Successful Affirmations: Why & How

Successful Affirmations: Why & How...

Affirmation is a skillful means for transforming energy, and it begins with the deletion of negative statements about self and others. A negative statement freezes one in time and space without room for harmonization. For example, when the Tsalagi first met the settlers, the term used to describe them was "acts like a mean man" -- "acts like" instead of "is", so as not to freeze them in the character of meanness, leaving room for essential perfection to manifest.

To manifest fully, an affirmation needs to be unambiguous, a simple and clear statement of one's intentions. To make clear an affirmation, one first gives thanks for having a human life and the ability even to consider enlightened action.

Then, in the sanctuary of mind, one assesses the skills of this time and considers the goals and objectives to be accomplished -- in three days, three months, three years, one's lifetime -- for the benefit of one's family, clan, nation, planet, and future generations. Affirmation enables one's unmanifest potential to become real through the following means:

1. Acknowledge the creative principle in yourself. Look at yourself in the mirror and greet yourself: "Hello, how are you?" Affirm, "I am alive, I am thankful, and I shall accomplish this day, for the benefit of myself, my family, and all beings, these three specific things . . . ." Repeat the affirmation three times. You may say, "On this day I shall respond with compassion to any anger or frustration," or "On this day I shall listen without interrupting." One states very clearly an objective of clear relationship.

2. Affirm, "I shall realize my creative gifts", repeating this affirmation also three times. And visualize in your mind's eye the accomplishment of such tasks. For example, if you wish to have better relationship with coworkers, visualize you and your co-workers seated in a circle, surrounded by rose light, talking heart to heart and accomplishing great works. It is important to believe your words and to cultivate faith that you will manifest your sacred gifts in this life. Another example: Suppose you are addicted to tobacco, alcohol, coffee, or unwholesome food. The first step is to acknowledge that this is something that will be put aside. Then affirm, "I am free from attachment to..." repeating three times. And see yourself surrounded in light, happy, healthy, active, free from attachment, those objects of craving or attachment no longer present in your life, your mind-stream.

Manifesting the Ideal Through Practice

Successful Affirmations: Why & How...To actualize is to manifest the ideal, through sacred practice, great diligence, perseverance, and perspiration. To actualize is to make real a vision of peace for the people and the land. It is the happening and the doing. You bring your mind to stability with thankfulness, prayer, and meditation. The actualization of your idea -- be it the idea to be free from drinking intoxicants or to build your home -- is apparent in your actually putting aside that to which you were attached or beginning to create designs for your new home. This is the wakening of clear energy to bring forth your visualized goals and your creative potential.

Another example: You hoped, you prayed to make your family relationships clearer. Your vision of family harmony, magnetized by your prayer, your affirmation, and your action in generating peace, is manifested as a family gathering free of previous negative patterns. Through the process of magnetizing and actualizing what is beneficial for all, patterns that have obscured clarity of thought and relationship become less and less grasping, they become more transparent until finally they disperse. The actualization is the beauteous result derived from the skillful means of the third sacred fire.

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Will is the neutron, compassion the proton, and the energy of actualization the electrons in the outer ring, wisdom that succeeds, bonding in good relationships. In your life, the clear intention to manifest your sacred gifts, to bring forth your creative potential and establish good relationships, is the neutron of will. So here we are, weaving patterns in a dream.

This article was excerpted from:

Voices of Our Ancestors by Dhyahi Ywahoo.Voices of Our Ancestors: Cherokee Teachings from the Wisdom Fire
by Dhyahi Ywahoo.

Reprinted by arrangement with Shambhala Publications, Inc., Boston.

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Dhyani YwahooDhyani Ywahoo is a member of the traditional Etowah Band of the Eastern Tsalagi (Cherokee) Nation and the twenty-seventh generation to caretake the Ywahoo lineage. She is also founder and director of Sunray Meditation Society, an international spiritual society dedicated to planetary peace. Sunray meditation groups meet regularly in many cities in the United States and Canada. The practice is open to all; instruction is provided. Sunray Tapes and Literature offers audio and video cassettes and written materials on the Sunray teachings and practice. A brochure is available upon request. A portion of the proceeds of all Sunray activities supports selected Native American projects. For more information, please write: Sunray Meditation Society, P.O. Box 308, Bristol, VT 05443 or visit


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