How Our Power Together Can Bend the Rules of Reality

Our Power Together: Bending the Rules of Reality

Consciousness is a powerful force. And when we join in a common intent with other minds, an amplifying effect occurs that is far greater than the sum of the individuals. Things that were difficult to achieve separately suddenly become easy when we join together. Anyone who has ever found it easier to meditate with a group than alone has experienced this phenomenon.

But there are other, more dramatic applications of this as well. For example, if you put your hand in the lit coals of your backyard barbecue grill, do you believe it would burn? Of course you do, and it most likely would. Yet if you were to attend a guided fire-walking event and spend an evening with a group of people joining together in faith that the fire wouldn’t hurt, it probably wouldn’t. Many ordinary people have attended such events and successfully walked on impossibly hot coals with little or no blistering.

Bending the Rules of Reality

Spoon-bending workshops in which people are taught in a very short amount of time to make metal utensils behave like Silly Putty are a similar kind of group event. Workshops like these teach us to bend, not just spoons, but the very rules of reality as we knew them, and do it astonishingly quickly.

Both fire-walking and spoon-bending events start with at least one person who has a solid faith in the process based, not in hopefulness, but in the certainty of having seen it work before. Faith is highly contagious. One person with particularly powerful faith can spark the faith of a whole group. Then the amplifying power of group consciousness kicks in, setting in motion a wavelike energy that lifts everyone, even those still in doubt.

I’ve seen this dynamic produce powerful results countless times in my own group experiments.

Experiment: Say “YES!” to Miracles

As we enter into this experiment, I have the confident faith of someone who’s seen countless miracles happen for many people in many groups, and I can lend my faith to you. I have so much confidence that we’ll create miracles together that it’s not even necessary for you to have absolute faith yourself. All that’s needed is your willingness and an open mind. We also have the amplifying power of many minds in all of you, past, present, and future, who are reading these words.

So, don’t worry about dispelling all doubt. Instead, simply give attention to your mustard seed of faith. Your imagination can help you with this: imagine how it would feel if you did have total faith. You might even imagine what it would feel like to be someone you know, or know of, whose faith is greater than yours. As you step out of yourself in this way and see through new eyes, you will experience a bigger faith. Even a moment of faith is a powerful force.

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Something Wonderful is About to Happen

Our Power Together, article by Lynn WoodlandRelax into the present moment now, and imagine how it would feel to be absolutely certain that something wonderful is about to happen; you don’t know what but you know it’s going to be great. Let excitement build palpably in your body.

Already we’ve started a wave of faith, and now we’ll add the amplifying power of many minds together. Take a couple of deep breaths and relax a little more.

Let your mind become quiet and still, very focused on these words. Let the solid, predictable nature of reality as you have always known it soften a bit, allowing you to form an invisible link, outside of time and space, to many minds who, just like you, are reading these words. Picture the joined consciousness of us all as something clear and bright and purely benevolent. Though you may never know these others in a personal way, let them start to feel like friends. Picture this network in whatever way feels most supportive, vivid, and powerful.

Something Wonderful Is Already Starting to Happen

Imagine each person in this pool of consciousness contributing something uniquely beautiful to the whole. Add your own energy to it in any way your imagination suggests. Aim a beam of light from your heart, head, or hands to a collective body of light and see it grow brighter. Or feel your heart open in caring and send a wave of love to this group of invisible helper friends. Or perhaps send the energy of your own excitement and anticipation. Send to everyone the certainty that something wonderful is already starting to happen.

Imagine us all joining in the common intention that many of us reading these words, even all of us, are going to experience miracles of all sorts: miraculous moments of “being,” spontaneous healings, delightful synchronicities, new opportunities appearing, gifts and blessings of all sorts showing up unexpectedly, revelations, new directions opening, and more.

Let go of wondering whether it’s going to work and imagine that you’ve now jumped into a river of group consciousness that is lifting you effortlessly into potential you’ve never been able to tap before. Things that have been difficult will come more easily; things that were impossible for you alone are now within reach. Your highest good has begun to unfold beyond your wildest dreams.

Permission Granted for Miracles to Become Natural & Easy

Now, give your permission for reality to operate differently than it ever has before. Give permission for miracles to become natural and easy. Say, “YES!” to miracles.

As you think of it during the day, keep saying “YES!” to miracles. Say it with joy rather than dogged determination. Keep it light. Repeat the word over and over to yourself, silently or out loud, and notice how it changes your state of mind and how your body feels. This is the feeling of your subconscious mind moving resistance out of the way so that miracles can happen.

As you fall asleep tonight, imagine a host of helpful beings made of light, representing the Higher Selves of other readers, who have joined together to support your highest good and well-being. Take comfort in their presence. Imagine this to be a benevolent force now operating on your behalf.

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Making Miracles -- Creating New Realities for Your Life and Our World
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This article was adapted from the book: Making Miracles by Lynn WoodlandGrounded in science and metaphysics, Making Miracles: Create New Realities for Your Life and Our World is a growing snowball of group consciousness. It invites all readers to bypass the presumed boundaries of space and time (boundaries that science is showing to be permeable beyond our wildest imaginings) to reach out in loving compassion to every other reader, wherever they happen to be in space/time.

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