Raising Our Vibration & Learning to See the Unseen

Learning to See the Unseen on the Other Side

Many physicists believe numerous universes exist right alongside ours. Quantum physics has suggested that our world is denser and slower, and parallel universes are lighter and vibrate faster. Because of this, we can only catch a quick glimpse of these rapidly moving, lighter-density higher dimensions. In other words, while living in this world, seeing the detail of these heavenly universes will be difficult, if not impossible for many of us.

Those preparing to physically die begin to shake off the anchors binding them to their earthly bodies. With this release, spiritual vibration begins to increase. As this vibration intensifies they not only see this world, but also a life to come. They know where they are going and understand that the separation from dear family and friends is just an illusion.

Raising Our Own Vibration

When we are able to sense our deceased loved ones, either they have lowered their vibration level or we have somehow increased our own. I think it’s that simple. If this is the case, how can we consciously raise our own vibration and build a solid bridge of contact with our loved ones living in the afterlife?

Increasing one’s spiritual awareness takes work. We must first address any physical, emotional, or spiritual wounds hampering our progress. Addiction can also create problems. As my friend Buddy Stone says, “To be conscious you must be conscious.” To avoid taking these first steps puts us at risk for remaining “stuck” in our own spiritual evolution.

Taking Responsibility and Looking Within

In order to make contact with the afterlife, we must take responsibility for every area of our lives in this dimension. In starting my own journey it was imperative that I look within myself and explore what might be holding me back. In my case, the stumbling blocks were clear.

When my mother died, discussion about where her spirit had gone never happened. The “no talk” rule permeated my family. I responded to this by going to the pantry and grabbing a bottle of cheap red wine. Alcohol temporarily buried the pain of my mother’s loss, but also kept me from grieving.

Before the funeral my grandmother pulled out a vial of white pills. After grinding up a couple of these tranquilizers she laced my grandfather’s peanut butter sandwich with the drug, and also mixed it into orange juice. After serving this to me I found I was emotionally numb for most of my mother’s service.

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When it came time to close the lid on the silvery blue “Cadillac” casket, I decided to be brave and say goodbye. Making my way to the front of the funeral home, I saw a body that looked like my mother’s...but something was missing. Confused, I again wondered where her spirit had gone.

The trauma of my mother’s funeral, along with the pills and wine, kept me from healing from this loss. Not talking openly about death, dying, and the afterlife held me back spirituality.

Shortly after her physical passing, I discovered I was suffering from a debilitating medical condition. I had Crohn’s disease. My choices for treatment were steroids, along with surgeries and drugs. I was addicted to alcohol and pain medications, and my emotions were frozen. I was cut off from my spirit.

Start at the Beginning

Learning to See the Unseen on the Other SideWhen I was 28 years of age my mother had been gone for 12 years. One day while sitting on the beach I asked myself, “Is this how she would want me to live?” The answer was an immediate no. If I was to practice a spiritual life I had to start living a more balanced, holistic lifestyle. In 1984 I checked myself into a drug and alcohol center to cleanse myself of all of the medications and booze I’d become so addicted to. It wasn’t easy, but with help I survived.

I also knew I’d never healed from a host of childhood traumas aside from my mother’s passing. Hiding from my pain wasn’t going to make it go away. Healing old wounds was going to be necessary for my spiritual growth. Thankfully, I found a good therapist who helped me with my grief work.

Removing the Blocks to Spiritual Development

Successfully raising our spiritual vibration can only happen if we are willing to clean up any emotional wreckage. Trauma involving a troubled past, a lost love affair, a divorce, a major job change or geographical move, caring for aging parents, difficulty in raising children, experiences with war, a sexual assault, or any other number of intense life experiences can block spiritual growth. Pushing this aside won’t relieve us of the emotions associated with these events.

Unhealthy relationships can also block spiritual development. True intimacy and healthy connections with other like-minded people teaches us how to be spiritual beings. One-night stands and quick sexual interludes will leave us feeling empty and spiritually disconnected. Having an identity that rotates around taking care of everyone else’s wants before caring for our own needs is also very unhealthy. For my growth I had to look at the people in my life and determine whether these relationships were good for me.

Mending Yourself Emotionally, Physically, and Spiritually

If you are suffering from emotional despair or unhealthy living, you can begin to mend your spirit with active psychological healing techniques, positive lifestyle changes, nutrition, and even herbal medicine. Utilizing a more holistic approach can have many long-term benefits. For more information, pick up my books Natural Mental Health and Learning to Say No. For relationship issues grab a copy of Beyond the Chase.

Do we need to completely heal ourselves emotionally, physically, and spiritually before we can begin to make contact with the afterlife? The answer is no. If we are willing to start making healthy changes, this intention alone can begin to raise our spiritual vibration.

©2013 by Carla Wills-Brandon, PhD.
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Heavenly Hugs: Comfort, Support, and Hope From the Afterlife by Carla Wills-Brandon, Ph.D.Article Source:

Heavenly Hugs: Comfort, Support, and Hope From the Afterlife
by Carla Wills-Brandon, Ph.D.

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About the Author

Carla Wills-Brandon, Ph.D., author of: Heavenly HugsCarla Wills-Brandon has published 13 books, one of which was a Publishers Weekly best-seller. A licensed marriage and family therapist and grief expert, she has worked with individuals impacted by the explosion of the Challenger space shuttle, the bombing of the World Trade Center, Holocaust survivors, and veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, among many others. Carla is one of the few researchers focused on the departing vision as proof of life after death. Having researched nearly 2,000 such encounters for more than 30 years, she is a sought-after lecturer and has appeared on numerous national radio and television programs.


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