How To Get in Touch with Childhood, Pre-Natal, and Past Life Memories

How To Get in Touch with Childhood, Pre-Natal, and Past Life Memories

Editor's Note: Even if you don't believe in past lives, this process can be useful to get in touch with your childhood and pre-natal memories and thus gain insight and understanding.

Most of us do not remember our past lives, however it is possible to access some information through a guided past life session.

People have different experiences in a past life session. A friend of mine found themselves speaking in a foreign language! Others may have flashbacks or wonder how they knew about something.

One night I awoke in the middle of a dream and I could see a mini movie screen playing in front of my eyes. The bedroom was dark yet I could see this movie screen about 30cm in front of my face. It showed an army plane flying over rocky mountains. I was a nurse on the plane. I feel it was a past life memory.

It’s interesting as I always wanted to be a nurse. I ended up being a naturopath so it was close!

My friend Danielle saw a past life image of where she had drowned in the ocean, in a previous lifetime. It helped Danielle to understand why she had to get over her deep fear of swimming in this lifetime.

A client may ask for a past life session in the hope to find out more about themselves in this lifetime. Sometimes I am shown a client’s past life appearing around their aura. This little image usually appears on the right side of their head, about 10–20cm out from their head area. When I focus on the past life image I get shown more information which I then share with a client.

Some clients say they have dreamt about what happened to them in another lifetime. Other clients reveal they feel particularly drawn to certain time periods and feel they may have once lived in that time.

Exercise: Past Lives Meditation

You will need:

A chair or comfortable place to sit or lie down

A blanket or cover as some people’s body temperature drops

Loose clothing


1. Make yourself feel comfortable and relaxed. Loosen any clothing.

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2. Stay in your heart. Feel relaxed. Remember the more you practice the deeper you go.

3. You are safe and in control. This is a time for you to get insight, messages and understanding. Tap into your subconscious and super conscious. Whatever comes to you is fine.

Remember, at any time, you can float above and watch any images or scenes, just like you are watching a movie.

Exercise: Past Lives Meditation

1. Breathe in joy and peace and breathe out love and peace.

2. Breathe in a healing golden white light energy to make you feel safe and deeply relaxed. Allow this golden white light to permeate you in a loving and connected way. This guiding light feels warm, connected and ancient.

3. As you breathe in and out focus on your jaw and feel it deeply relaxed, letting go and feeling free and light. Now relax the muscles in your face.

4. Relax the neck and shoulders feeling calm and peaceful.

5. Allow the waves of golden white light energy to penetrate each and every cell, surrounding them with deep relaxation, peace and tranquillity. Relax your chest and heart, knowing that any background noises will allow you to go deeper and deeper. Relax your arms, your fingers, your palms. Relax your upper back as you go deeper into a level of serenity and peace.

6. The golden white healing light continues to relax your lower back muscles, your internal organs and it lovingly continues down your legs, relaxing and rejuvenating your whole body to perfect health and wellness. This amazingly gentle, yet powerful light, flows down to your feet and soles helping you to go deeper and deeper.

Let’s now go down 10 to 1 so you go deeper, so deep that you can remember experiences that will teach you and help you. Go 10, 9, 8 go deeper 7, 6, 5 deeper 4, 3 peace and serenity, two, 1 to a divine state of calm.

7. Go to a gorgeous garden where there’s flowers, beauty and peace. This beautiful sanctuary is a safe place where you can heal, release and step into your true self.

8. Silently count down from 5 to 1. Go back to your early childhood. You can remember everything. Allow information to come to you easily. Stay in your heart and perceive accurately what you need to remember. 5, Find a pleasurable memory, As you get to the number 4, you can remember it all clearly, remember your childhood. As you count down to 3, 2, 1 you see the details and location.

9. What are you aware of? What do you look like ?

10. What do you hear, see, taste, smell? Go deeper to focus the detail clearly. Take a few more breaths so it will become sharper and more focused.

11. Whatever comes to you is fine so pay attention to the details so you can remember more, float above if need be, feel free. Allow yourself to understand why you chose that memory – it is trying to tell you something. Why is it important to you now? (Take note of the memory or, if guiding someone else through this meditation have the person share what they see, hear, feel etc).

12. Now go back to the beautiful garden. You’re ready to go back to before your birth, when you are in your mother’s womb.

13. Going down from 5 to 1.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1.You are now in your mother's womb, feel your emo­tions and sense your parents energies.

14. Why did you choose your parents? Why are you returning back to the Earth plane?

15. Thank yourself for your insights.

16. You are now ready to go further back to your past lives. You are safe and secure. At any time you can float above any memories or images that come to you.

17. Relax and go deeper and deeper. Now imagine and visualise a door to your past lives. Again counting 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, you will see the door open. You walk through it and you see a bright welcoming light and on the other side of the light you see a person or a scene from a past life and you’ll remember everything.

18. What are they doing? Sense the energy, is it familiar to you? Do you know or recognise the people around you? What is your sex, age, occupation? What happened during your life? What was your life lesson?

19. Go forward in this life. What did you learn from that lifetime?

20. Now you are ready to experience another lifetime. 1, 2, 3 you are there in another time, another lifetime. Another experience. What are you aware of? Are there other people around you? Do you recognise them, are they familiar to you in anyway?

21. Explore other details, events and memories in that life to help you heal. Be aware of shape, colours and styles. Notice the history, the culture, geography. Notice the buildings around you, how others are dressed. What are they doing? Sense the energy, is it familiar to you? Do you know or recognise the people around you? What is your sex, age, occupation? What happened during your life? What was your life lesson? Go forward in this life. What did you learn from that lifetime? Imagine yourself floating into a beautiful space, so peaceful.

22. Now you are ready to go to a magical garden. Imagine a beautiful spiritual being such as your Higher Self, Guide, Angel, a wise or loving being who comes to visit you in this garden. You can communicate mind to mind to see if they have any messages for you, any knowledge or wisdom to help you remove blocks from your current life and to feel more joyful.

23. What can they tell you or show you? Take time to enjoy their energy and presence. You will remember the messages they give to you.

24. Return to full waking consciousness, you will remember every­thing: the child, the womb, the birth, the other lifetimes and the message.

25. Remember you are always loved and you are never alone, you are filled with a splendid, peaceful energy. Be grounded in your body and back in your full waking consciousness. Be awake and alert.

26. Counting 1 to 10 – feeling more awake, feeling great when you get to 10.

1, 2, 3 feeling calm and at peace

4, 5, 6 more awake, feeling great, feeling wonderful

7, 8, 9, 10. Good, eyes open, stretch. Come back to full alertness.

Note: Past Life Regression is good to do with a practitioner familiar with Past Life Regression techniques.

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