Using Our Intuitive Gifts in The Age of Aquarius

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For most of my life I did not have a name for my abilities. I figured that I had really good intuition and was psychic, I just knew things. Today this gift is referred to as Claircognizance. This is one of my gifts, a clear knowing of the future.

Growing up, the afterlife, angels, astrologers and psychics fascinated me. I often times saw my Grandmother with a book about the afterlife in her hands, she was a big fan of Edgar Cayce and had some psychic abilities herself.

I can remember my mom and aunts gathering around the dining room table on a Sunday afternoon to use the Ouija board, as they were all fascinated by the afterlife and psychics too.

I must confess that I used the Ouija Board a few times with a friend when I was in my twenties. Sherry was my neighbor and our kids played together. While sitting at my kitchen table, hands on the Ouija Board, Sherry became chilled and I would overheat as the pointer moved across the board. I feel as if we were conducting the energy through us.

I am not sure who or what we conjured up over twenty years ago but the answers that board gave us came true. Scary stuff. And no! I do not recommend conjuring things up with the board.

Intuition and Work; Intuition and Love

Venturing out into the business world, I learned that I could use my intuitive abilities in my work. This newfound ability worked well, along with faith and good intentions. I began to use affirmations, visualizations and to go with my gut feeling on deals and with people.

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But when it came to my love life, I was always "saving" my man. Why was I always attracting the guy who needed me to help them? I was married for many years before I realized that I was an empath. An empath is a highly sensitive individual who has the ability to sense what people around them are thinking and feeling.

Empaths have a great sense of empathy, often to the point of taking on another’s pain. Empaths have a strong attraction to narcissists. This is a real issue for empaths as they can be literally sucked dry of their good energy and used up by these folks. This is one reason I am mentioning these empathic tendencies. Empaths just can’t help themselves; they have a strong empathy for humanity; it is a proven neurological difference in their brains.

Intuition Is A Gift

There is so much to know as we all begin to wake up and realize our gifts.

Now that the age of Aquarius has arrived, many of us will begin to be more aware and tuned into our own intuition and special gifts. As we open our eyes, we will begin to see things in a different light. You may see things for the first time about people you have known your whole life. No judgement, just a new awareness.

We all come here to learn. I believe we have to go through tough situations in life to realize our own powerful abilities. As you learn use your gut feeling and trust it more and more, it will grow stronger just like a muscle.

My gifts have become intensified the more that I have meditated and connected with the divine. The more you use spiritual practices, the more your abilities will grow. As you use your intuition it intensifies, and you will immediately know when a person is not being truthful to you. You will be more aware when people speak and interact with you.

Please understand that being intuitive is a gift from the divine, the universe, what ever you call a higher power. This power has allowed me to help many people to stay on the right path or to ease their mind about something or to help them move forward in their lives. But it is also a bit of a curse when you realize the people around you are not what you thought they were.

Making Our Choice

This is the age of Aquarius and as people begin to wake up with their gifts and raise our consciousness on the planet, you may have people fall away from your life. This is the universe changing it up and allowing new people to come in who are more like-minded and have the same vibration. This will be a difficult thing to do as family members and loved ones may slip out of your life but be assured that this is all part of the growth that we are experiencing right now as the consciousness on the planet is rising.

Please know that we can only make changes within ourselves; we cannot change other people who do not want to change. Much of humanity is comfortable where they are. Please do not try to change them or save them. We all have to make a choice, for this is an inner journey for us all.

As an empath it is difficult for me not to be empathetic to all people, but also with being empathetic I have learned, thus far, you can be empathetic and still have boundaries. This way you are not drained of all of your own energy.

As we grow through this exciting time on our planet, the most important thing to remember is to love each other, have compassion, do not judge each other, and be true to yourself.

©2021 by Nancy E. Yearout. All Rights Reserved.

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photo: Nancy YearoutNancy Yearout is an author, a spiritual life coach, inspirational speaker, and psychic tarot card reader, as well as a Christian and a member of the Baptist Church. Nancy has been fortunate to acquire hands-on energy-healing skills from an Aztec healer from Mexico, and she has helped many balance their energy fields. She has received guidance from religious and spiritual teachers along the way, resulting in the development of her skills as an intuitive, a tarot card reader, and a life coach. Visit her website at

Video/Presentation with Nancy Yearout: Are You An Empath? Shielding Techniques for Sensitive People


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