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We can co-create a world in which all children are safe, loved, honored, nourished and embraced. In so doing we co-create a world of love and well-being for everyone. We do not walk away. We go inward first to forgive and love ourselves, so that we can forgive and love the outer world. We rekindle the children’s fire and mend what’s been broken.

Creating Intentional Communities in Devotion to Life’s Song of Love

Utopia is an ideal planned community based on the public good. Most of the utopian communities that existed throughout history failed at some point because they were created within separation.

In creating intentional communities as our transition into the New Earth, we have models from the few remaining indigenous communities that escaped colonization. Also, we have the memories and teaching from our indigenous leaders who retained the wisdom of their tribe’s spiritual culture. Many mystics, lightworkers and loveholders have recovered ancient memories and a deep knowing of how it is to live a sacred, devotional life.

Intentional communities are created when people come together with a high degree of spiritual and social cohesion. As well as indigenous communities living intentional lives of devotion, there are other contemporary intentional communities, for example: Source Temple in Brazil, Findhorn in Scotland, and Hummingbird in New Mexico, USA. Reverence for all life and total communion with the universe is the driving force.

Love of Mother Earth is woven into the spiritual fabric of the community. They know that her bountiful life is there for their use, and her gifts are returned and renewed with devotion and care for all her relations. Everyone thrives within intentional communities knowing that if one person does not, it affects the whole community. Children are loved and cherished.

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These intentional communities live outside of the traditional economic paradigms based on lack consciousness which creates wealth for one person at the expense of another. Intentional communities combine personal spirituality with communal spirituality in balance from merging the divine masculine and divine feminine. The common purpose becomes the well­being of everyone within the community, with everyone’s gifts honored.

Charles Eisenstein says:

“There are places in the world where people live devotionally, holding that intention consciously in community. Another way I like to describe it is that they live in the gift. To live in the gift is to live in the knowledge that the world is a gift (unearned, unforced), that we each are a gift to the world, and that we are here to add our gifts to the ongoing gift of Creation.”

You Are A Gift

Essential to living life as a gift is to see ourselves as a gift. Do you see yourself as a gift? Living a life of devotion means loving ourselves as the Mother/Father/One loves us, completely without reservation. We are a gift. We are the One.

In order for intentional communities to thrive, the members must be actively engaged in their own inner spiritual awakening that is committed to the well-being of everyone. Each person within the community is seen as a gift within the whole.

I can envision a time when more and more intentional communities are formed within cities, small towns and remote rural areas. Eventually we create a world based on what Eisenstein calls a gift economy or what some spiritual teachers call a life economy which reflects great compassionate intelligence, love, peace, mercy, abundance and healing.

I do not know how this will come to pass; it is not my mission to actively create these communities. What I can do is hold the vision with great faith that the seeds have already been planted and that there are those with the knowledge and wisdom to bring these communities into being.

Linda Dillon, channeling the Council of Love, talks about the Cities of Light manifesting to gently replace our major cities. Again, I do not know how this is occurring, but I do know deep within that it is happening.

The Great Tuning to Love and Compassion

This time of the divine feminine is the Great Tuning to love and compassion. It is a time of Unity transformation, bringing together those with the knowledge and will to co-create a global community devoted to reverence for the web of life.

I hold this vision because I can do no less—because it is time now that we flourish and leave the illusion of separation consciousness. It is time now to claim our Christ Selves and return Home to the Mother/Father/One.

Being Authentic

Authenticity comes from our heart-centered masculine and feminine energies residing in harmony within us. Authenticity is not something that is achieved. It grows as we transform.

We can practice and be aware when we are not true to our divine selves to spark our transformation into our authentic Divine Self, but there are no plans we can follow. Authentic integrity requires being honest and compassionate with ourselves first, then it comes naturally with others. Authenticity arises from self-love.

One of the ways we move into authenticity is to consciously breathe and be vulnerable with a trusted friend or in a group of women who listen with the ears of the heart. I have laid myself bare over and over again with my spiritual soul sisters and in this book. As I’ve done so, I’ve strengthened my knowing as an innocent child of Sophia God. It feels like a paradox because being vulnerable leads to the invulnerability of our God Self. This is being the living Christ.

When we have fully anchored ourselves in the fifth dimension, there will be no use for words. We will be living within Unity Consciousness, the One in the many and the many in the One. All communication will be telepathic because there will be absolutely nothing to hide.

It is difficult to imagine because there appears to be so much about our thoughts held in the shadow that are surrounded by self-judgment, guilt, shame, unworthiness and hatred. We would not want anyone to hear these self-judgments or judgments of others.

We are dissolving these unworthy thoughts on our heroine’s journey. We return to our divine innocence which we never truly left. Our Holy Mother never judges as she holds for eternity our innate pure innocence.

By truly feeling into the peace and love of knowing your innocence untainted by separation, we recognize ourselves in others who judge us out of their sacred wound, and then we see our innocence in ourselves and everyone.

One Foot in the 5th Dimension and One in the 3rd

While we are in the Great Tuning to love, we feel as if we have one foot in the fifth dimension and one foot in the third dimension. It may feel as if we are hopping back and forth one foot to the other foot. It is exhausting.

I know I’ve landed again in judgment when I become angry with myself for appearing unloving or dishonest with my feelings. It takes an immense amount of courage to be honest with ourselves, for we’ve been conditioned to tell what we call white lies because it is the polite thing to do.

The white lies we tell are endless, effective for maintaining separation consciousness. A friend talks endlessly and never pauses to ask how you are doing, yet you never call her on it. Or you tell her you love her rambling stories when you don’t, because you do not want to hurt her feelings. You stop telling a man what you really feel about their treatment of you because you are afraid of their anger. What white lies do you tell yourself or others because of conditioned politeness or fear?

Women have been conditioned to take care of everyone else first, but this leaves us depleted and eventually we crash. This is part of the wound in our wombs that can’t replenish itself. When we nourish ourselves first, we model that for others. Eventually we demonstrate loving and parenting oneself as the source of God’s love radiating from compassion within. It is a process.

Being Honest About Our Feelings

Women have been so conditioned to caretake men’s egos that men expect it and are thrown off balance when women stand up for themselves. Finding our voice, staying authentic to ourselves requires courage emanating from a strong grounding in forgiveness and self-love. We do not have to take care of other egos, only ourselves.

When we start to be honest about what we are feeling, people around us may feel threatened or angry, as if they are being accused. It may push their unfair and unworthiness button. It may also open the possibility for them to go inward to explore their reaction. It is sometimes a fine line between judgment and authenticity, judgment and discernment.

It is my inner work to feel the anger and forgive. It does not mean always staying silent when my voice is not allowed. Consequently, sometimes silence is the best option depending on how we are feeling. We ask our heart and our light family for guidance.

Speaking Our Truth

There are times when unconditional listening is the expression of love for someone calling for love. Then there are times the stories are unnecessary talk to fill space as a distraction from feeling. Some stories are blatantly or subtly hurtful to the listener. You will know the difference. The habitual white lies we tell ourselves and others are automatic and eventually erode our ability to stay true to who we are.

We often speak from the anger and hurt resulting from the suppression of our voices and the other person may feel attacked and also become angry. This is okay. It is a process of learning to speak our Truth.

There are always at least two people in an exchange. The other person also has a choice to listen or react.

Atypical children who are on the Autism spectrum are often seen as unfeeling, lacking in the art of being polite. Yet their honesty can be refreshing because they express their truth. The Netflix show Atypical demonstrates with much compassion how this type of honesty affects the people in their lives, usually for the better.

We Always Have A Choice in Our Response

There is always an infinitesimal moment before we respond that if cultivated allows us to pause before a conditioned response. It is there in the pause when we can choose to respond from our compassionate self or our ego self.

The stories I share of forgiving the unforgivable, and loving the unlovable, are about the power to choose love over fear. Eventually as we acknowledge, feel and dissolve grief and hurtful anger, our habitual reactions begin to soften. We start speaking our Truth and radiating power sourced from love.

Relationship implies there is a dynamic of energy exchange between two or more people. Our interaction or response depends upon how well we’ve done our inner work. If someone pushes my buttons, I may react with anger, fear, judgment and attack, or I can choose to pause, take a deep cleansing breath and respond from the heart.

Staying in the Heart

Being able to stay in the heart and respond from our voice of Truth opens up possibilities of deeper meaning in our relationships. As we build trust in our relationships, we feel safe to love our authentic selves enough that we can speak from invulnerable compassion.

We witness without joining others’ fear, anger and trauma. Interacting with anyone, whether they are attacking or radiating blessings, becomes numinous energy— all interactions become holy encounters. During the time of the Great Tuning, we are toning our song to live a courageous, authentic life of compassion for everyone.

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Since ending her Involve Trainings in 2013, Sally expanded her spiritual awareness through a deep contemplative practice. She now writes, consults and conducts workshops on women's spiritual and transformational journey to reclaim our divine feminine essence in order to dissolve and heal lifetimes and decades of patriarchal conditioning. 

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