It seems that everywhere you look or is it "don't look" these days, the State is continuing to tighten its grip on personal freedoms once held dear by the general population. But times change.  Some of the developments are downright shocking and some are just under most people's radar.

This story is reminiscent of the movie staring Tom Cruise, The Minority Report. It reinforces the slippery slope as civil liberties have quickly been eroding since 9-11, the initial adoption of The Patriot Act, and The National Defense Authorization Act.

Arrested for Your Politics in America? It's Already Happening

ALTERNET - The nebulous but potent charge of terrorism has been used to systematically curtail justice. In the US, due process - one of the defining features of a democratic judicial process - continues to be badly bludgeoned.

The US has pursued "domestic terrorism" by practicing per-emptive prosecution, that is, going after individuals who have committed no crime but are alleged to possess an ideology that might dispose them to commit acts of "terrorism".

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