Can You Stop People From Projecting Thoughts Into Your Mind?

Can You Stop People From Projecting Thoughts Into Your Mind?

Q: If you were trained, could you put thoughts into other people's minds?

A: Over the years, I've come to believe that there is only one consciousness that links all of us. So I don't believe you really need training to put thoughts into other people's minds -- it's an ongoing and natural process.

Our separation from each other is an illusion created by the ego/personality. We're all inside the one molecule of consciousness, the global mind -- we're interconnected.

In order to be aware of other people's thoughts, or to project your thoughts powerfully to them, you have to create an uncluttered mind. So you have to turn down the mental radio of your inner dialogue so you'll hear the whispers coming through the walls from the skulls of others.

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Q: How can you stop people projecting thoughts into your mind?

A: Psychic intrusion is a problem because we all exist inside the same mind, so it's difficult to protect yourself from other parts of yourself. Furthermore, if you are a sexually active being, it's impossible to ward off the sexuality projected toward you. You can only stop that incoming sexual energy if you are celibate.

The best way to protect yourself from the negative thoughts of others is to look deep within yourself and process your own negative thoughts and feelings. 

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You have to look at your shadow -- all those resentments and hatreds and ill will and the anger that may lurk deep within.

If you have nothing but love in your heart, little can affect you.

Also, if you believe in yourself, and your etheric is strong and lively, most thoughts that carry ill feeling, will bounce off you.

For some time now, I have been trying to figure out what process and technologies might work best for etheric protection. How do you stop people leaning up against your subtle body or penetrating it? 

I wish I could say I have the answer. I don't as yet have a solid methodology to offer.

Excerpted with permission from the book "Simply Wilde"
by Stuart Wilde with Leon Nacson,
published by Hay House (

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Simply Wilde: Discover the Wisdom That Is Stuart Wilde
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