Dream Interpretations: Dreaming with the Moon

Dream Interpretations: Dreaming with the Moon

The astrological signs represent how energy moves, spirals, cycles, and changes. Each sign has unique characteristics. As the moon moves through the astrological signs each month, the dream energy takes on some of the characteristics of each sign.

Remember, the moon moves through all twelve signs of the zodiac every month, spending more than two but less than three days in each one. You may have an "Aries" type dream when the sun is in Cancer -- because it is the moon's position that defines the dreaming! You'll want to buy a Pocket Astrologer calendar -- Jim Maynard makes a very good one (Quicksilver Productions, P.O. Box 340, Ashland, Oregon 97520) -- so you can check the location of the moon each night!

Be very careful, however, not to become literal with this information. Each dreamer's contract is unique. Your relationship to each sign is totally yours. Some signs may be more powerfully placed in your astrological chart than others. This section is a study guide, not a dictionary or a rule book.

What follows is a broad-strokes summary of the energy you may experience in dreaming when the moon moves through the zodiac. The energies will vary according to the season, the sun's placement, other planets, and your own lunar cycle every month. These are simply guidelines to begin your personal investigations.

Dream Interpretations: Aries Dreaming

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and the initiation of a new cycle. In the yearly calendar, Aries begins on the first day of spring -- the vernal equinox. When the moon is in Aries, dreams may be about new beginnings, new rules, new limits to test, or new understandings of old ideas. Aries dreams reveal the dreamer's new relationship to ancient cycles. The "mascot" of Aries is the ram -- he who bangs his head. Aries dreams, therefore, may be about the head: headaches, new ways of thinking, or a new focus.

Dream Interpretations: Taurus Dreaming

Taurus is a very earthy, sensual sign. Taurus loves beauty and loves to nurture nature. When the moon is in Taurus, dreams might be about stewardship of Mother Earth. Taurus dreams might also involve different kinds of nurturing: caretaking, tending, cooking, gardening, and land loving. The Taurus mascot is the bull. Taurus rarely takes no for an answer! So, Taurus dreams may include a certain bullish, determined, sturdy, and enduring energy, and the dreams may be about accomplishment against odds. Taurus also governs the throat, so some dreams may refer to singing or speaking -- using voice to bring beauty to the planet.

Dream Interpretations: Gemini Dreaming

Gemini is the twin sign. Geminis can see the connectedness of all things. Mirror dreams often appear when the moon is in Gemini, because Geminis see form as a mirror. This sign also governs the lungs, so dreams of breath may occur. Gemini dreams may illuminate the principle of reciprocity: giving and receiving energy, the metaphorical breath. Geminis love to learn. They appreciate ideas for their own sake, and they are good at acquiring knowledge. The moon may send information to a dreamer at this time. Library dreams and school dreams ("Oh, no, I forgot to study for the test!") may occur when the moon is in Gemini.

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Dream Interpretations: Cancer Dreaming

In the Northern Hemisphere, the sun moves into Cancer on the summer solstice, the longest day and shortest night of the year. It is the turning point between the dance of light and dark. Each month when the moon is in Cancer, dreams may bring forth the dreamer's personal relationship with the light and dark cosmic dance. Cancer is the home of the moon, and it is the most feminine of the signs. Often, dreams of the mother/child dynamic will come when the moon is in Cancer. Cancer governs the womb (the dreaming organ), the ovaries, and the breasts. Regeneration and procreation may be Cancerian dream themes. Natural cycles, changing tides, changing emotions (inner tides), and water sports may be other Cancer dreams.

Dream Interpretations: Leo Dreaming

Leo represents an ecstatically alive and joyous life force. Leo honors all things born of love: children, art, visions, and inspirations. Leo wants what is best for the community and loves to inspire people to be their best. Theater dreams and party dreams are most likely to occur when the moon is in Leo. The ruler of Leo is the sun, the heart chakra. As a result, dreams of one's true nature, one's innocent lust for life, come at this time. Running off to join the circus is an example of a Leo dream. The lion is Leo's symbol -- king of the jungle and king of great hair! Often hair dreams and dreams of intelligence occur when the moon is in Leo. Dreams that involve actual lions also have a tendency to come when the moon aspects Leo.

Dream Interpretations: Virgo Dreaming

Virgo, the virgin, is always appropriate. She is pure, polished, focused, discriminating, and a perfectionist. Some call Virgo nitpicky. Dreams of getting affairs and objects in order may come when the moon is in Virgo. Virgo has very high standards and pays great attention to detail. One might have researcher dreams, scientist dreams, analysis dreams, or critical dreams at this time. Virgo rules the intestines and the pancreas, so Virgo dreams may be about body issues. One may have dreams about breaking down and assimilating food and/or information. Virgo is also a great healing sign, so the dreamer may either receive or be taught a healing technique in Virgo dreamtime.

Dream Interpretations: Libra Dreaming

Libra represents life's balancing force. Some say that Libra is the most karmic sign in the zodiac, for karma is the great balancing force. Yearly, the sun moves into Libra on the autumnal equinox, marking the beginning of winter. When the moon is in Libra, dreams may be difficult. Libra dreams may point toward unbalanced energies. They may be a road map for necessary journeys into the underworld, into the "winter" of the soul. Libra is also the sign of justice and diplomacy, so Libra dreams may inspire the dreamer to take civil action and demand justice. Libra also governs the kidneys. A Libra dream may alert one about abnormal kidney function, or the dream may point out a need for a more proper energy flow within the dreamer's life.

Dream Interpretations: Scorpio Dreaming

Transformation, death, and rebirth are the anchor points of Scorpio. These words may scare some people. Dreamers, however, know that death in a dream marks a profound and exciting transformation. "Deconstruct and reconstruct" could be the motto of Scorpio. Dreams of giving birth, shedding skin (snake dreams), death, or profound change may come when the moon is in Scorpio. Scorpio is the sign of shrewd intelligence and deep insight, so dreams that come at this time may allow the dreamer to see beneath the surface. Scorpio also governs the nose. Aromatherapy dreams, anyone?

Dream Interpretations: Sagittarius Dreaming

Sagittarius is the teacher's teacher. Religion, philosophy, theology, and spirituality are the favorite topics of Sagittarius. The Sagittarian tests, verifies, and easily dumps any information that does not measure up to his or her ethic. Sagittarius dreams may involve religious ceremonies, spiritual experiences, and scientific testing. Sagittarius governs the blood. Dreams may refer to the sense of inner peace invoked by proper blood flow. Sagittarius also governs the thighs, so dreams of strength and power may come at this time. Dreams of magnificent sports feats are not unusual when the moon is in Sag.

Dream Interpretations: Capricorn Dreaming

Capricorn holds dominion over the forces of nature. He is the master of manifestation. In the Northern Hemisphere, the sun moves into Capricorn on the winter solstice, the shortest day and longest night of the year -- which is also said to be King Arthur's birthday. Winter solstice marks another turn in the dance of light and dark. Capricorn dreams may be authoritarian and depict power over, as well as service to, nature. Capricorn rules the bones -- the framework of the body. Because we download information into our bones, dreams when the moon is in Capricorn may evoke memory stored in our bones. Similarly, Mother Earth downloads information into her skeletal system -- the minerals. Capricorn dreams may be crystal or stone dreams. They may call up some deep information or visualize the beauty of the mineral world. Capricorn also rules the knees. As a result, Capricorn dreams may be humbling and remind us to serve others.

Dream Interpretations: Aquarius Dreaming

Aquarius is the sign of the New Age: the age of brotherhood, equanimity, and social justice. Aquarius tends to community needs and is always concerned with the group benefit. Dreams with the moon in Aquarius may be telepathic. They may allow the dreamer to perceive information from the collective consciousness. Aquarius dreams may inspire the dreamer toward social action. in addition, according to traditional astrology, Aquarius is an air sign. Dreams may depict certain properties of "air wave" communication, or they may involve air travel or wind. Tornado and tidal-wave dreams may come during an Aquarius moon.

Dream Interpretations: Pisces Dreaming

Pisces, the most charitable and philanthropic sign, brings dreams that are mystical, psychic, and collective. Fluidity, unpredictability, and sensitivity are Pisces characteristics. Pisces is the sign of strong emotion and deep feeling. Pisceans love to escape. Pisces dreams can be of solitude, talking and breathing under water, deep secrecy, sacrifice, or running away. The Piscean Age, from which we now pass, was the age of great devotion to religion and organization. As a result, Pisces dreams may also reflect piety and unbending loyalty to a cause or a person.

Dream Interpretations: Void-of-Course Dreaming

As the moon moves from sign to sign during a month, she may, for a few hours, be outside the direct influence of any sign. (Those constellations are far apart!) When the moon is between signs, she is said to be void of course. If you have a dream during that time, it will often be a dream of very profound quality. Usually, when the moon is void of course, nothing much happens. Women have been known to stop labor, wait for the moon to move into a new sign, and start again. If a dream comes when the moon is void of course, it is important. For example, I have received virtually all my dreaming information when the moon was void of course.

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The Woman's Book of Dreams: Dreaming as a Spiritual Practice by Connie Cockrell Kaplan. The Woman's Book of Dreams: Dreaming as a Spiritual Practice
by Connie Cockrell Kaplan.

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