How To Attain A Total and Absolute Level of Fearlessness

Self-Realization: A Total and Absolute Level of Fearlessness & Integrity

Question for Babaji:

Babaji, I find the world over that even people on a spiritual path of one kind or another, still try and please others in the name of so-called unconditional love. I observe that many continue to be afraid of offending their friends and families, even when this servility on their part leads to a total compromising of their deepest truth, love, and integrity.

Sometimes, a spiritual aspirant walks their talk in one area of their life, while they continue to sacrifice their integrity in the name of keeping the peace, which shows a total lack of courage.

I find that few people will speak their truth in a crowd, particularly if their expression of integrity is in conflict with the views of the mob. We are past December of 2012, and yes people are waking up and great miracles of conscious connection are occurring, but this lack of courage that I am pointing out, here now, continues to be chronic and widespread. How can we shift out of this fear of being and embracing who we are, or of loving others through having to say no to them, or even at times oppose the views or behavior of the people we love

Babaji speaks:

In esoteric wisdom you are often taught about the path of the peaceful warrior, the spiritual warrior. It is imperative for human beings now to take responsibility for their lives, their words, their deeds, and their co-creations. The ability to respond from conscious-centered awareness comes from keeping a part of your attentive consciousness in the center of your being which is empty, silent, and in the unmanifest realm.

Once you have accessed this state and become firmly anchored in it, you no longer have to worry about when to speak and when to be quiet, when to fight the good fight and when to harmonize with others through gentle silence or peaceful discussion. In each moment of now, you just calmly or forcefully, as the case may be, follow your inner guidance and wisdom, and you will not be afraid of the opinion of others or offending others, or trying to please or manipulate them into your way of being or thinking.

Clinging to the Past: Fear, Stress, Worry

Q: I feel that so many of us, even the so-called spiritually enlightened, are clinging to the past, to the sorrow and sadness of the past.

Self-Realization: Attaining A Total and Absolute Level of IntegrityBabaji: I observe that most of humanity is feeling a vast amount of fear, stress, and worry in this ending of the Kali Yuga, which involves tremendous change. I encapsulate the energy that triggers deep courage in your hearts and minds, here now, in these words as I speak them to you. You cannot cross the bridge of fire and water and endure the storms of accelerated transformation without inculcating deep fearlessness in your mind, body, and soul.

Your Atma (soul) is essentially fearless.

Move forward as a spiritual warrior with peace and love and find the energy to speak your truth with courage and to be silent when necessary, with an equal amount of bravery and single-pointedness.

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There will be no self-realization and moving into Satya Yuga without a total and absolute level of integrity, where your thoughts match your words, which then match your deeds.

Moving Forward in Trust and Awareness

Q: Babaji, thank you for amplifying the energy of bravery and love in our hearts through this dialogue, in this now time, when we are all being intensely challenged to let go of lifetimes of memories, attachments, desires, people, and places. Could you share with us any information about how to reduce our fear and come into our knowingness, with the serenity of moving forward in trust and moment-to-moment awareness?

Babaji: My children of the light, you know very well that the darkness, the fear, and the ignorance are illusionary. However, you continue to be completely mesmerized and caught up in the drama of Maya: of polarity and the demons of fear-based living and being. Repeat the Maha Mantra, “Om Namah Shivaya.” It is there to purify your mind and bring it to stillness — a centeredness that exists at all times, even as you interact with the world.

It is useless to talk about practicing universal dharma while not having the courage to stop clinging to those things, ideas, and people that your inner knowingness is asking you to release from your reality.

Transcending & Transmuting Fear

Q: Thank you, Babaji. I suppose what we have to remember is that we eat every day for the whole of our lives and so why should we forget to chant every day, to show praise and gratitude every day to the sacred elements: earth, water, fire, air, and ether, and to achieve unity consciousness from an ocean of devotion through repeating the Maha Mantra, “Om Namah Shivaya,” or for that matter any mantra that resonates with our hearts.

Babaji: If you want to transcend deep fear, then be with the fear, accept it, release denial, and look at it in the face.

Keep meditating on the cause of the terror or anxiety, or keep looking at it and you will find that, if you breathe into the experience and allow it, you will transcend this angst and come to a place, on the other side of the fear tunnel, of great peace and in some cases, bliss.

The only way to overcome the fear of the unknown is to face the unknown, step into it and have a thorough experience of it. For of course when one experiences the unknown, it transforms and becomes the known. I, Babaji, find this extremely funny, don’t you? One observes that many of you, like my dear Rashmi, are at times captivated with making themselves totally frightened through their supremely vivid imagination as a form of excitement and entertainment.

P.S. So with fear, remember to accept it, embrace it and let it become one with the light which you are within, and thereby transmute it.

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Shiva Speaks: Conversations with Maha Avatar Babaji
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Shiva Speaks: Conversations with Maha Avatar Babaji by Rashmi Khilnani.Simple and powerful teachings that revolve around the energy of truth, love, and simplicity. Babaji encourages us to embrace our own truth and be courageous in its defense, to become spiritual warriors and take up the sword of light to cut through our own darkness . . . to be ordinary in our extraordinariness and extraordinary within the simple ordinariness of our being.

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