Astrocartography: Choosing Where to Live by the Stars

Astrocartography: Choosing Where to Live by the Stars

The world's best known story begins with the arrival in Jerusalem of wise men asking, "Where is he that is born King of the Jews, for we have seen his star in the east and are come to worship him." I know a little about astrology but also recognize that I know little at all. And as a practical Yankee, I tend to respect anything that works. So a few years ago, while groping with the intuition that it was time to move west from Virginia, I came to a crossroads in my life where I, too, entrusted my future to the stars.

The turning point came during my research on what evolved into an international New Age vacation guide. I was scanning a magazine when my eye landed on a colorful ad proclaiming "Your Location Changes Your Life." The small print promised that astrological principles could be used to reveal "your unique power zones on a map of the world." To obtain a world map showing lifelong planetary power zones plus an interpretive booklet, all I needed to do was send a modest sum plus my birth time and place to the service vendor.


My respect for astrology had come from a natal reading by a friend — a gifted practitioner of the divinatory arts. Her knowledge of me had been so accurate that I had at first rebelled — feeling trapped by fate. But she had also taught me that life's fixed circumstances can be used as guideposts for wise action. So I called my friend for advice. Yes, I was told, she knew of this particular astro-carto-graphic service and held it in high regard.

When I received my world map and interpretive booklet, I was impressed with how accurately this material summarized the general nature of my experience in the regions where I had lived up until that time. If astro-cartography was accurate with respect to the past, I reasoned, it could also be accurate with respect to the future. And I was ready for a change.

A few months later, I quit my job to begin the process of writing and publishing a book — an international travel guide to spiritual and holistic vacations and retreats. Being self-employed would give me the freedom to make a major geographical move. However, as I was abandoning a steady and significant income, the move would have to be in harmony with good prospects for my new endeavor.

After carefully studying my astro-carto-graphic map, I boarded a plane bound from Washington, D.C to the Pacific Northwest. I stayed a week. The early spring weather was mostly rain, but the people were friendly, the region appealed to me, and I felt at home. So six weeks later after a week long transcontinental drive, I unpacked my U-Haul truck in the west hills of Portland, Oregon.

Things Start Happening

On my map, Portland is close to the Sun in the Midheaven line. According to the interpretive booklet proximity to this line is "good for promotional work", particularly in the "artistic or creative world". In addition my map shows Portland to be close to a Jupiter/Mercury latitudinal crossing. The booklet indicates that for me, this region is auspicious for enterprises such as mail order, publishing, travel and writing.

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Within a month of arriving in Portland I joined the Portland-based Northwest Association of Book Publishers. Nine months later, my book came off the press. It was then accepted for distribution by several major wholesalers, reviewed in regional and national "New Age" publications, and picked up by two national chains. By late summer, I had even been interviewed on a TV morning talk show.

As suggested by my chart, my new home was also proving to be a pleasant place to live. I loved the mountains, the giant Douglas firs, and the temperate climate. I also loved Portland's slow paced city of quiet parks, tree shaded downtown streets, an abundance of bookstores and sidewalk cafes, and a citizenry known for its independent and creative spirit.

In summary, I recommend astro-cartography (also known as "astro-locality") to anyone considering a major geographical move, an extended sojourn, or even vacation travel.

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About The Author

John Benson is a writer, proprietor of a publishing company, and the author of "Transformative Adventures Vacations & Retreats - An International Directory of 300+ Host Organizations", © 1994. This book profiles journey and wilderness programs that empower people to live happier more harmonious lives. Published by New Millennium Publishing, P.O. Box 3065, Portland, OR 97208.

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