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InnerSelf's Daily Inspiration

August 21, 2023

The focus for today is:

I am the one I have been waiting for.

Today's inspiration was written by Marie T. Russell:

We are not all of the things we have accepted in our belief of being "lesser than", or of being born a sinner, or of being "not good enough". Like the lotus, we have been living in the darkness, yet now we rise out of the muck, reaching for the light and the truth of who we really are.

The truth of our being is being awakened as we enter the age of Aquarius, the age of Love and Light. It is time to let our Light and Love spread out into the world. 

You are much greater than you think you are. You are a being of light and love. You are the light from the future that shines down upon your Self, illuminating and guiding your path. You are the one you have been waiting for. The lotus within you is awakening. 

Today's inspiration was adapted from the article:
     The Lotus Within You Awakes
     Written by Marie T. Russell
Read the complete article here.

This is Marie T. Russell, publisher of, wishing you a day of remembering that you are better than you think you are (today and every day)

Our focus for today: I am the one I have been waiting for.

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