The Power of Women: Healing The World With Feminine Energy

The Power of Women: Healing The World With Feminine Energy

The Power of Women,” which took place at a live seminar I was leading on Mother’s Day weekend in 2008, was huge for me. I felt slightly weird as a man delivering a channel that represented women and came through female energies, but I decided to trust the process.

The Power of Women” is a call to arms. It is an invi­tation for women to know their inherent strength and to stand up in conscious solidarity, because having more and more women in leadership roles is crucial to balancing much of the masculine energy distortion that is at the root of our collective pain. I am heartened to see a shift taking place around this truth, especially during the past few years of unstoppable social activism.


We are here today to speak to you of one topic, and it is a vital one — the power and leadership of women and of the fem­inine as a fundamental creative energy. The world will come into balance through the leadership of women. It will come back into balance the more the feminine energies are allowed to be, with­out censorship or limitation. This will also occur as men come to fully understand the divine feminine and reclaim this power for themselves.

The divine feminine has within it everything needed for liv­ing. It is the energy of feeling, being, receptivity, intuition, psychic thought, and creation itself. But there is another feminine power that has not yet been truly honored: the gift of nurturance.

To nurture another is not fully understood as the powerful life force that it is. The love you give when you nurture, whether you are male or female, is an expression of the power of the divine feminine. And, of course, that is not to say that masculine energy does not hold love or give love.

As far back as the Bible, the divine feminine has been very cleverly edited out of your narratives. It is now coming to light that females who were prophetic at the time, including those who are celebrated in that great Book, were hidden from view by some who altered the scriptures. This is not news. You have been dealing with the repercussions of this for a long time. Many men have seen women as a great threat, and you are still dealing with a significant measure of what you know as sexism and chauvinism. But let us rename those words and simply call them fear.

This is a fear of the feminine principles and energies, espe­cially the capacity to feel and express emotions. And this fear gives rise to resistance and anger, as some people resist the heart open­ing. There are those individuals who are threatened by what they have inside themselves and what you have inside you, those who would push against you or resist.

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This is the predominant experience of women throughout time. This resistance is also what men experience as they increas­ingly get in touch with their hearts.

The Rise of Feminine Leadership

If you are a woman who feels great anger about being a female, about being subjugated by men and not allowed your full expression or your power, now it is time to release that anger, for when you deny it, you only lock yourself into that paradigm. It does not do anything to the man you are angry at. It really does not. If he has made a decision to try to control you, suppress you, or limit what he is willing to hear from you, it will not affect him if you get angry. It will affect and limit only you. And the effect is very similar for those men who are in touch with their feminine side. They, too, can experience the internalizing of their anger.

The revolutionary truth for women is that the release of your anger will lead you to your power. And it is safe for you to embrace and express your power now.

Women are moving into more and varied leadership posi­tions in society right now. Many of the greatest leaders on the planet are mothers. This is not clearly seen or acknowledged. Yet, mothers know it. It is interesting to note that motherhood is his­torically the one place — and possibly the only place — where women are given sole authority: the authority of a mother.

It is also important to understand that mothers look to women who are not mothers for inspiration and leadership as well, whether they are aware of that or not. Mothers need those women who are out there doing their work and who have not physically given birth in order to experience the widest-ranging sense of womanhood they can. This, in turn, allows them to be more integrated models of what it is to be a woman for their own children.

As women are increasingly taking on leadership roles in the world, they are changing the standard ways of being in places where men are also in power, and where many of the decisions have unquestioningly been approached in a left-brained way. Where the logical and linear approach has long been sanctified, there is an opening now to also lead through creativity, connec­tion, intuition, and love.

The feminine is rising. And yes, women are coming forward — and need to come forward.

What Does This Mean To You Personally?

It is time for you as a woman to speak.

It is time for you as a woman to speak your truth.

Just let those words settle in, and feel into what they mean to you.

If you are a woman, it is time to allow your voice. And by the same token, if you are a man, it is time for you to allow your heartfelt, intuitive voice to be heard, and not just by the outer world but also by you yourself.

Where women need to speak outwardly, from their mascu­line, men need to listen inwardly to their feminine. That is the balance.

A man who chooses to tune in to his feelings and his intu­ition, and to speak from that inner knowing, will experience what a woman knows. And a woman who chooses to say out loud what she believes and what she stands for, and does so with confidence and without apology, will experience what a man knows.

Now, if you are a woman, you may be thinking, Yes, I under­stand the principle, but that doesn’t entirely relate to me. I’m strong. I take care of myself. But at some level all women experience the disempowerment of your feminine energy because of the way society has been skewed — even though you know it is not the truth. And many of you men who are awake and in touch with your feminine energy are quite clear about this syndrome.

But we are stressing this point now to capture your atten­tion: women are going to be needed in the coming years like they have never before been needed.

It is not to say that men will not be needed. But women especially are creating the changes the world needs to see. And no matter how long their inner power has been denied, it is time for women to be bolder. This does not refer to the hubris that you judge in certain men you see who are bold with their action.

If you are a woman, it is simply time for you to speak from your heart. It is time for you to move through the world without fear or judgment of who you are, because the world needs you. It needs your sensitivity. It needs your care. It needs your innate understanding that when one human being suffers, all suffer.

In your popular culture, some of the most powerful and pop­ular people are women. Consider Oprah Winfrey and the vast influence she has had on your planet. She is one of the first to lead with a balance of masculine and feminine energies in a highly vis­ible and celebrated way in your world. She uses her heart and her intuition, and she uses her ability to choose and act. That is all we are speaking of. The more you unify the part of you that feels, that senses, that knows, with the part of you that is capable and willing to take action, you will achieve the extraordinary.

If you are a woman with projects, visions, and ideas that you have birthed in feminine energy and wish to implement in the world, it is important to understand that you have inside you the strongest “man” you have ever known. You have the ability to drive forward everything you want to drive forward. It is time to take the “bull by the horns” and trust that you can do so while also nurtur­ing and giving and loving. So whether your dreams and goals are simple or grand plans on a global scale, activate them now.

“What Will This Take?”

First, it will take a little time. There are already beginning to be great shifts in the right direction. And by the time you reach the middle of the twenty-first century, this issue will in many ways be long gone. There will still be some cultures where the women will not be liberated, but you must understand that those cultures are coming to their own understanding of the equality experience. And those who incarnate into those areas of the world are dealing with those issues for themselves, also. It is important to keep perspective and to know who you are and what you have to do. It is wonderful to help others and champion those who are not experiencing the freedom you enjoy, but it is also vital to step forward with what you have to offer the world.

Many of you reading these words are incredibly powerful in your love. Love has been undervalued and underrated for so long. It is not the hearts and flowers emojis that you can find on your phones. It is so much more than that. It is the power of life. It is love that creates human existence. How can that possibly be disputed as the greatest force on Earth? At this time, women are the carriers of uninhibited and resilient love, at a stronger level than men.

Despite the wounds to the energy template of women, you are ready to break out now through your honesty and authenticity, and simply by doing what you wish to do and feeling how you wish to feel.

The Power of Communicating Feeling

The power of communication is the tool women will use to change the world — especially the power to communicate feeling. For if you help others find out about their feelings, interpret their feelings, feel comfortable with and express their feelings, the world will change.

So much of the violence, anger, and other destruc­tive emotions and behaviors that you would wish to see gone are caused by ignoring and denigrating feeling. Women know this, as do awakened men who are strong in feminine energy. That is why the power of the feminine is needed now more than ever.

Healing The World With Feminine Energy

Take a moment now to feel and connect with the feminine energy inside you. Whether you are male or female, agree to open to your feminine energy and power. You can do this in words, if you wish, or just by feeling your inner agreement.

Your feminine power is the missing piece for so many of you, and the truth is that it is right here, just waiting for you to claim it. It is not that you have refused it; you simply have not collected what is sitting there, as it were, just waiting for you. You need only embrace it.

What will reclaiming your feminine power do?

It will increase your level of feeling.

It will increase your intuition.

It will increase your vision and the possibilities for a brilliant future.

But most importantly, it will increase your aliveness. You will get very busy with this energy. More and more, your doing energy (masculine energy) will be informed and directed by your own depth of feeling, intuiting, caring, loving, and being. And that is an amazing aspect of your feminine power.

Action inspired by feeling is creating new systems, new organizations, new infra­structures, and new rules in your world today. And there is so much more innovation coming — innovation led by the femi­nine, and by women.

You are one of the influencers of this new time. Understand that.

Understand, Cel­ebrate, And Give Of Your Feminine Energy

You can affect one person, and through that person thousands more, as each one spreads what you have given them around the world. One of the ways you deeply affect people is when you are honest with others about what you feel, without censorship — even when you are speaking to those you fear would not under­stand or would reject what you are saying.

If you have an impulse to speak, speak. People, including men, will be compelled to listen. Just ask to open to this feminine power of yours and enjoy the renewed sense of energy that comes into your life.

And do not be afraid of being exposed to more of the anger, pain, and violence in the world. The more you understand, cel­ebrate, and give of your feminine energy, the less of this anger, pain, and violence there will be on your planet.

All will be well. All is well.

The Feminine Energy Affirmation

I open to the feminine energy inside me,
and I am ready to discover new dimensions
of this sacred creative force.
It is safe to embrace and express my feelings.
It is safe to abide in my sensitivities as an intuitive, empathic,
and nurturing human being.

©2019 by Lee Harris. All Rights Reserved.
Excerpted with permission. Publisher: New World Library

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