Love with a Leo - Leo Compatibility and Leo Traits

Are You In Love with a Leo - Leo Compatibility and Leo Traits

If you are in love with a Leo man or woman, the most important thing you can give him or her is your attention. This is one mate who will charm and caress you, make passionate love with you, dance with you into the wee hours of the morning, give you the Sun, the Moon and the Stars, and all you have to do is notice! But, notice you must. It is true that most Leos need pats on the back as much as the rest of us require air to breathe. This is because, for all their vim and vigor and outward confidence, Leos are actually quite shy and vulnerable on the inside. In fact, it can be said that the louder and more brash a Leo sounds, the more insecure he or she is feeling at the time.

A Leo lover is loyal, warm, generous, and fun. This is one individual who truly knows how to have a good time, and he or she wants you to be included in it. You are a very special audience to this person and you are treated like royalty. A Leo is not particularly interested in dating just anybody and you must stand out from the crowd to garner this one's attention. He or she wants both of you to shine.

Love with a Leo - Leo Compatibility and Leo TraitsYou will be appreciated even more if you don't mind letting this honey glow in the limelight. A great storyteller, this one has a natural ability to draw a crowd of beaming faces. Jealousy doesn't go over too well here. You needn't worry overly much about losing his or her affections; once a Leo gives his(her) heart, loyalty comes right along with it.

While this mate likes to make dramatic statements, ticky-tacky does not do. Gifts should be of quality and you are amazed at the ones showered upon you. Compliments keep them coming.

A fixed sign, this honey sometimes may become set in his/her ways. Personal opinions are very important to this lover and it may be hard to change this premeditated mind. Gentle persuasion works best here as well as pointing out the better aspects of his/her argument.

You can expect a lot from this lover. He or she has a way of keeping life interesting and movement and action are constant companions. If you are looking for a good time spelled F-U-N, you have certainly found it here.


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Love with a Leo - Leo Compatibility and Leo Traits

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