Freedom From Fear and Separation: Knowing and Reclaiming The True Self

Freedom From Fear and Separation: Knowing and Reclaiming TheTrue Self
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For some of you, the idea that the flower is holy is something you can comprehend, but you would deny the Divine in the filth you see. But once you truly understand that matter is the Divine out-pictured as idea—a construct, if you wish, that you have named and known in agree­ment to what it seems to be—you can move beyond the small self’s comprehension to the concrete knowing that the manifesta­tion of anything and every thing is still God, or, if you wish, the energy or vibration that you would know of as God.

Now, when matter is seen as God, beyond the names it has been given, but when matter itself can be consecrated in its true nature, or holy name, the lifting of the vibration through the one who comprehends it is not only immediate, an immediate re-articulation or realization of matter, but it is known by the one who sees it as what it has always been. The moment you deny the Divine in anyone and anything—underline thing—the claim is made to operate in sepa­ration.

When you want union on your own terms, you might as well go into an abbey and pull the gate shut. “I will be in union in the abbey with the like-minded people. We have a nice high wall to protect us from the world.”

In times past, the idea of sequestering the self to experience divinity was established. Today you say things like “I will not watch the news,” “I will not look at the darkness.” But even in that moment you are denying God and deciding that God is the pretty flower, and not the trampled one. When both are known as God, you are in union.

Now, when the walls of the abbey are released, the world itself becomes the abbey, the temple, the Kingdom, the manifestation of God in its own articulation. And, when one begins to realize matter, to reclaim the glass of water, the glass and the water itself, as the vibration of God, your experience of the glass and the water trans­forms not only the glass and the water, but your relationship to it.

You do not yet know that the universe you see is an idea, and an idea can be re-comprehended. And, the moment it is, it is re-established in the high octave, and, conse­quently, re-known.

Understand that the aspect of you, incarnated, is divine and has sought and agreed to realization, including the body that it knows itself in. And the articulation of the body—“I know what I am”—announces to the physical self the ramifications of choice. To comprehend and agree to manifest in form as what you have always been reclaims the form and what the form aligns to. As every thing exists in multiple octaves, you agree to align and know the world before you in the high octave that exists beyond the known.

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Lifting Beyond Fear

As you decide to be in manifestation as the Divine Self, one thing occurs that you may not expect. You lift beyond fear in a way that you will know. To live without and beyond fear is treasonous to the small self who has been educated by fear as to its benefits, but there is no benefit in fear. Freedom from fear is the realization that the Divine in material form has no requirement of it.

Now, to understand this is to know the self in a significantly different way than you have ever experienced. So we wish to take you on a little journey to the Upper Room, the place where fear does not express itself. The choice to be in fear, which may be claimed at any level of vibration, will release you from the Upper Room. To know yourself as free of fear is to make the choice in realization that the Divine as you has no requirement for it, that it has been a good teacher, but holds no benefit to the self that knows who she truly is.

So, if you would imagine that on the count of three you are lifting to the Upper Room, the level of vibration where we sing to you from, we will offer you the opportunity, again, to know the self beyond fear, and beyond any claim that fear ever may have made upon you. On the count of three, allow the lifting to occur.

One. Two. Three.

Be received by us and enveloped in the Upper Room, in the oc­tave where the Divine knows itself in form, and fear cannot exist except by choice. In this alignment, we wish to give you an experi­ence of what it feels like to know the self as fearless. And, if you wish this, you may do this anytime you like, until you come to the level of agreement where the Upper Room is where you abide and express as. The True Self may begin to experi­ence the self as it was intended to know itself. Fearless.

Without the idea of fear, fear cannot exist. Did you all hear this? Without fear as an idea—because fear is an idea, a projection, a way of thinking or experiencing an idea—fear itself has no name. And, without a name, it becomes vibration, without intent. To name anything, to call it by name, is to empower its function—the fear that is overwhelming. Without the idea of fear, fear has no power.

To align to this level of expression is to claim the self as you have always been, the True Self who was born into being without fear. And, the moment you understand this, you can begin to reclaim who and what you have always been, without the creation of fear informing the life you live. In this way, we will say these words:

On this day I choose to allow every aspect of myself that has been known or will be known by the idea of fear to release any claims that have been made upon me by fear, to be free of itself, and to align to its potential as fearless. In my agreement to be known without fear, I give permission to release any investment I may have in fear as my ally, so I may be knowing my world as one without fear. As I say yes to this, I give myself permission to release the memory of fear that I have known myself through, the projections of fear that I may be utilizing as a small self, and, as I say yes, I come forth as the release of fear, the idea of fear itself, is made known in my field.”

Release the idea of fear. Let the idea of fear itself be lifted from you, as if a wave would carry it away to a new claim of liberation. The energy you have known as fear, without the idea of fear claim­ing it in form, becomes a way to know liberation. Without the captor, there can be no prisoner, and there is no captor when the idea of fear is released from you.

Be as you are, and allow yourself to know the self as free of fear.

(short pause)

Knowing and Reclaiming The True Self

Accepting the self as you are, without fear as your companion, without fear as your armor, without fear as the expectation of your life, gives you permission to know the True Self while embodied. As the memory of fear will seek to reclaim you—“ There is a spider, I expect to be frightened by the spider”—remember that you’re only frightened by the idea of the spider and what it has represented to you.

In this new creation of the True Self, the material realm be­gins to oscillate for you in recognition of the vibration you have claimed. In other words, the one who operates without fear does not claim the same, and has no expectation of receiving it. When you understand that what you are doing here is reclamation to your innate true state, the one you are begins to express the realization of form without the taint or the shadow of fear informing choice.

Now, when we say informing choice, we do not encourage you to be foolhardy. “What a lovely looking cliff. It would be nice to jump off it.” That would be a rather foolhardy action, and there is no need.

To understand that caring for the self is an act of love, and terrifying the self is not, might be a simple way to understand how you are choosing and why. When you seek the approval of your fellows to appease an angry God, you are operating in fear. When you need to placate those around you to support them in their well-being, you are acting in love. When you understand the needs of those around you and you comprehend who they are beyond the small self’s agenda, anything and every thing you would do for them will be a consequence of love.

Each of you comes into this expression with the potential to realize the Divine at the level of manifestation that you can hold. The Christ itself cannot be afraid because the Christ is in no fear, does not know fear, cannot articulate as such. And, as the Christ is realized in manifestation in humanity, humanity itself is lifted be­yond fear, and the illusion of separation that fear would mandate is released as well.

Releasing the Idea of Fear

Some of you wish to keep your fear. “It is safer that way. I know what to expect. I shouldn’t trust these people, or go there or here, because I know what could happen.” To comprehend that your dis­cernment of where not to go may be self-love, and not fear, would be one way of moving forward, but your reliance upon fear as your protector will, in fact, call to you the fear that you say you don’t want, because your expression, your vibratory field, has claimed a thing in fear, and, consequently, aligned you to it at that level.

In the Upper Room, anything you may fear may be re-known, and comprehended anew. If you understand that the idea of fear itself is what must be released, all that follows will know itself as fearless.

©2019 by Paul Selig. All Rights Reserved.
Excerpted with permission from Beyond the Known: Realization.
Publisher: St. Martin's Press.

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