Written and Narrated by Will T. Wilkinson.

OK.  We know enough about the problems we face, personally and globally, so let’s explore solutions.

Einstein advised that we can’t solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them. So, how could we think differently about solutions?

How about re-thinking the word itself? A solution is something that fixes a problem, right? But a solution is also a medium, usually water plus specific additives. For instance, we might use a de-greasing solution to clean metal, or drink water with baking soda in it to aid digestion.

Solutions are mediums formulated to create a specific effect; some are instruments of significant transformation, like heavy water in a nuclear power plant.

What Solution Do We Need?

The solution we need to address our problems in an entirely novel way is a transformational medium that can grow a sustainable society of peace, creativity, and joy. So, let’s describe how this can happen.

Picture a glass of clear water. You are holding a dropper of ink over it and you release a single droplet. Imagine it falling, hitting the water, and beginning to disperse, first as a feathery cloud of black and then gradually diluting the entire glass into murky grey.

That single drop permeated the entire medium. One drop. Now imagine expressing yourself just like that droplet of ink, transmitting into the ocean of human consciousness. Whatever you express – fear, love, anger, compassion – it too will...

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Written and Narrated by Will T. Wilkinson.

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