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In order to understand how esoteric healing works as a healing modality, there are some basic principles that need to be understood first.

It is important to begin with defining the word “esoteric.” If you look up the word in the dictionary, you’ll find a definition similar to “difficult to be understood” or “designed for . . . the specially initiated alone” (Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary online, “Esoteric”).

These definitions capture some of the inherent obscurity of the word but leave out the most important facet: that there is some­thing there to be understood. Therefore, “esoteric” means that which is hidden within and is meant to be found.

When putting the above definition in the context of the physical body and healing, “that which is hidden within and is meant to be found” is the Soul. Esoteric healing is the process of bringing forward the inner spiritual meaning of the Soul. That inner spiritual meaning, when brought forward, can then per­meate all aspects of the life of the person or animal that is receiving the session.


In esoteric healing the Soul is the healer, the provider is the facilitator, and divine Source is the energy eternally available for healing. The best metaphor for this is the garden hose. The hose is the provider, the water is the divine Source, and the flower is the Soul. If a hose is left on in the middle of a lawn that has flowers on its perimeter, the water may never reach the flowers. If, on the other hand, the hose is picked up by someone and pointed at the flowers, the flowers have the option to absorb as little or as much of the water as they need to thrive.

Put back into the context of esoteric healing, the provider is the facilitator for the work wanting to be done by the Soul. The provider, like the hose, directs the energy of divine Source toward the body of the client, and the Soul of the cli­ent decides how much of that divine Source to use for healing.

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Heal­ing can only come about if it is in accordance with the will of the Soul of the client. Disease is often part of the client’s learning process. Therefore, it is not up to the provider to decide how or when healing occurs; rather to facilitate an opportunity for healing.


To begin a session with a client, the provider must first have consent. This is usually done verbally over the phone, email, or text, but can also be done ener­getically by more experienced providers. Once consent has been obtained, the provider can proceed with alignment and attunement.

To be in congruence with the will of the Soul of the client, the provider must align to the divine Source and then attune to the client.

- Aligning allows the pro­vider to move beyond judgement and preferences.
- Attuning allows the provider to see the client as a spiritual being, greater than the temporary physical form with ephemeral emotional and mental states.


To align, the provider becomes aware of the area around their heart, near the cen­ter of the sternum, and imagines a stream of light flowing upward to a space just bove their head called the Soul Light. This is akin to the concept of the higher self. From there, the light continues to rise toward the divine Source. Once con­nected, the provider allows that divine spiritual energy to descend back down into the middle of their chest and into their Heart Center.

Once settled, the pro­vider allows for that energy to expand and rise again to the space between their eyebrows on their forehead called the Ajna.* From there the energy is focused and descends into their hands, which then become the tools for healing.

* The Ajna is in the location of the third eye, but it is not the third eye. It is an energy center that aligns with brain energy centers and chakra centers to balance them. In this case it is being used as a place to funnel divine Source energy to allow the pro­vider to do healing work.

To attune, the provider imagines a stream of light flowing from their Soul Light to the Soul Light of the client. Once divine Source and the Souls of both provider and client are connected, the provider asks that healing be in accordance with the will of the client’s Soul. By asking that healing be in accordance with the will of the client’s Soul, the provider relinquishes any credit they might want to take in the healing process. The provider becomes the garden hose through which the energy of divine Source can flow, and the provider accepts that what will unfold during the session.


A session begins with a check-in over the phone, in person, or over video chat with the client. Once the check-in is complete, verbal permission to do esoteric heal­ing is obtained, and the provider aligns and attunes to the client. The client is instructed to sit or lay down quietly for about thirty minutes while the provider does esoteric healing.

During the session the provider is assessing the client as if they were in front of them. The provider evaluates all the energy centers and their minors to see which need work, and then the provider balances—in accordance with the will of the Soul of the client—the centers that are weak or excessive. The provider is able to evaluate the effectiveness of the balancing of energy centers by assessing centers before balancing them and then reevaluating after they are balanced.

Once the provider has concluded their balancing, they close the session and offer a blessing. The provider then either calls the client again to discuss find­ings or emails the client with findings. The entire session from beginning to end generally takes between thirty to sixty minutes.


Esoteric healing can be done by anyone with the proper training. The key to being an effective provider is a personal meditation practice from which, through discipline, the emotions and body are calmed, the mind is quieted, made recep­tive and alert, and the personality is integrated so that listening stillness can be found and the intuitive senses awakened.

The National Association of Esoteric Healing has qualified instructors teaching regular classes throughout the year for those interested in learning esoteric healing and becoming a provider. The certification process takes a year to complete and is pursued by those interested after four introductory classes have been successfully completed.


Through aligning and attuning, which is akin to prayer, the provider makes the energy of divine Source available to the client’s Soul. As the flow in the client’s energy centers is harmonized through balancing, the energy of the client’s Soul is freed and change can occur not only in the body, but in all aspects of the client’s life.

Esoteric healing is an allowing process. With true loving discernment and pure intentions, miracles can occur.

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The Biodynamics of the Immune System: Balancing the Energies of the Body with the Cosmos
by Michael J. Shea (with various contributors, including Samantha Lotti)

book cover of The Biodynamics of the Immune System by Michael J. SheaDrawing on more than 45 years of practicing Eastern medicine, Michael J. Shea, Ph.D., presents a holistic guide to biodynamic manual therapy practices for optimizing the immune system and for healing the deep spiritual suffering of our contemporary world.

Showing spiritual suffering to be the root of our modern epidemic of metabolic syndrome and other widespread health issues, the author explains how the pervasive degradation of the human body relates directly with the food we eat, the air we breathe, and our thoughts and emotions. He explains how the Five Element theory of Eastern medicine offers a method to reclaim the body by sensing each element in and around us as a single continuum.

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He is a founding board member of the Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Association of North America and the International Affiliation of Biodynamic Trainings. He is the author of several books, including Somatic Psychology.

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