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Everything is connected. Whether we recognize the connections with other humans, with animals, with the past... it is all linked together. Our actions, past and present, as well as those of our ancestors, still resonate within us today. But we are not tied to, or restricted by, any of it... unless we choose to be, or allow it.

We can start anew from wherever we are, mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and choose a new direction, a new path, a new energy. Nothing is permanent... everything, including us, is in flux... So, we can make new choices, see things differently, and create a future better than the one that seems to be in front of us. Let go of the past, choose your present, and thus create the future you perhaps haven't dared dream of yet.

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Marie T. Russell and Robert Jennings
"New Attitudes...New Possibilities"


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Creating A Prosperous World For All

Author: Susan Shumsky, DD

Our planet can be a heavenly place. If we treat it with respect, and if we come together in harmony, we could cre­ate a loving vibration that would sustain us into a future of love, light, happiness, and fulfillment.
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Being Mindful and Cultivating the Tao

Author: Gregory Ripley

If we turn our minds to the spiritual and remain mindful throughout our day, our lives will become more joyful. We’ll find an increased sense of gratitude and contentment, and we’ll experience an ease and lightness in all we do.
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What Do Cats Have to Do with Worship, Spirit, and the Sacred?

Author: John A. Rush

It is by looking at our ancient past that we can identify our deep connections to cats and our eventual attachment of spiritual characteristics to them.
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a woman smelling a bush of roses

How Does Your Sense of Smell Compare to Your Dog or Cat?

Author: Jean-Pierre Willem, M.D.

The sense of smell corresponds to the most ancient part of our history. When we humans were all still huntergatherers, this sense allowed us to identify an edible food or, to the contrary, protect us from danger.
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Resistance Training: The Secret Weapon Against Heart Disease

Author: Robert Jennings,

Hitting the gym to lift weights provides visible results - bigger biceps, firmer glutes, and more defined abs.
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When You Don’t Feel Like You Fit In Your Family Tree...

Author: Cairelle Crow

There are many ways to have a family. All are valid, and each one represents a place on the beautiful spectrum of how families exist. Each one is worthy of writing down for the future to look back upon.
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Unveiling America's Hidden Fascist Past

Author: Robert Jennings,

The decade of the 1930s was a tumultuous period that shaped the course of modern history, marked by the ominous rise of fascism. It is a common belief that the tendrils of this political ideology were tightly coiled around the hearts and policies of Europe, particularly in…
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The Hidden Dangers of Wall Street's Growing Appetite for Healthcare Businesses

Author: Robert Jennings,

The COVID-19 pandemic exposed significant flaws in America's healthcare system. With costs already sky-high, budgets are strained to the breaking point.
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From Tofu to Tempeh: The Health Verdict on Plant-Based Alternatives

Author: Laura Marchese and Katherine Livingstone, Deakin University

We looked at 700 plant-based foods to see how healthy they really are. Here’s what we found...
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How You Can Tell Propaganda From Journalism

Author: Michael J. Socolow, University of Maine

Propaganda is communication designed to bypass critical and rational examination in order to provoke intended emotional, attitudinal or behavioral responses from an audience.
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Elevate Your Child: The Art of Meaningful Conversations

Author: Kimberly Hillier, University of Windsor

How having conversations with children builds their language — and strengthens family connections...
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To Go or Not to Go: Debunking the Fear of Saying No

Author: Julian Givi and Colleen P. Kirk

Everyone has been there. You get invited to something that you absolutely do not want to attend – a holiday party, a family cookout, an expensive trip. But doubts and anxieties creep into your head as you weigh whether to decline.
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From Ear to Instrument: The Informal Route to Music Mastery

Author: Anna Mariguddi, Edge Hill University

Learning music the informal way some popular musicians do could inspire more school students...
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Can Blood Proteins Forecast Dementia 15 Years Ahead?

Author: Rahul Sidhu, University of Sheffield

Dementia can be predicted more than a decade before diagnosis with these blood proteins...
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At a Crossroads: The West's Strategic Choices in Supporting Ukraine

Author: Stefan Wolff, University of Birmingham

Ukraine war: the west is at a crossroads – double down on aid to Kyiv, accept a compromise deal, or face humiliation by Russia...
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This Week's Astrological Overview

Astrological Overview & Horoscope: Feb. 26 - Mar. 3, 2024

Author: Pam Younghans

person walking alone on a mountainous path

This weekly astrological journal is based on planetary influences, and offers perspectives and insights to assist you in making the best use of current energies. This column is not intended as prediction. Your own experience will be more specifically defined by transits to your personal chart. (For the video and audio version of the Astrological Overview, use the Continue reading link below.)
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