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InnerSelf's Daily Inspiration

March 29-30-31, 2024

The focus for today is:

I am learning how to build my intuition,
with instruction, practice, and time.

Today's inspiration was written by Wendie Colter:

The skill of intuitive insight has been part of the human experience for millennia. Throughout history, oracles, sages and seers have used intuitive skills to help people interpret the deeper meanings hidden within the events of their lives.

Intuition permeates our lives. We may recognize it as gut feelings, hunches or uncanny, even illogical, occurrences of knowing, feeling or sensing. It isn’t only for a select few or uniquely gifted individuals. We are all born with it.

 I believe intuition is a hardwired, natural human trait that anyone can develop and optimize into a practical and useful skill. Simply put, learning how to build your intuition is much like learning how to speak a new language, play an instrument or strengthen a muscle. It takes correct instruction, plenty of practice, and time.

Today's inspiration was adapted from the article:
     Why Developing Intuition is Essential for Health and Wellbeing
     Written by Wendie Colter.
Read the complete article here.

This is Marie T. Russell, co-publisher of, wishing you a day of practicing the use of your intuition (today and every day)

Comment from Marie:
Your intuition can become your best friend, your guardian, your guidance counselor. It is a trusted companion on the path of life helping guide you to the best way forward to rediscover wisdom, peace, joy, and perfect health. 

Our focus for today: I am learning how to build my intuition, with instruction, practice, and time.

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Essentials of Medical Intuition: A Visionary Path to Wellness
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book coverL Essentials of Medical Intuition: A Visionary Path to Wellness by Wendie Colter The illuminating skill of medical intuition is designed to provide fast, pertinent intuitive health assessments that can be used as both a standalone practice and as a powerful support to health and wellness care of every kind. Intended to uncover the hidden sources of energetic resistance that may be blocking optimal wellbeing, medical intuition is now being increasingly discussed in integrative healthcare, its efficacy supported by innovative, growing research and case studies.

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About the Author

photo of Wendie Colter Wendie Colter has been a professional medical intuitive for more than 20 years. The founder/CEO of The Practical Path®, Inc., her accredited certification program, Medical Intuitive Training, has been pivotal in helping healthcare professionals develop and optimize their intuition.

Wendie’s trailblazing research in medical intuition has been published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine. She is the author of Essentials of Medical Intuition: A Visionary Path to Wellness.

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