You DO Take It With You

They say you can't take it with you... That is false! Not only do you take it with you, but you come in with it. I'm not talking about material possessions, but rather about personality traits, lessons to be learned, things to be updated or improved on. If you've ever considered suicide, you possibly saw it as a way of "getting out" but you will simply be issued a re-entry visa, maybe to a different country, a different nationality, but your soul lessons will remain.

Take a look at your life... Can you identify situations, relationships, jobs where you left because you 'had enough,' and then found yourself in a similar scenario at a later date? We've all heard, or know of, the battered wife or wife of an alcoholic, who leaves her husband to find herself enmeshed in a relationship with some other person who is almost identical to the previous one.

Dejà Vu, All Over Again

I remember in the years prior to my marriage, when I was looking for Mr. Right. I was going from one relationship to another, and although each one was 'better' then the last, I realized that I always seemed to attract the same type of person. The problems I was having in my relationships had to do with what I was taking with me, not what I was leaving behind.

Another example: Years ago on a Fourth of July weekend, my husband and I decided that we wanted to get away from the city so we could avoid the noise and pollution of firecrackers on our street, so we went away camping on 40 acres of virgin land in the middle of  nowhere. And what do you think happened? We were awakened on the first morning by the sound of huge equipment (tractors, etc.) doing construction work on the road that ran along the edge of the property. Not only that, but we still heard the sound of firecrackers from a neighboring property!

At first, this 'pushed my buttons'. Then, remembering that I create my own experience of reality, I started examining what this was about... The message that came to me was "You take it with you!" The noises I had heard in the city, as well as the noises I heard while camping, had to do with my inner state of being, my lack of peace of mind -- thus wherever I went, the noise continued. When I became at peace with the noise, with myself, and with my mental chatter, the machinery quit and peace and quiet reigned, inside and outside.

Wherever I Go, There I Am

A few days later, this message was relayed clearly again. We had jackhammers going on at the office next door... When Marina came in to work, after being away for 10 days, she arrived to the sound of jackhammers. Her comment? "Wherever I go, there's construction." It seems that part of her apartment building was under renovation, and the jackhammer melody had been an ongoing process for the past few months.

The messages I got from these scenarios was that the Universe has been trying to get us to listen, and it has resorted to very loud noises to draw our attention. And no matter how you may have tried to avoid it or run away, you can't run away from yourself... and there is no place to hide.

You Come In With It & Take It With You

That's what I mean when I say that you take it with you. You arrive on this planet with your charted course, you go through the program, and no matter where you go, school is still happening. You can't even drop out! You may think you can, but lo' and behold, the lessons and messages continue.

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What's the solution? Easy enough... We simply need to pay attention, to ask ourselves what the message is, and then take action. Accept responsibility for the situation you have attracted, (and I don't mean to blame yourself). Taking responsibility simply means empowering yourself to solve your problems by admitting that you attracted the situations, thus you can release them, and create a solution.

What Am I Feeling? What's the Message?

Take a good look at what you are feeling, what you are experiencing, and ask yourself (your Higher Self) what the message is... what you need to know and what you need to do. You may immediately get a 'flash' as to what this is about for you. Or it may require some introspection, reflection, and listening to your Inner Voice. We are never faced with a problem to which we do not hold the key. Or, as they say, there are no problems without solutions.

Make your choices! There's no need to run away, or run to others for answers. Close your eyes and talk to your Self... the way will be revealed to you.

Recommended Book: A Path with Heart by Jack Kornfield.Marie's favorite book on this topic:

A Path with Heart
by Jack Kornfield.

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