How Authority Wanes: Incurable Disease or Lack of Knowledge?

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Until Gutenberg invented the printing press, it was difficult to challenge authority, hence the stability of the systems in place for centuries, even millennia. The printing press allowed an increase in the circulation of ideas in all fields, which accelerated even more with the modern media: radio, telephone, television, etc.

But with the invention of the Internet, we can really talk about an explosion of information. Anyone, even those living on the smallest island in the Pacific or floating on an iceberg in Antarctica, if they have a good Wi-Fi connection, can have access to a library of almost all the human knowledge of all times, in all fields, updated continuously.

The Doctor's Word Was Gospel

When I was a child, what the family doctor said was gospel, and no one would even have thought of disputing it.

A few years ago, having to consult a urologist for a serious problem, he strongly recommended an extremely heavy therapy with the worst predictions for my survival if I did not follow his recommendations. Having access to the Internet led me to go see another specialist who recommended an infinitely lighter treatment which, after a few months of a simple course of injections, quickly reversed the problem.

Today, concerning Covid, the internet is inundated with the most varied and often contradictory recommendations of leading medical experts. And between the anti and pro-vax, we are approaching religious wars! So, before any decision, enter into your Self, create a deep silence within, and follow what your inner guide tells you. And trust in Life, with a capital L. If you trust her, she will not let you down.

To call a disease “incurable” is totally unscientific, yet it literally kills people, or at least drastically shortens the lives of numerous patients at whom their MD has in certain cases almost thrown this diagnosis (cf. the remarkable work of Norman Cousins in this area of medical practice). In such circumstances, the most one can say is that science has not yet found a cure for such and such an ailment.

Blessing To Heal the Belief of Incurable Diseases

We bless those whom limited, unscientific human beliefs have labeled as “incurable.”

We bless them in their understanding that “to God all things are possible” despite what very narrow, material or lopsided views of reality claim to the contrary.

May they be inspired not to submit their lives to limited, short-term, material views of things but be inspired by the amazing healings of practically every known disease happening daily around the world, be it through alternative forms of medicine or health care or solidly grounded spiritual approaches which have amply proved their worth.

May they put aside once and for all old, tired theological beliefs of punishment or negative karma which may unknowingly influence them.

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May they summon the courage to break out of the well-beaten tracks of conventional wisdom, “victimitis,” or fears for their life, that they may dare try new approaches which are carriers of hope.

And may they take the ultimate authority for their own well­being into their own hands rather than surrendering it to some exterior authority or system, however well-intentioned it may be.

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