Claiming the World Anew: The Divine As You and As All Things

Claiming the World Anew: The Divine As You and As All Things
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Some of you decide what you should be, based upon the agendas that you’ve inherited. You define yourselves by your achievements, how the world perceives you, and you direct your lives to fulfill a prophecy of what you think you should be. “I will be happy when I have received this or that, afforded this or that, claimed this or that.” And the lives you live become a testimony to idolatry -- the acquisition of things, the claim of power or assertion of power over others, becomes an objective which is not the True Self, nor would it ever be.

What the True Self requires is its realization, and anything that stands before that is an anathema to the Divine Self.

Now, when an obstacle presents itself on your path, you have an opportunity to comprehend it, see where you have chosen it or why you have it, and then dismantle it. But you dismantle the structure by realizing what it has been, simply an idea that you have gone into an agreement to. You have asserted its meaning and agreed with the collective that it’s what you should have or be or do.

We See You As You Are

Now, we see you as you are, beyond the small self’s decisions for what she should be, and we ascribe meaning to only what is true. And your definitions of truth must be understood as having been acquired for you throughout the millennia. You are not the one you think you are. You believe yourself to be what you thought you were, and the thought of being as you has accrued evidence through your magnetic field to justify your ideas.

You are always being coached in some way to define yourself through your interchanges, your realization of who and what you are in benefit to others, in exchange with others, but the coaching you receive is always a reinforcement of what you have believed yourself to be. Now, as you move beyond the known to the True Self who is always present— underline always— regardless of the color of your skin, or your gender, or the name you were given at birth, the True Self is always true, and the manifestation of it as who and what claims the Divine as the fabric of expression.

To comprehend truth is to come into an awareness that the transitory nature of a perceived reality is simply an illusion being justified through the collective idea of what should be. Now, when we say illusion, we are not suggesting that it does not exist. The illusion you live in is real, but it is premeditated through conscious thought in the collective realm.

The agendas that each of you hold for the world you live in, and have lived in for thousands of years, create the form, justifies the form that you have chosen to experience. What exists beyond this realm in higher octaves is the fabric of reality expressing itself in different ways, the sum total of all you may experience as God. But the sliver you experience here is God as well, and, once you realize it is God, you begin to experience in a very differ ent way.

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The Divine As You and As All Things

The occasional idea that what you see may be holy, because all is holy, is in fact re-comprehended to the realization that the Divine in scale is always present, and may be perceived at any moment as what it has always been. The illusion, then, of form itself becomes somewhat elastic to your presence.

Understand this, friends: The Divine as you, in its encounter with the fabric of reality you see, claims the landscape that you express through in the higher octave that you know yourself through. In other words, your very presence on this plane reclaims the presence of God, which is inherent in all manifestation.

Now, to experience this is to allow yourself to be comprehended as of it and not separate from it. You must understand this. If you are separate from it, you cannot comprehend it because it is not of you. But in realization— and we underline that word—of who and what you are, you become of the fabric of the Divine that is as you and is as all things.

As the Divine as you is true, no matter what you think, how much you would deny or refute, the same must be so for every thing you see. The idea of the Divine expressed in form is the definition of true alchemy, and the manifestation of form and the transmutation of it to the degree we teach in form is the manifestation of Christ in man.

Now, the term Christ, the aspect of the Creator that can be realized in material form, must be comprehended as the infinite reality that form may know itself in—as of God, in God, as all things must be at this level of comprehension and tone. And the idea that what you are in form and field can be claimed in this way has been called heresy, and will be called it again as you continue this, but you must understand that true heresy is the denial of God, not the manifestation of it.

The plane of experience in density that you chose to incarnate in is present in all ways, but the Divine is present as and through it, and your realization of it is what reclaims you and your birthright to be the one who may claim truth, or the presence of God, in what she sees. The word what is intentional here. Because the landscape you express in knows itself through form, you must attend to form in its holiness.

Imagine a rock in your hand. The rock has predated you, will outgrow the form that it has taken one day, be reduced to powder, and dust in the wind. When the rock becomes dust, your relationship to the rock has also been transformed. If the dust itself is made of the same stars that you are, is of the same water and air that you are, you are not so different than the rock, although the form you have taken heralds a different song.

Every thing is in tone in the universe. Every thing is in motion. There is no stasis here. And your perception of stasis, that the rock is solid, that the stars in the sky are solid, are a limited objective or view you may hold.

As you comprehend that you are tone, and tone in vibration as expressed as you, you begin to operate in a landscape that is also in tone, and your song, the Divine Self in vibration, actually alters the fabric of reality that the small self has known.

Claiming the World Anew

The Divine as you, in its expression, is what claims the world anew. Qualifications of the dense field you have inhabited in some ways have precluded the expression of God in form from your experience. To understand the vibration of the rock or the tree or the ocean, to perceive every thing in its true being, in its vibrational echo, is the gift that comes through this attunement.

When you have claimed, “I know what I am,” you have claimed the inherent divinity of form.

When you have claimed, “I know what you are,” to another, you have realized or known the Divine as form as them.

In the claim “I know how I serve,” the alignment you hold, the key that is played on the musical instrument you are, reaches to all it sees, can imagine, or conceive of as the vibration of the Divine as expressed as and through you. And, by nature of being— underline the word being, it is not doing, but being— you encounter your reality and transform it through your presence.

The claim “I am here, I am here, I am here,” which we have given you in prior texts, opens you up to the divine potential as you.

The claim “I am free, I am free, I am free,” which we have given you, claims you beyond the normality, the restrictions, the governances that you have utilized to shepherd you in an illusion.

To be liberated from this, to be reclaimed as who and what you have always been beyond the known, is the gift of where you stand today. And the claim “I know how I serve,” which we will expand on in subsequent chapters, will be what claims you in participation to a new world.

The Manifestation Of The Divine

Each of you decides, and has decided, that you will ascend to the Upper Room. You have all said yes, but what does this mean? What are the requirements for sustaining the vibration that can be held here?

Now, if you understand that the manifestation of the Divine that is the True Self is available to you in form, you will stop seeking to go someplace else. The Upper Room is where you are, as you know who you are, what you are, and express the self in service.

The manifestation of the Divine that has come as you has its own requirements for sustenance. If you deceive yourself in these requirements, you will find yourself de-escalating rapidly. And, while this is not a problem— but, again, an opportunity to learn— you may choose to decide that you may learn in other ways.

The first requirement we would offer you is compassion to the self that is undergoing change. If you are deciding that the small self should not be the little dictator, as you call it, you will ascribe power to it, when what it requires is compassion.

Accumulation of information that has claimed the personality self is dismantled, in most cases, in pieces, and the dismantling of the small self you may see as the release of armor that you have held on the body that seeks release, and will do so as it feels safe to do so. Once you understand that true safety is at the heart of this realization, that safety is only known in the Divine Self or in your relationship to the Divine that comes through the Christed Self, you may receive the gifts that are available to you there.

While you are fighting the world, you may seek the armor as a necessity. When you understand compassion does not necessarily mean agreement, you may find it easier. You hold compassion for the one who struggles. You seek to teach him or her perhaps a better way to engage beyond the struggle they have known themselves in. You need not yell at the one who is learning as best he can. You support him in change, and in compassion.

The second thing we will suggest is that you need not yell or emblazon your glory publicly. As the Divine as you presents itself, it does so in humility. So do not seek glory for your work. Work in humility, and diligently, we would say, on behalf of the True Self, who will always instruct you in your requirements for growth. This is done in the life you live, and the opportunities that present themselves to you will be the ones you claim and learn through and benefit from.

The third thing we would suggest that you need to require is responding to the events of the day in the day they occur. Do not take yesterday’s baggage into today, or you will find yourself back in yesterday, and stay away from tomorrow except to presume it to be what you need in benefit for your growth.

Every day becomes an opportunity to know who and what you are, and who others are as well, and let this be enough. Do not dwell in the past or predicate your safety upon a certain outline of a future that may or may not come to be. The teaching of the day is the teaching the soul requires. Tomorrow will present itself in its own perfect way.

The next thing we must say is, do not act in fear or judgment of your fellows. When you fear your fellows, you have decided for them. Now, Paul has a question about this. We must take it. “But what if somebody wishes me harm?” Well, then, don’t fear them, but act in a precaution of what they may do.

You need not act in fear to step away from a blow that is coming your way. In fact, what the fear may do is keep you running long after the running is needed.

In most instances, aggression against another is a fear-based act, and the one that is your aggressor is responding in fear. To realize the Divine in them is to bless them beyond the fear they hold.

To bless another is to realize them as in the presence of God. It is a gift you give to anyone at any time, and to do so is to lift them. When you fear another, you give them authority. To give another authority is to make them your God. If you are frightened of them, you have invited fear to be your God in the mask it has taken as the one you are afraid of.

Now, when you deny the presence of the Divine in yourself or another, and you may do this in many ways— through anger or fear, unforgiveness of the self or others—as you choose these things, you also create the opportunities to release them. So understand, the answer to every problem is present within the problem.

To justify the problem, to announce it as real, is to reclaim it. To realize the problem is the illusion of the small self claiming itself in form gives you the immediate opportunity to re-see or re-know or realize the thing you call a problem as an opportunity to develop, to know anew.

The requirements of the soul are brought to each of you as you can meet them, and not a moment before. Nothing will ever come to you that you must say is too much for you to encounter.

By nature of your encounter with it, it is enough, and it is within you to meet it in an awareness of the True Self. The development of the soul through incarnations is the opportunity you claim when you incarnate in form.

By the realization of the True Self as you, you do not denounce the lessons that the soul requires, but perhaps you will meet them in a rather different way. You may learn in a battlefield, or you may learn in peace. The objective of each is to teach. But in some ways, you decide how you claim your lessons.

Finally, we have to say, what you require will be brought to you. You don’t have to beg for it. It doesn’t work that way here. Understand that in the high vibration, there is less density, and, if you require love, or to know yourself in familiar ways, if your soul is asking for this or that, you can expect to be met in ease and readiness. In the lower vibration, where you are more dense and affirm density through your fear, you may expect it to take much longer.

If you understand that you no longer need beg for what is yours, you may become the recipient of it, and the alignment you require to the Upper Room is made known to you through the act of being. The act of being simply means that who and what you are, and in your expression in an encounter with the world, becomes your way of being and learning and expressing for the benefit of all.

A Map for the Future?

Now, some of you wish to have a map for the future. Will humanity kill itself? Will it survive? Will the fighting on the planet cease, or will it continue? We will have to say this to you all. In some ways, where you view the world from informs the world. Imagine in the Upper Room there are windows on every thing you see. The one who views the world from the high window can lift the world to it, can be met in new sight, in the visage of the world she may claim here.

The opportunity now is to claim the world into being in the high octave you abide in. This will be manifestation. How you imprint consciousness on what you see claims what you see in the high octave. If you wish to be in fear about the events of the world, pat yourself on the back for claiming fear and don’t complain about being frightened. It is your choice to fear.

Now, the world would tell you that you need to be fearful, and, as you acquiesce to that, you join the throngs looking to fight, looking to yield, to conquer, to know itself in the old paradigm that has been claimed as war.

To align to peace simply requires you to know that peace is there, and, in that awareness, you become the emissary of peace. If you are called to fight in some way, and any battle you may see or claim as a fight may be understood still again as an opportunity to learn, you may choose to do so as the True Self, who will bring light and peace and healing to what she encounters, and not more damage, not more rage, and not more calamity.

The Divine Self, while she is not the author of peace, abides in peace and will claim peace by nature of her presence. She may authorize what she sees, but she cannot claim it for another. The independence of the soul requires each one to know who they are in their own way, but what you may do is know the Divine—underline know, it means realize—in anyone, and in doing so you authorize them to make the claim for themselves by nature of your witness.

Becoming A Tidal Wave of Light

The Divine has come as each of you, and will continue to manifest. As each of you decides, “Yes, I may know myself anew,” you may claim this for your fellows, and the manifest Divine in occurrence as and through you will become a tidal wave of light that assumes all that it encounters.

“This seems like a grandiose gesture,” he says, “a tidal wave of light.”

The manifestation of the Divine, the template for it, has been reclaimed and will be re-known. The Christ has come as all, and its realization is the next way humanity may know itself, but you must become willing to say yes to who you are, and your fellows as well. And those include the ones you wish not to speak to, or disagree with. The Divine is in all or nothing. You cannot have it both ways.

©2019 by Paul Selig. All Rights Reserved.
Excerpted with permission from Beyond the Known: Realization.
Publisher: St. Martin's Press.

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