Why Energetic Health Is Important to Intuition

Why Energetic Health Is Important to Intuition

We are most strongly connected emotionally to each other through our Heart Chakras. This Chakra is, logically, centered in the middle of your chest where your heart is. Your Heart Chakra is also a connection between the physical and metaphysical worlds.

You can pick up feelings and emotions energetically through your Heart Chakra. There may be more complex energetic information your heart can pick up and process. The heart secretes hormones and neurotransmitters that communicate with the body and the brain re­laying information that it is processing. It can be theorized that there is metaphysical information our hearts pick up through energetic pathways that is then transmitted to our brains so we can be aware of it.

Why Energetic Health Is Important to Intuition

There is a very tight connection between our energetic body and our physical body. When our energetic body is not healthy, we can be physically unhealthy. Our energetic system processes energy flowing through and uses the information contained in it.

When the system is not working well, such as energy being blocked or retaining negative energy, the information won’t be clear and accurate. When this happens you have difficulty receiving intuitive and psychic informa­tion. For this reason, you need to maintain your energetic health.

How to Maintain Your Energetic Health

To take care of your energy you have to do some basic energy maintenance. According to Chinese QiGong and most energy healing methodologies, energetic health is maintained by bringing in energy where it is depleted, balancing out energy where there is too much or too little and getting rid of energy that is unwanted. You normally want to bring in what could be deemed “positive” energy and get rid of “negative” energy. These three steps can be termed as Build, Balance and Purge.

There are several ways you can build your energy. First, here are some ways you’ll know your energy is depleted. You may feel tired and have a lack of energy. You may feel a lack of lightness, perhaps feel down, or fuzzy headed. You may have trouble thinking clearly, or you feel out of balance.

How To Build Your Energy

Some of the ways to build your energy is first to use your intention and pay attention to where you focus your mind. Stay in a positive state of mind, and keep in mind as many positive thoughts as you can.

You can surround yourself with more positive things, people and by going to events that make you happy. “Like attracts like,” when it comes to energy and in this case your positive being and intention will attract positive energy that you will absorb. Good positive energy is associated with positive things like love, happiness, and joy.

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Here are some examples:

1. You can repeat positive affirmations such as, “I see and feel my energy as beautiful, light and full of divine love,” “I am love,” or you can say a prayer in alignment with whatever you believe in.

2. You can create a sacred space and altar for your space, or any positive ceremony and ritual can raise your energy and the energy of the space.

3. Blessings – bless your food, your desk, home, things, etc.

4. Meditation – all kinds.

5. Read uplifting books.

6. Listen to uplifting music that makes you feel good!

7. Watch uplifting movies, shows.

How To Balance Your Energy

Balancing your energy involves leveling out your energy fields so there is an even amount of energy throughout your field. Sometimes you may have too much energy in one area and not enough in another.

It is important that your energy is free flowing, without blockages and does not stagnate anywhere. Energy flows like water in streams and rivers.

Some energy balancing activities you can do are:

1. Tai Chi – a slow form of martial art that incorporates QiGong in its movements.

2. QiGong – an ancient practice of Chinese energy healing that has movements you can do called “forms” which are good for all kinds of energy work, including building, balancing and purging.

3. Forms of Energy Healing – Reiki, Acupuncture, Integrated Energy Healing, etc.

4. Meditation – all kinds.

5. Being out in nature is very energetically healing.

6. Exercise.

7. Be physically and mentally healthy.

How To Purge Your Energy

Purging energy is getting rid of unwanted energy. You may have too much energy, or you have negative energy, which you don’t want. Purging is a way of getting rid of the energy you don’t want or have too much of.

Some ways you can do this is:

1. Have an Energy Healing session.

2. Practice QiGong.

3. Take a Sea Salt Bath – Sea salt is best to use to help clear your energy. Just mix in a 1/2 cup of sea salt into your bath water.

4. You can clear energy by smudging which is to use the smoke of smoldering sage to move out negative energy.

5. You can use bells or singing bowls to ring a pure sound.

6. You can sing or play recordings of chanting or devotional songs that are devoted to God, light and love.

Energy Shielding

Your energetic field is similar to the volume when you listen to music. When your energetic field is loud it can overwhelm the energy of other things. If your positive energy is “louder” than the negative energy around you, you will drown out the negative energy and not be affected by it.

The stronger your energy is by being healthy and full of love and posi­tive thoughts and attitudes, the less you can be affected by negative energy around you. It’s just like being in a room with a group of happy people. One down and angry person in the room would have a harder time getting them to be down and angry too.

Raising your positive energy can shield you from negative energy. Energy raising can also infuse yourself with energy that you do want which is a good thing. Again, filling your energy field with the energy you want keeps away energy you don’t want. You can easily raise your energy with just your thoughts and imagining you are filling your energy field with whatever you want that is good. You can imagine pure positive energy expanding as a bubble outward from your body with a force field shield layer to protect you.

You can also just send this energy out, as positive, high vibrating divine LOVE. The most powerful energy is divine energy, or whatever concept you have of divinity. You can practice imagining bringing in divine energy and then sending it out into the room. I have found it can be a very effective meditation both alone and in a group. When I have led an energy raising and clearing meditation with a group of people it can be extremely power­ful as the thoughts and intentions of others amplify its power.

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