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Everything we see is seen through our eyes and beliefs, thus our interpretation of it. Everything we say and believe is also colored with our interpretation of what we perceive around us: people, things, actions, words... Yet we can learn to perceive more clearly, communicate more compassionately, and be detached from beliefs. We can start to see each moment as a new situation, a new day, a new event.

Letting go of old patterns and preconceived notions and beliefs will lead us to creating a better life for ourselves and others. Each week, we at InnerSelf, strive to bring you articles to assist you on your path. 

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Marie T. Russell and Robert Jennings
"New Attitudes...New Possibilities"



Men and Relationships: 8 Steps to Better Connect with Your Partner

Author: Barry Vissell

Over the years of working with men and their relationships, not to mention my own 59-year relationship with Joyce, I have seen some central issues emerge. , I have seen certain tendencies which apply to many men.
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Seeing Things Differently: Stepping Away from Boxed-In Thinking

Author: Mark Ireland

Boxed-in thinking is rooted in a materialistic worldview known as “scientism” which dominates much of our society’s vision of reality and progress.
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laughing mother holding her baby

Present Moments and Future Memories: Parenting on Purpose

Author: Darlene Taylor

I had longed to be a mother and felt so fortunate that I was afforded the luxury of being home with her. So against all my feminist leanings, we settled into very traditional family roles, with me spending a lot more time with Sammi than he did.
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a line of people in the distance, with a magnifying glass over a few of them showing smiling loving faces

Unwanted and Unwelcomed? Where Focus Goes, Energy Flows

Author: Michelle Madrid

I didn’t know, for a very long time, that I could change my focus and create a new and empowering energy flow. You possess the same ability.
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a man tying a blindfold over his eyes

Letting Ourselves Happen: Guided by Our Body's Intelligence

Author: Cheryl Pallant, PhD

With direct experience, we set aside concepts, beliefs, habits, and cultural conditioning. We set aside the known in favor of sensing. We feel into What Is. Attention redirects to any of the five senses and to the inner senses.
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hope and happiness 12 30

Cultivating Hope: 5 Strategies for a Happier, More Resilient Life

Author: Tharina Guse, University of Pretoria

Hope brings happiness, builds grit and gives life meaning. Here’s how to cultivate it...

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Houseplants as Mood Enhancers: Find Your Perfect Green Companion

Author: Jenny Berger, University of Reading

Owning houseplants can boost your mental health – here’s how to pick the right one...
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How To Keep Your Indoor Cat Happy

Author: Tiffani J. Howell, La Trobe University

Won’t my cat get bored if I keep it inside? Here’s how to ensure it’s happy...
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COVID's Broader Harmful Effects: What We're Missing

Author: Philip Clarke, University of Oxford; et al

Why focusing on COVID deaths undercounts the health harms of the pandemic – new research...
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The Hidden Hero in Our Muscles and Bones

Author: Adam Taylor, Lancaster University

Fascia: the most neglected part of our body is finally starting to receive attention...
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Living Longer, Living Better: Top 5 Lifespan Extending Tips

Author: Hassan Vally, Deakin University

You can’t reverse the ageing process but these 5 things can help you live longer...
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Economic Woes: Unpacking Public Perception

Author: Scott Schieman, University of Toronto et al

Canadians are losing faith in the economy — and it’s affecting their perception of inequality...
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The Surprising Benefits of Resistance Workouts

Author: Stuart Phillips, McMaster University

Resistance exercise is far from futile: The unheralded benefits of weight training...
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The C-Word in Pop Culture: A Symbol of Reclamation and Resistance

Author: Christian Ilbury, The University of Edinburgh

They’re serving what?! How the c-word went from camp to internet mainstream...
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Elevate Your Health with Vitamin D Supplements

Author: Martin Hewison, University of Birmingham

Vitamin D supplements can keep bones strong – but they may also have other benefits to your health...
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moon landing

Why People Reject Science: Understanding and Addressing the Causes

Author: Laurence D. Hurst, University of Bath

Why some people don’t trust science – and how to change their minds...
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Language Learning Through Film Subtitles

Author: Xavier Aparicio, Université Paris-Est Créteil Val de Marne (UPEC)

In general, films in the original language and versions with subtitles in a range of different languages are both widely available in Europe.
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Being More Mindful: Tips for Enhancing Family Life

Author: Hali Kil and Nathaniel Johnson, Simon Fraser University

In its Buddhist origins, mindfulness involves showing compassion towards yourself and all living things.
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Building Financial Safety Nets: 5 Essential Strategies

Author: Bomikazi Zeka, University of Canberra

Could you cope with a shock to your bank balance? 5 ways to check you are financially resilient...
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This Week's Astrological Overview

Astrological Overview and Horoscope: January 8 - 14, 2024

Author:  Pam Younghans

This weekly astrological journal is based on planetary influences, and offers perspectives and insights to assist you in making the best use of current energies. This column is not intended as prediction. Your own experience will be more specifically defined by transits to your personal chart.
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