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I’ve made mistakes. Many. I’ve done things I am not proud of. Repeatedly. We can’t correct the wrongs we’ve committed in our lives, but we can try not to repeat them.

As recently as a few hours ago, I got caught out on something I considered to be a minor wrongdoing, something that wasn’t really hurting anyone, something that I was putting off taking care of due to other areas of my life taking over. And then I was faced with it.

Facing Our Shortcomings

There seems to be a pattern emerging, on this journey I’ve chosen to take. Things come up that I would have rather ignored. The past has come back, and made me face some uncomfortable aspects of how I once lived. It would seem that when we commit to this spiritual process, there comes a purge.

If we are to be of service to each other, then we need to face our own shortcomings to move forward. It makes sense, and I am seeing proof of it in my own life on an uncomfortably regular basis.

Becoming More Sensitive

There also comes another aspect to this process. In attempting to increase our awareness and openness to Spirit, we grow ever more sensitive in other areas of our lives. I can barely watch certain television commercials without bursting into tears. True, I am very much still going through the grieving process, but there seems to be a commonality among other people I have met along the way. We become highly sensitive as we begin to open up.

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When you reach the point in life where you want to develop your own spirituality, you are usually at a place where you know you no longer want to be. You know what serves you, and what does not. You know what you must do, to live a life of sincerity and honesty.

Unfortunately, there are usually some casualties in your extended circles of relationships. There may even be some in your immediate one. And there will definitely be sacrifices to some aspects of your own personality.

People you know, will find it difficult to accept the change that they’ll see in you. Particularly people who expect you to behave a certain way and respond to them in ways that they are used to. When you come to the point where you no longer see the sense in engaging in conflict, some will find it a tough pill to swallow. You won’t respond the way you used to, you won’t get triggered the way you used to. You’ll only feel empathy, and want to help that person away from their own toxic energy.

You will also notice those people who sap your energy. It may not be their fault, there may be depression involved, or other mental illness (and believe me, I am the last person who would casually disregard anyone’s mental illness).

You will become aware that due to an increase in your own sensitivity, what you could once accept as tolerable behavior may become more difficult to align with, since you are now a sponge that is sucking in energy from every direction. A good friend of mine, who runs her own very successful spirituality-based business, calls this “The Drains”.

There are ways to prepare and protect yourself from this, which can be as simple as meditating on positivity and light. But for now, I want you to bring your awareness to what I say next, because it will arise as you move on.

Coming from a Place of Love

In attempting to connect with our Higher Self, let alone Spirit Guides or deceased loved ones, we have no choice to but reflect on what serves the greater good and what does not. There’s nowhere to hide. You’re either in or you’re out.

To come from a place of love, determines what you will bring to the table. You might get hurt, particularly if you are trying to make a change to a broken relationship pattern that no longer serves you. People will attempt to hold you back, and they may even remind you of who you used to be. But once you have made the decision to walk a spiritual path, there really is no turning back.

You don’t need me to tell you this, you know as I have known when it happened to me. There will be some people who are not willing to accept your new direction. Particularly if they are people who you may have hurt in the past.

Being Kind

But as brutally honest with yourself as you will be forced to be, you must also remember, to be kind. You’ll be kind to others, that’s already a given. You can’t embark on this quest without developing empathy for all living beings. But you must remember to also be kind to you.

We make mistakes, and you may have made many in the past. But that is not who you are anymore. All you can do is acknowledge your mistakes, apologize for them if possible, seek to make amends if it is appropriate to do so, and at the end of the day, you have to live with you. You cannot undo what has been done, but you must learn to live with it.

You know your own truth now, and you know that you are trying to be better. If someone cannot accept an apology, or refuses to let you move on from a past error, then you may have to consider regretfully letting that person go. What is for you won’t go by you, and what no longer serves you no longer serves the greater good, for that is what you are working on now.

Equally, you must not lose sight of your own well-being. Don’t get so caught up in trying to help others that you forget to help yourself. Learn to forgive yourself. You deserve it.

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