely tucked away, hidden behind painful co-dependent patterns.

Are The Yabbits Dominating Your Life?

Can you see how sub-personalities become the Yabbits that often dominate our life? Every time you listen to the negative whispers and follow the trail the Yabbits leave, their thought patterns become stronger and stronger. Through this evolution, they will implement their own agendas without regard to the wants and desires of your True Self.

The Yabbits can rise to become a force that undermines confidence and snuffs out the creative flame. And those Yabbits of others and ourselves will tear us to bits if we let them. For example, there is always a Yabbit behind the fear of allowing our magnificence to shine. Yabbits make rules to follow and then stand with their arms crossed if we should stray too far outside the lines.

Yabbits Provide Growth Opportunities

What Is a Yabbit? Is It Running Your Life?On the other side of this, each sub-personality also has a positive intention. Hidden in the core of its energy is the elusive joy. Hope is always present. Ultimately, each Yabbit provides an opportunity to grow. We are guided by our Soul, bringing experience that moves us into conscious awareness, balance, alignment and integration.

My intention as a pastor or a teacher is to inspire and offer new ideas for my audience to consider and perhaps become inspired by. As I prepared for my talk on “The Art of Positive Thinking” and Yabbits yabbitted in my ear trying to distract me, I understood what the purpose was in their actions. I became amused and creatively decided to use the event as a teaching. The result was to get many people involved in a craft project making these little stuffed dolls, and then having them on a shelf in my lectern to toss into the audience or use humorously to bring home a point. Knowledge is the key here; understanding that there is nothing out to harm you no matter what it may look like, then using your wisdom to reveal the true intent and bring out the joy.

Most Influential Yabbits

The following is a brief list of the more influential Yabbits in our lives. Using the skills of intention and conscious awareness, read through the list slowly and allow the tone of each Yabbit to show itself to you. I have intentionally used spare definitions for you to make your own natural associations. Notice the pitch of each voice, the tenor and the depth of influence in your life.

Judge Yabbit with his jury of hangmen

Parental Yabbit controlling her family

Jealous Yabbit and his committee of comparisons

Nagging Bossy Yabbit with her entourage of perfectionist thugs

Pleaser Yabbit giving in to everyone else’s ideas

Righteous Yabbit with her congregation of certainties

Moral Yabbit and her ogres of rationalization

Doom and Gloom Yabbits with daily reports on Chicken Little’s falling skies

Shadow Yabbit with his cloaking devices and league of tempters and seducers

Wounded Yabbit with her incessant crying that opens her wound over and over

Lonely Yabbit and her debilitating companions of sadness

Hoarding Yabbit with his compulsive board of directors

Let’s Wait and See Yabbit with her never-ending waiting room filled with postponers, procrastinators, and never-get-it-done-rs

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