If Love Is The Answer, What Was The Question?

Narrated by Marie T. Russell.

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Since humans began thinking we’ve asked, “Who am I, why am I here?” Philosophers have debated, spiritual seekers have meditated, hedonists have partied, super achievers have produced, scientists have invented, technology has created marvels, and almost everyone has missed the obvious: human beings are designed to function as the connecting link between the invisible world of “spirit” and the everyday material world.

Imagine if we’d been educated into that fundamental understanding of life. What would we have made of this world, if that had been our guiding principle? How would each new generation contribute? Would we be floundering in global chaos, community conflict, and personal confusion as we are today? Not likely.

Who Controls the World?

I once read a brash statement from a billionaire industrialist: “The world should be controlled by those who own it.” This man spoke what many believe, that humans – some humans – are supposed to be running the planet, independent of any influence other than their own determinations. His vote went to himself and his cohorts, the rich and powerful.

Others of us might imagine benevolent politicians, if there could be such a thing. We miss the obvious: there’s already a perfectly functioning control system operational throughout the universe, steering the stars and digesting our lunch. Why wouldn’t we learn of that and participate in letting that intelligence control our world, the same way it’s already controlling everything else?

First Nations people had a saying: “Anyone can be chief, except those who want to be chief.”

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We have the opposite today, scores of arrogant leaders who really want to be chief, who will do anything they can to gain, retain, and wield power for their own personal benefit and to fulfill their personal agendas for how the world should be run.


Look, up in the sky. It’s … not super man, but the sun! Imagine – although it seems almost impossible to stretch this far – humanity actually managed to totally miss tapping into the power source for our planet. We dug in the ground to extract toxins and burn them to pollute our air, poison our water, and assault our senses with the noisy clamor of a civilization built on ignorance and arrogance and blindness.

And still, we persist, continuing to dig and marginalizing solar energy as an alternative power source. This is a tragically accurate and blatantly obvious symbol of exactly what we are missing (the sun in the sky, for God’s sake!) and also points to the solution: learning how to let the same intelligence that’s running the cosmos run our planet and playing our designated role. This must become our urgent priority.

This mindset change happens in one instant. That instant can be right now. And it happens again, now and now and now, as we make the conscious choice to establish this new priority and are guided in each moment to function as the connecting link between universal intelligence and the details of our daily lives. We do that with humble hearts and open minds and the desire to let Love have its way.

Letting Love Be The Answer

Love is in control everywhere in the cosmos, except in the lives of human beings. So much for our superiority! Insects know more about this than we do. Birds can fly in fluid symmetry, fish can swim together by the thousands, coordinated together in perfect harmony without a leader telling them which way to go, while a handful of board members argue about repairs and do nothing for years, then their condo collapses and kills them. So sad, so unnecessary.

Love is the answer to all our questions. But Love needs to become our priority, so that every moment of our lives is controlled by the universal wisdom that is constantly flowing through our connection with Love.

This can become our urgent priority, to connect and stay connected, and then learn how to let Love direct our lives in the most practical of ways. And yes, we do need to learn how to do that because the proof is undeniable, we’re not doing it now and it shows.

If Love could speak through those of us making this mindset shift and adopting this new priority, Love would shout to all those manipulators plundering the world for their profit and amusement: “We want our world back now!”

Will you be part of the Love solution?

Copyright 2021. Reprinted with permission of the author.

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