Elements of Personality: Are You an Air, Earth, Water, or Fire Type?

elements of personality

Science delineates animals by their predominant habitat. Aquatic creatures live in the water, for example. Since human beings live on the land, we might be regarded as Terrestrial. Yet, despite our intimate connection to earth, every person I have ever met has one key element to which they strongly respond, and this element is not always Earth.

This key is what I call a power element. To illustrate by way of generalizations, people who love to stand in the face of a rushing wind, or who cannot sleep during wind storms, are empowered by Air. People who perk up in hot, dry weather and who seem ever the figurative pyromaniacs are energized by the Fire element. Individuals with Water as a power source find solace in a sea shore and immense energy in water falls. Earth people love to work the land, and have eternal green thumbs.

Recognizing this element is very important. For example, my power element is water. So, when I perform auric cleansings for people, the visualization of a light-wave moving through me seems very effective, cresting at the areas of greatest need. Some of the folks I treat actually report hearing waves or feeling like they were in water. Whenever I use this approach, the effort drains me far less.

Additionally, when I'm tense, weary or out of sorts, I find the imagery of being washed by waves very helpful to my personal well-being. The water visualization seems to smooth out the anxiety, increase my energy, and return my auric field to a more balanced state. I believe, from talking to other people, that using visualizations like this with your own power element will prove similarly helpful to daily maintenance of body, mind and soul.

It should be noted that a person's power element is not automatically the strongest element in their personality. In fact, quite the contrary seems to hold true, perhaps to encourage more balance. For example, thanks to some friends, I recently realized that my personality element was Air, because of my propensity for networking and communication. This never occurred to me before, and to be honest it came as quite a shock.

Now that I've had time to assimilate the idea, however, it makes perfect sense, and the knowledge has been quite helpful in refining the ways in which I communicate. Now instead of going against the "wind" I move with it, allowing that energy to carry my words. Finding your personality element, and recognizing that of others, will allow for similar positive adjustment in your life.

Discerning Personality Elements

Someday when you have about thirty minutes or so of undisturbed time, gather some paper and a pen and go to a private place. Spend five to ten minutes of your time meditating about yourself your likes, dislikes, favorite arts, hobbies, annoyances, etc. When you're done, breathe deeply and read over the list you've created. What themes emerge?

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* Earth people often have hobbies like gardening or hiking (e.g. being with nature). Earth personalities are often annoyed by the proverbial gypsy spirits who seem to fly hither and yon without any foundation. Earth personalities frequently like the colors of green, brown and black. Mind you, these are generalities but you see what I mean. Here are some other characteristics that may help you discern your personality element:

* Air: Enjoys travel, adventure, freedom and/or athletic endeavors that require movement. May be soft spoken with periodic outbursts. Favorite colors are yellow, white or pastels. Wears light, airy fabrics, and dislikes people who are rigid and overly concerned with rules.

* Fire: Has tons of energy but a tendency to overdo everything. Boisterous, sometimes loud, intense presence and a good motivator. Favorite colors are red, orange and bright blue. Dislikes wishy-washy people who can't seem to take a stand. May enjoy saunas, tanning, building bonfires, etc.

* Water: Tends towards gentility and being the proverbial "mother" to everyone. Favorite colors are blue, purple and sea greens. Dislikes hot headed people who show no personal control, and also dislikes conflict. Hobbies may include swimming, fishing, and boating.

What Type of Friends Are You Drawn To?

If you have time at the end of this exercise, it's interesting to detail out a few of your friends and family members. What elemental personality do you seem most drawn to regularly? Keep this in mind as you meet new people.

It is important to note at this juncture that your impressions of the elements may come via sensual input.

A Fire person may make you feel physically warm, or perhaps you can actually hear their aura crackling, smell a smoky aroma in the air, or see dancing flames in the auric field.

In terms of the other elements, here are some of the sensual cues you may receive:

Earth: rich browns or greens predominant in auric field, smell of fertile soil or meadows, sounds like rhythmic drumming or those that come from an uninhabited forest, feeling is that of cool earth on your palms or grass below your feet.

Air: yellow and white predominant in auric field, smell of a spring breeze, or a freshly opened window, sounds like gusts, tinkling bells, or the rustling of leaves, and feelings similar to that of a wind moving gently over your skin.

Water: blues, blue-green or purple predominates auric field, smell of an ocean, lake-front or after-rain freshness, sounds like waves or trickling water over rocks, and feelings that ebb and flow like the tides themselves.

How You React to Other Elements

Knowing your personality element, and recognizing that of others is very helpful to personal relationships, especially when it comes to discussions and improved understanding. Fire people often find themselves quite bitchy around Water and riled up by Air. Similarly, Water people find that Fire personalities can really make them boil, while Air people often provide good motivation. Earth people mingled with Water people makes for muddy relationships, but this also creates the potential for real growth. On the other hand, Earth personalities find that Air people scatter their attentions and tend to uproot well laid plans.

Again, these are broad inferences, but if you are a "people watcher" you will find they prove themselves out quite frequently. Also, everyone has more than one element that evidences itself in their character. In this exercise we are only discerning the predominant personality element. The underlying elements that periodically intermingle are also what keeps everyone on their toes, and makes each person so unique!

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Dancing With Devas by Trish Telesco.Dancing With Devas: Connecting With the Spirits and Elements of Nature
by Trish Telesco.

Published by Belfry Books, Laceyville, PA 18623.

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