Transforming Whatever the Ego Makes Into a Learning Opportunity

Transforming Whatever the Ego Makes Into a Learning Opportunity

There isn’t anything that the Holy Spirit can’t trans­form into something helpful, perhaps even beau­tiful, and oftentimes the very experience that we have unknowingly needed for the life transformation we were destined to have. And we need not even be amazed. Whatever harm the ego tries to inflict—and I can cer­tainly attest to its incessant, rigorous attempts—the Holy Spirit can not only undo the harm but transform it into something helpful.

Our lives feel complicated at times, or stressed; often­times we even feel unable to handle whatever is head­ing our way, certain that this time it may be beyond our capacity to withstand or understand. However, nothing will ever visit us—nothing—that with the Holy Spirit’s help we can’t handle. And whatever it is, it’s headed our way by design.

There Are No Accidents

There are no acci­dental encounters. Jesus has assured us of this. The Holy Spirit reaffirms it at every opportunity. We simply must decide to believe it. There is no better time than now, if you are still wavering.

The ego doesn’t ever speak the truth, remember. And the ego always speaks first, loudest, and with intent to do harm. It has no intention of allowing you to be at peace, in a state of blissful union with the other learning part­ners that have joined us here. To the ego, we are separate entities in constant conflict with each other and we’re all hiding from God, who is out to destroy us because we escaped from our home with Him in Heaven.

The Choice That Makes All The Difference

The insanity of the ego’s perspective can easily become our perspective too if we don’t make the effort, even if we have to strain a bit, to hear the softer, gentler voice of the Holy Spirit. Although there is no communication ever between them, both voices reside in our minds. The choice we make about which one to listen to makes all the differ­ence in every moment we experience.

Let’s try a little experiment. Think about the most recent truly pleasant experience you had. Close your eyes a moment if that helps to block out all the static trying to get your attention.

Can you remember what initiated the experience? Was it a call from an old friend? Maybe a son or daughter who doesn’t check in all that often. Perhaps a compliment being paid in a very special way by a loved one.

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Or maybe it’s something a bit further back in your memory that comes to mind. Why is it being reexperi­enced by you now as pleasant?

What I’m driving at is we are constantly choosing how we interpret our lives. For sure, I said choose a pleasant experience. However, the ego can easily take whatever you focus on and twist it in a nanosecond into something very negative. Frankly, it sees that as its job.

If that didn’t happen it was only because you made the decision to stick with the Holy Spirit’s selection of a pleasant memory. I can assure you, the ego could have taken that memory and turned it into a: “But why did they wait so long to call?” or “I wonder why he didn’t bring flowers rather than just a card?”

I said a bit earlier in this very essay, and as the title of this essay stipulates, the Holy Spirit will transform any ugly thought the ego has into something helpful, educa­tional, and beneficial in some respect to the entire planet. The ego tries to do exactly the same thing, but in reverse. We must remain forever vigilant. Forever.

Quite assuredly, the Holy Spirit’s capacity to make your life loving, peaceful, helpful to all others, and, at the end of the day, completely content is the gift God actually promised us when the Holy Spirit was given to us as His voice. And knowing that you have heard the right voice, you have followed the better suggestion, and you have added benefit, ultimately, to billions of learning partners sharing the journey is all the thanks one ever needs for a life well lived.

The Path to Greater Peace

This path to greater peace that we have all chosen to walk is making a difference in the world at large. Perhaps we can’t “see” that difference right now if we watch cable TV, but ever so slowly A Course in Miracles, coupled with many other similar peace-promoting pathways, are draw­ing adherents.

Many spiritual leaders do believe that in combination this collective is moving toward that point of critical mass, a term borrowed from nuclear phys­ics but defined here as that major shift in how travelers everywhere perceive this world and one another sharing it because of a chain reaction.

The change any one of us wants to experience begins with ourselves. We set an example by our actions and our words. And those actions and words will be a reflection of the voice we choose to listen to. It’s truly not a hard choice. Not at all.

Who I present to the world today is by
choice. Will I, will we, move this vast group
of travelers toward that point of critical mass
where peace can finally reign supreme?

©2016 by Karen Casey. All rights reserved.
Reprinted with permission of Conari Press,
an imprint of Red Wheel/Weiser, LLC.

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52 Ways to Live the Course in Miracles: Cultivate a Simpler, Slower, More Love-Filled Life by Karen Casey.52 Ways to Live the Course in Miracles: Cultivate a Simpler, Slower, More Love-Filled Life
by Karen Casey.

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