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Purification is a practice found in all spiritual systems. When working with crystal energy and integrating intention, it is beneficial to use clearing rituals. Remember that clearing yourself is even more important than clearing the crystal. Not all crystals require clearing, especially the stones that are gathered outside in nature.

Clearing is dependent on the practitioner and the practices for which the crystal is used. Especially when using crystals for energy healing work on others, it is important to clear crystals that are already holding energy, such as quartz-based crystals.

There is research about the efficacy of moonlight to clear quartz crystal. In a study conducted at the University of Arizona Department of Geology, a set of clear quartz crystals was placed in a moonlight collecting chamber. Using the results from a Raman spectrometer, the crystals from the moonlight chamber were compared to a second set not placed in the chamber. The results showed that the crystals placed in the moonlight chamber displayed significantly less “noise” than the control set of quartz crystals.

Cleansing Using the Elements

On a tangible level, crystals can be cleared and energized using simple practices involving the elements: fire, earth, air, and water. The selection of element is predicated on what is being cleansed, the intention or practice for which the crystal will be used, and the elements the practitioner and the crystal are already manifesting or with which there is a natural resonance. Purification involving sunlight, moonlight, earth, water, indirect light, smudging, salt soaking, mineral energizing, plants, breath, candles, incense, and fire are all elemental techniques to cleanse and energize crystals.

* If the intention is for emotional healing, then cleansing and energizing the crystal in moonlight is in energetic alignment with that focus.

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* Manifesting energy, vitality, confidence, willpower, and protection involves fire, so prepare the crystal by charging it in sunlight or with fire through a candle, incense, or smudging.

* Earth energies help to bring in prosperity, fertility, and abundance, so placing the crystal in the earth, on grass, in a tree or tree root, or in a potted plant helps to charge the crystal with growth-based energy.

* Placing the crystal in a salt bath, in moonlight, or a running stream brings in peace, tranquility, purification, healing, creativity, and flow.

* Breathwork (such as qigong and pranayama) and mental intention works with the air element to access the mind, spirit, insight, vision, and unseen realms.

When preparing a crystal for use, it is important also to prepare yourself with similar purification and energetic practices by standing and absorbing sunlight or moonlight, taking a purifying bath, or burning incense.

Length of Time to Purify?

The length of time to purify and energize is dependent on how much the crystal has been used and your own intuition as to its clarity. During intense crystal healing sessions, the crystal may absorb a great deal of released energy an6. d may need several hours or even days to purify and recharge. Mild use does not require daily cleansing.

Quartz requires more clearing than other types of crystal due to its ability to adapt and absorb. Many crystals function in such a way that a practitioner needs to adapt and open to the energy of the crystal. For example, an opaque and structurally ordered crystal such as red garnet already has a preprogrammed method of functioning, and this requires less cleansing because the human reacts more to the garnet.

Quartz crystal usually adapts and reacts to the human energy field. Typically, translucent crystals are more adaptive and flowing and, because of that, require more clearing and energizing. Opaque crystals are grounded and dense, requiring less clearing because they absorb and are less adaptive.

Use caution regarding certain clearing methods. Some crystals, such as salt, will dissolve in sunlight and/or in water. Excessive sunlight exposure can also cause color to fade in crystals such as rose quartz, citrine, and amethyst.

Using Wind or Breathwork

We will now turn to a practice using wind or breathwork to clear a crystal and program it with pure white light. This practice energetically bonds the practitioner with the crystal.

Using breathwork to clear a crystal can be done with or without any prior cleansing. This meditation is designed for clear quartz because quartz is adaptive to programming and clearing with white light.

Part of the technique involving exhalation originates from practices created by Dr. Marcel Vogel, who worked with specially cut crystals (that he invented), breathing, and intention. For optimum effectiveness, and if you are new to meditation and crystal energy, we recommend using a natural clear quartz crystal point in the following practice, as natural points are best-suited for daily meditation use.

Crystal Clearing Using Breath

1. Begin by holding the crystal upright in your hands so the tip is pointing toward the sky.

2, Rub the sides of the crystal to generate warmth and energy between yourself and the crystal.

3. Hold the crystal with both hands either in a prayer pose over the heart (anjali mudra) or in another mudra pose, while sitting in a comfortable meditative position.

4. Practice deep breathing until you feel calm. As you exhale, release all thoughts and worries to be in a receptive and clear state. Allow the breath to flow through all parts of the body, including all the chakras, to increase energy and clarity.

5. Focusing on the third eye point, visualize pure white light, as white as fresh snow.

6. Begin to breathe the pure white, crystalline snow light into the breath, allowing it to radiate through the heart and lungs, the mind, through the arms into the fingertips, and into the crystal held in your hands, so the crystal is radiating with pure white light.

7. Visualize the white light radiating through your abdomen purifying and energizing your organs, and allow it to flow down through the legs and into the feet.

8. Continue to inhale the white light. As it enters, feel the energy cool and refreshing on your breath.

9. Visualize your entire body vibrating and glowing with pure white crystal light.

10. Gradually move the crystal in your hands to your mouth.

11. Take in a deep breath filled with pure white light and exhale into the crystal with a sharp strong breath or as a sharp exhale from the nostrils.

12. Rotate the crystal to access different angles and breathe white light into other faces of the crystal.

13. Return to holding the crystal back at your heart center, then connect your heart and the crystal together energetically through the white light.

14. Sit with the crystal in the pure white field in a meditative state for as long as is comfortable.

15. When you are ready, slowly open your eyes and silently express gratitude and connection with the crystal in your hands. The crystal is now energetically cleared using breath and is also linked to your energy field. Notice how warm and comfortable the crystal feels in your hand, a sign that the crystal has been activated.

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book cover of: The Chintamani Crystal Matrix by Johndennis Govert and Hapi Hara.The authors detail specific gems and crystal spiritual technology that can affect material reality and trigger profound spiritual growth. They provide a number of simple practices with crystal grids and meditation to help you access the chintamani matrix and become aware of the interconnected jewel net of consciousness.

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