All We Do Has a Planetary Impact: Handling the Belief of Dualism

All We Do Has a Planetary Impact: Handling the Belief of Dualism
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I receive daily inspirational messages from a variety of sources, including from The Universe, which combine depth and humor. A recent one stated: “Did you realize that whenever you gave anything, to anyone, you gave to the entire world? And did you realize that for every path you’ve walked, for every stone you’ve turned over, and for every door you’ve knocked on, you did so for everyone? And finally, did you realize that whenever you felt love, for any reason whatsoever, you irrevocably lifted the entire planet higher into the light?”

It is an amazing realization.

All We Do Has a Planetary Impact

We bless ourselves in our understanding that we are all linked in a planetary web of incredible intricacy beyond anything we can even start to imagine.

May we realize that with every single thought, we can help raise planetary consciousness by one notch, however tiny it may be and that a sincere and deeply felt blessing can change a life on the other side of the globe.

May we realize that with every single glance we transmit a message of rejection, indifference, or love.

May we have the awareness that the words we say can carry messages that communicate hope and healing rather than disinterest or negativity.

May I become conscious of the fact that every feeling I express sends out positive or negative energy to the whole planet.

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May we be alive to the fact that every act of consumption sends out a powerful message on the kind of society we wish to build. And that at every moment, by our thoughts and deeds, we are all choosing the world of tomorrow in which we wish to live.

And finally, may we rejoice in the fact that every door of new possibility we open broadens the horizon of fresh opportunities for all humanity.

Handling the Belief of Dualism

Dualism – the belief of separation in all areas – is possibly the greatest spiritual challenge of our age. Its healing will come as people realize that ALL is infinite Love manifesting itself in a thousand ways and that, behind all appearances, there is only Love calling to be acknowledged and cherished – starting with the street children of a precedent blessing.

I bless humanity in its ascending path from the rigors, suffering and feeling of separation born of dualistic beliefs to the deeper, joyful understanding that we are all one, nature, plants and animals included.

I bless myself in the revolutionary understanding that my neighbor – the drunkard on the street, the white-collar criminal, the unbearable fundamentalist on the same floor as mine – IS myself, whatever the material senses claim to the contrary.

I bless us in our openness to the cosmic energies pouring onto our planet to help us towards the next stage of planetary evolution as we slowly leave the dimension of materialism, conflict and separation to move to higher dimensions of harmony and growing oneness.

I bless myself as we all move from the most cherished dogma of dualism – the belief of lack – to the understanding of infinite abundance for all, which is the fundamental fact of non-dualism or oneness.

And may we as a race courageously face the huge challenges and planet-threatening dangers in front of us as the old energies of conservatism muster their last efforts in their vain attempt to delay the New World of oneness and harmony being born.

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365 Blessings to Heal Myself and the World: Really Living One’s Spirituality in Everyday Life
by Pierre Pradervand.

365 Blessings to Heal Myself and the World: Really Living One’s Spirituality in Everyday Life by Pierre Pradervand.Can you imagine what it would feel like to never feel any resentment for any wrong done to you, gossip or lie disseminated about you? To respond with full awareness to all situations and people rather than react from your gut? What freedom that would entail! Well, this is just one of the gifts the practice of blessing from the heart, i.e. sending out focused love energy, will do for you. This book, from the bestselling author of The Gentle Art of Blessing, will help you learn to bless all situations and people as you go through the day and add overwhelming joy and presence to your existence.

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