Written and Narrated by Marie T. Russell.

Life comes with its own set of challenges. Some are minor hurdles to cross, others can call up a lot of fears from the depth of our being. Fear of failure, fear of sickness (and/or death), fear of poverty, fear of being unloved, fear of losing your job, etc... You can add to the list from your own personal life experiences and fears. Sometimes it seems as if we are trapped in this maze of fears. But we are not trapped. There are ways out of the maze once we learn the ropes, and them we can attain the results we desire.


In order to conquer our fears or doubts about our future, we must first believe that health, happiness, and success will be ours. Unfortunately our society has taught us to focus on the negative. A simple example of this is when we say "I'm catching a cold". My response to that is: Don't catch it, let it go. In other words, if we believe we are catching (or will catch) a cold, we are "instructing" our body to do so. We are programming that result into our future.

So rather than believe you are catching a cold, or failing, or whatever fear is the current one, choose to believe the opposite. Choose to program into your belief system that you are getting healthier and healthier every day. Choose to believe that you are safe. Choose to believe that success is inevitable. Choose to believe that your dreams are coming true. 

Before anything can take place in our life, we must believe that it can. As Wayne Dyer wrote: You'll see it when you believe it. If we don't believe in the possibility, we won't recognize it when it shows up. We must believe the door is there before we can see the door opening...

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The Fearless Path

The Fearless Path: What a Movie Stuntman's Spiritual Awakening Can Teach You about Success
by Curtis Rivers

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