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You are either a starseed or a guardian or a way-shower. As a starseed your energy is purer than most. Your difficulty is in you thinking that you are human and discovering that you truly are from somewhere else. Your burden then is to step into your higher consciousness so that you can see what needs to be done, and then act on it.

Way-showers can be from all parts of the galaxy or beyond, and are here en masse to wake up humanity. You have known so much all along, and have more comfort in this reality than others, even though you recognize that change is needed. You are more patient than the starseed because you clearly “get it.” You get what being human is like because you’ve had so many lifetimes as a human. You have clearly evolved from the human experience and are ready and able to assist the transformation as healers and teachers. Some of you thought you were the odd one. Turns out, the plain old humans are truly the odd ones out—because this is the time and the moment in history where everything is being turned upside down and inside out. Trust your knowing.

The guardians have a very special role to play, because they are quite comfortable being human, yet have an inner calling to support one or more persons who are starseeds or way-showers. Your job may not involve the “waking up” of humanity as much as it is the support (your physical presence, along with possible financial and emotional) you provide to those who are part of the wake-up crew.

Many of you are from the angelic realm and do not understand why life on Earth is so hard! This is understandable. Being from the angelic realm makes being in a body and experiencing man’s inhumanity to man as physically painful. As an angelic you may need to protect your chakras and avoid painful situations, both on the screen and in life.

Embodied angels have the most difficulty conquering bad habits of overeating, binging on TV, trawling the internet incessantly, or other addictive behaviors. Yet at the same time you have an unshakable belief in God or Source—and know that God is. You can sink really low because you may have forgotten to ask for help from your fellow angels and guardians, both seen and unseen. Help is all you need and asking for it is your “normal” even though you may not have been aware of that until now.

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All of you have the opportunity to be ahead of the curve, not so you may be first, but so that you may help others. Your job is to pay it forward by passing on the knowledge and understanding, being loving and supportive like a parent who delights in their children’s growing knowledge.

What is the Ascension Exactly?

Many of you wonder what the Ascension is exactly. Truly the easy explanation is that it’s the evolutionary step that allows more of your divine self into the human self. It does take an evolutionary leap to get there, which is why there are so many helpers here to ensure that this transition goes smoothly.

For all of you, the Ascension isn’t as much a requirement as it is an opportunity to experience being human and evolved at the same time. You very likely do not need to experience “earning the Ascension” but learning about it. Being in a human body is an experience to be shared and understood, so that you can help others, which is part of your mission.

What’s Next?

As we move into this great golden age that was promised so long ago, you will be filled with a sense of relief and happiness. It’s been a bit like wondering when your toddler will stop needing diapers! You are so ready for everyone to catch up, and to step up.

One day this age will be over, and there will be new adventures for all humanity. Right now, humanity is in the throes of learning that it was all a game. Some of the players got too rough, and the game is over! Staying out of judgment will be your most difficult decision. It is a decision, because you are so indoctrinated with the idea of “lack” and “fairness” that you might not understand the possibility of the absence of a crime, much less an unpunished crime.

Many of you are such high beings that your sensibilities and ethics are challenged by this notion. How can all those atrocities occur without punishment? Their loss is not being with Source, not being with you, and it is enough. Those who fail made mistakes. Those who repeatedly failed chose to eliminate the God connection. Even those who have eliminated the God connection will be able to find their way back to God and full participation in the society if they choose to embrace the one God choice.

Remember that your job is not to keep score of others, but to make sure you have taken care of your part. In that way, your judgment will lose its grip on you, and you will be willing and able to welcome those who have let you down, have hurt humanity, and more.

We ask you to pay attention to your resistance. Notice your polarity and allow yourself to vacillate. Like electricity that has opposing and attracting elements of magnetic and electric energies, your experience of polarity propels into the next experience and ultimately heightens your ability to enter higher planes of existence.

Pineal Gland Activation and Protection

Many ancient cultures knew that a clear third eye was related to a functioning pineal gland. Learning about the foods, herbs, oil blends, stones, and techniques these cultures used to support these two power centers can help you find tools that resonate with you.

Keeping the pineal gland and the third eye clear means higher meditation, greater connection to Source, and more mental clarity. Foods that support your pineal gland are shilijit, cacao, and tamarind.

Edgar Cayce said, “Keep the pineal gland operating and you won’t grow old—you will always be young.” Pay attention to the many deterrents to your pineal gland. Your number one enemy, as we have learned, is calcification caused by fluoride. Fluoride is used to eliminate germs and it’s in freeze-dried packaging and vacuum packaging. It’s also in every dental product your dentist uses! Don’t stop going to the dentist; instead do remedial efforts when you go!

Give your body its true opportunity to reset its circadian rhythm by using an eye mask or eye pillow to block out all outside light while you take your evening rest. Take time to walk in the park, getting away from EMF without your phone. This will do two things for you: allow you to reconnect with nature and give your pineal gland a rest from the bombardment of cell phone and other electronic activity that’s so prevalent in our daily lives.

Here’s a little meditation you can use to reactivate and expand the pineal gland. It will connect you to your 5D heart, body, and brain. We will reactivate your DNA to your 5D heart, your entire body and brain. Below is a prayer in command format to reactivate the pineal gland. You may want to copy it and do it daily for a while.

Reactivating the Pineal Gland

  • I NOW COMMAND my Higher Self to reactivate my DNA.

  • I NOW COMMAND my Higher Self to reconnect my 5D heart, body, and brain.

  • I NOW COMMAND my pineal gland to distribute my pineal gland energies throughout my body, radiating outward in a torus formation.

  • I NOW COMMAND my pineal gland to expand to its highest level of functionality and maintain it perpetually.

Learn to Work With the Energy Matrix

The energy matrix is the field within which humans live. It is the “ether” of old, and the “chi” of the Eastern religions. The energy matrix is the energy around you that you wield (as an adept or master) or not. If you are not using it for your benefit, then its presence is random. How do you learn to master the energy matrix?

The energy matrix is the field that allows the flow of chi to be captured and directed. There are many ways humans use the energy matrix. When they conduct themselves in integrity they are aligned with the energy matrix. When they take good care of their bodies and follow the circadian rhythms they need to follow, they create a connection with the energy matrix.

Time is not the culprit. Stop labeling historical experiences as the reason. For example, “I didn’t get enough sleep therefore I am exhausted” or “My feet always swell when I travel.” It is also possible to direct the energy matrix or to direct energy through the energy matrix with purposeful training of energy. Integrity aligns you with the energy matrix, thus allowing you to wield this energy wisely.

How do you do this?

  • Take good care of your body through proper food, exercise, and rest.

  • Accept the body’s unique circadian rhythms and honor them.

  • Heal your emotional wounds with the tools that have been made available to you.

  • Practice the match between thoughts, words, and actions—­practicing integrity.

These practices can help you gain mastery of your 5D consciousness and integrate it more fully into your life.

Understand that the flow of life is not linear but spiral. Most humans think in linear terms because that is what they have been taught. You may even believe the events of your life are linear, but that too isn’t always true. The more you work with time, the more readily you can see the interweaving of events throughout time.

Bless every event as part of pure consciousness creation. Know that you are participating at every level whether you are aware of that or not. Your observations are limited only by your boundaries, beliefs, and habits. Do your beliefs keep you safe or stuck? When you choose to be open to what the world will give you, you will find your way with grace and ease.

“Normal” is a fantasy. There is no such thing. Expect to be amazed, expect to be surprised, and stay in wonder. Keeping a journal of all your unusual experiences will help you stay in wonder. You can even write that you are ready to see more! Humans like to compartmentalize their understanding, and while that may be useful in 3D it is not necessary in 5D and can sometimes get in the way of mastery.

Humans are moving into uncharted territory. All of us are slated to become Ascended Masters. Like a new college graduate, she cannot begin to understand the complexities and wonders that lay ahead of her as she steps into the world of adulthood. In my workshops I sometimes share a story about our transformation with the metaphor, “What do you call your previous wife? Do you call her your ex-wife or do you call her your former wife? Better still, you can call her your practice wife!”

Everything you think you know today could be turned upside down. The goal of mastering your fifth-dimensional self is to become the most evolved version of you, the Ascended Master you. The universe is expanding, so is humanity.

At any time you may need to step away from the expansion and find a point of rest. You may stay there for an eternity, or you may continue to expand the creation! Don’t let anyone tell you that you cannot escape your patterns. There are no limitations to the human’s ability to grow, shift, and change. That’s what the God spark is all about. 

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Maureen addresses concerns such as the electrification of the planet, showing how you can work around EMFs and other kinds of unseen toxicity. She also shares a revolutionary new chakra meditation. With this book you can learn fluid ways of thinking, doing, and vibrating to open the portals of light within yourself as well as in the fifth dimension.

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