Do Your Best and Forget The Rest

Do Your Best and Forget The Rest

Something I’ve learned myself a lot lately is if you always look for or are tensed for intellectual, spiritual or emotional battles/debates or take offense easily, you will find/create/attract insults and agendas everywhere. But, if instead you remember that everyone is ALWAYS doing their best, imperfect though that may seem to us in the moment, and basically we all mean well even though we all sometimes stumble-bumble-fumble will feel a peace that cannot be shaken. Nobody is really trying to slight, snub, judge or reject you. They’re all too busy thinking about themselves, really.

Compassion for self and others means not getting hooked and triggered by every little thing. Life’s too big to live so small. Everything is personal when you’re a person. But not everything is important. So you sift and you react and you learn not to crucify yourself for taking things personally. And that liberates you a little more each time. And you find a place that isn’t necessarily emotionally neutral or apathetic. But it is quieter and calmer. It does have less drama. Mostly because you stop labeling life as drama. It’s just people, doing their best.

We can’t talk about love and overcoming perfectionism and giving ourselves a break without looking at what’s happening both individually and globally for women and for the sacred feminine. Whether it’s a soccer mom who takes pole dancing or a Middle Eastern teen who gets shot for wanting to go to school, the times, they ARE a changin’. We are all embracing more confidence and transparency and authenticity. And it’s fun to see the world grow up.

Confidence: Getting Over Indoctrinated Insecurities

There is an entire planet of people getting over their indoctrinated insecurities. They WILL overcompensate for a while. They WILL become obnoxious in the other direction in the transition. Enjoy it. See it as adorable children who don’t know that their natural exuberance comes across as overconfidence. If you label, pathologize it or shame them, you will only slow down your own progress in this arena.

Celebrate this phase. Cheer yourself and others ON. Don’t try to knock people down a peg, crucify them, vilify them or judge them. No pedestals and no pitchforks. That ain’t your JOB. We are all maturing emotionally and spiritually and sometimes we regress or stumble in that dance. And it’s ALL...just PERFECT.

I hear these phrases a lot lately, from men and women alike: “I don’t have a lot of confidence/self-esteem.” That’s OK. Let me tell you a behind-the-curtain secret trick: NOBODY DOES. We are all trying to be more confident, lovingly assertive, genuinely self-believing. And we all feel like awkward adolescents sometimes. Often.

What the most confident-seeming people have is not brazen ballsiness, impressive bravery, courage or any of that elusive stuff’s PASSION. It’s enthusiasm. It’s WILLINGNESS. It’s RESILIENCE and FLEXIBILITY. And I bet you can remember/reignite/find those things within you. I bet you can remember what really fuels and feeds you...if you stop thinking it’s a role you have to perform or an energy or attitude you have to embrace. I bet you can stop judging yourself so much and start appreciating and celebrating yourself a bit more. It’s the opposite of arrogant or cocky.

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It’s truly humble to say “Yes, I have a right to be here. I am a child of divinity. I came here for a reason. I have gifts of love and talent and beauty and wonder to share with the world. Yes, my voice counts and my heart matters. YES.” So let go of thinking it looks a certain way. And just become willing. Willing to mess up. Willing to grow. Willing to shine. Willing to fall. Willing to rise. Willing to start again with every breath. Yeah. That’s not a con game. Not faking it until you make it. That’s the real thing.

Stop Thinking It Has To Be Hard Or Painful

Stop thinking it has to be hard or painful to be real or worth it. Let it be easy. Let the divine dance you, sing you, paint you, breathe you, plant you, harvest you. Let the wild winds of transformation remind you that you are here to love, be loved and take your power back from any false belief or mean fear that whispershouts otherwise.

Give all of yourself to love. Study it. Bathe in it. Let it shape you and save you and help you remember you were never broken. It’s the main goal and purpose of your life. Everything else is just icing and window dressing. Become a willing beginner. Be confident and curious. Claim your multidimensional mastery.

Take baby steps between the leaps of faith. Win, lose, succeed, fail...and then laugh at the stars. Weep at the moon. Sing your note into the onesong. And let the ones who can hear it sing you theirs, too. With humble confidence and brazen grace.


We are moving from the era of intellect to the era of heartuition. Mind uses words like “awake,” “enlightened,” “aware” and “consciousness.” Self-denial. Self-sacrifice. It uses words like “ego” and “attachment” and “sin” and desire.” It debates its own existence. It denies wanting. It rejects needing. It is rigid and dry. Mind (small mind...not higher mind) threatens and separates, blames, shames and brings pain.

Heartmind invites. Heartmind allows. Receives. Opens. Flows. Remembers. Knows. It embraces. Imagines. It’s juicy and lush. It honors. It bows to love and surrenders all spinning into dynamic stillness. It channels divinity. When we worship the mind...we chase our own thought-tails in mental fear loops. When we explore the heart we rest sweetly in the sacred arms of the eternal and infinite, ever-evolving and ever-weaving now.

Choose your gods wisely. We really can be right and afraid...or happy and free.

©2016 by Courtney A. Walsh. All Rights Reserved.
Reprinted with permission of the publisher,
Findhorn Press.

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Dear Human: A Manifesto of Love, Invitation and Invocation to Humanity by Courtney A. Walsh.Dear Human: A Manifesto of Love, Invitation and Invocation to Humanity
by Courtney A. Walsh.

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