Yes, I Talk to My Dead Sister: Communicating with Loved Ones on "The Other Side"

Communicating with Loved Ones on "The Other Side"

For me, ever since my sister's death in 1987, not only have I grown closer to her, I've also come to see that every decision, risk, adventure, accomplishment, deed, job, presentation, award, relationship, and experience — basically everything in my life — has been impacted and inspired by my relationship with my sister and her heavenly guidance.

These spiritual connections, available to anyone, are so loving, comforting, powerful, and special on so many levels that they influence every area of my life — not just in dealing with the other side. They make everything more meaningful.

How To Feel Connected with "The Other Side"

One way I really feel connected with my sister is by stepping out in nature when no one else is around. I allow my body to relax and get very still, where the swaying of the trees in the gentle breeze reminds me that heaven is all around. All is right in my life. All is calm.

If I'm inside, I'll play soft music or meditation recordings as I light a candle, maybe take a bath. It's all about giving myself the time to relax and breathe deeply.

Each time I do this, I allow myself to be a little more open to spirituality, to the Divine, to a higher power, and to my loved ones on the other side. Each time I do this, I remember how delicious life is, and how we always get exactly what we need.

How Do Beliefs Help or Hinder Communications?

Communicating with Loved Ones on "The Other Side"Every synchronicity, every seeming coincidence, every premonition, every knowing is real. If you're having a bit of a challenge receiving communication from your loved ones on the other side, perhaps it will help you to take a moment to evaluate what beliefs you're living by. Deep-rooted beliefs of how something should (or should not) work out could still be blocking your connections from blossoming. Even those on this side.

When I see or assume this is happening with a client, one of the first questions I ask is, "Do you really believe it's possible to connect with the other side?"

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In order to open the doors to heavenly communication, seeing where you're thwarting your own effort is very helpful. If, for example, your parents didn't believe in an afterlife, even if you do, you may have trouble talking to the other side — and perhaps you don't even realize why you feel a bit embarrassed, unworthy, or fraudulent.

How To Move Forward & Stay Open to All the Positive Possibilities

The best you can do is move forward with an open mind and release any fears, judgments, or disbeliefs you harbor. Maybe say a prayer to release limiting beliefs you're not even conscious of so that you can let go and stay open to all the positive possibilities.

Remember, too, that your loved ones are no longer bound by the laws of physics and are therefore accessible anytime, anywhere to provide you the boost of whatever you may need. Think of them as members of your own heavenly cheering section — ready and willing to help out when they can, and when they're not interfering with a greater plan.

Tips & Considerations for Reaching Out to the Other Side

  • Believe! Believe in yourself and your ability to receive messages and signs from the other side; believe in a power greater than you to help you along life's path.
  • Ask, ask, ask. If you don't ask, how can you ever expect to receive?
  • Know that you deserve greatness, because you do. Everyone does!
  • God needs His Angels — including your loved one — by His side. Isn't it heartening to know that you have a loved one with God who knows and understands firsthand your challenges here on earth — allowing her to better support you?
  • When you have nowhere else to turn, your loved one is only a thought away.
  • It's time to experience what's already all around you — heaven on earth!

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the publisher, Hampton Roads Publishing.

This article was adapted with permission from the book:

Closer Than You Think: The Easy Guide to Connecting with Loved Ones on the Other Side
by Deborah Heneghan.

Closer Than You Think: The Easy Guide to Connecting with Loved Ones on the Other Side by Deborah Heneghan.In Closer Than You Think, Deborah Heneghan shows readers how to get back in touch with deceased loved ones and find guidance and a helping hand from their big-picture perspective in the beyond. Closer Than You Think is for anyone who has lost a loved one. Deborah provides tips, tools, strategies and stories to help the reader connect and communicate with their loved ones on the other side and remain close to them in a natural, healing way.

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About the Author

Deborah Heneghan, author of the book -- Closer Than You Think: The Easy Guide to Connecting with Loved Ones on the Other Side.Deborah Heneghan is a working mother who has been communicating with her deceased sister for over 25 years. She is the founder of Closer Than You Think, a national resource for after-death communications, grief management and learning how to live a more spiritually fulfilled life. She teaches teleseminars, holds retreats/workshops, does speaking engagements, has her own weekly radio show, and has appeared on Lifetime TV, and programs on ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox.  Her passion and life mission is to help others find the blessings and gifts from all of life's experiences. Visit her website at


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