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The focus for today is:  I am willing to let myself be seen, warts and all.

We are not cardboard characters -- we are not the flat image we see in movies, or read about in fairy tales. We are real, we are multi-faceted, and we are experiencing life in its many aspects, with our many personality traits and patterns and ups and downs.

We need to be willing to be ourselves, to be real, and to let others get close enough to see inside of us -- and then we'll have relationships that are intimate, that are grand, that are real! We'll have relationships where we can finally feel at ease, and be able to receive support and love in our path towards greater and greater Love of self, and Love for all.

Until we can feel safe being ourselves, and let others be themselves, then intimacy is not possible. While we are still trying to only let the "other" see the "good side" of us, then we will have a flat relationship, not three-dimensional ones.

Today's Focus was inspired by the article:

True Intimacy: We Crave It, Yet We Fear It!
Written by Marie T. Russell

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This is Marie T. Russell, publisher of InnerSelf, wishing you a day of letting yourself be truly seen (today and every day)

Join me again tomorrow for the Daily Inspiration and focus of the day.

Today, we are willing to let ourselves be seen, warts and all.

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